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  1. I've been playing Warhammer since first edition came out. I've enjoyed all of the editions. FFG's 3rd edition was a phenomenal approach to the storytelling. While there were aspects that I thought were lacking, I enjoyed (and still enjoy and play monthly) the speciality dice mechanic, the story telling with the dice and overall mechanics. I will miss the 3e and the fact that it will not be continuing. I am excited however to see C7's take on it.
  2. and this error message as well when I try to use say creature cards ffg like etc.
  3. I am using strange eons 3. just installed it on a new MacBook Pro running latest version of Sierra and java. strange eons version 3784b. these are some of the screenshot error message I'm getting on start up or just trying to use setting like
  4. is it possible to get the updated plug in for wfrp3 for strange eons? It states it needs updating.
  5. I'm in the states, eastern time zone. I'm pretty flexible regarding gaming times and nights/days. And yes, would love to chat about WFRP3 anytime I enjoy meeting/teaching and playing with new people so that's not a problem, but yeah nice to get to know people.
  6. I'm also interested in joining a group or possibly taking turn GMing 3rd Edition. Looking for similar things Badger is. takes it seriously but still have a good time. Aknorian
  7. The Red Waaagh! Lots of information out there on the 40k version of it. What about the Version it talks about in Fantasy Battle... say around the time of Emperor Sigisumund II. Any one who might be able to point to info to support this would be great! Thanks
  8. hey guys After creating a card with strange eons, where should you save it to have access to it later? Can the program see it where ever? or does it have to be in a certain folder? using a mac.
  9. Thanks again. There was a list of new career cards for wood elves, including, forest demon, blade singer, feast master, shadow sentinel, and guardian of the paths, but I can't seem to find the corresponding career ability cards. Any have a location to get those?
  10. Was there an supplement for wood elves? "valour of ages" I can't seem to find any files for it on rpggeek
  11. Hey has anyone put together a complete list of careers from all the expansions and perhaps the liber fanatica or other notable fan sites? Thanks!
  12. Hey Commissar, Does roll20 support the warhammer 3rd dice? just curious, I haven't checked it out yet as we're fairly new ( last 6 months to warhammer 3rd). We're looking to expand to online soon too.. and looking for some good alternatives for virtual that incorporates WFRP 3 dice. Aknorian
  13. Thanks for the response. Loved the scenario thanks for writing that . I think the sign i saw was 'somewhere else', fan site, or other i ran across, but alas i couldn't find it! Thanks though
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