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  1. I assume dice w/card will be the norm. If not, rare and legendary character cards will be nearly worthless? As second dice will be much more in demand while second card is just cardboard.
  2. I think the game is great and will still be if these two things aren't addressed. That being said, FFG I would spend up to $250 on the iconic Star Destroyer. So $300 MSRP isn't a problem for one more customer...
  3. From my area, we are mostly excited by news of new faction. As in most things, the upset are just louder. FFG can't please everyone all the time. The sales of wave 6 will reveal the full picture ...
  4. I want to try a super tanky YT-1300 using Experimental Interface with Lando Calrissian crew card paired with MF title and C-3PO
  5. I think the moral of this story is that Warhammer is dying ... I know several (including myself) that have left because of GW's rediculousness. Plus X-Wing is soooo much better.
  6. It wouldn't surprise me if that TO does random deck checks in future ... That should discourage it.
  7. I think I'll try a Thursday at some point at Rainey Day Games. I would love to go to one of their tournaments, but they seem to be on Sundays ... There is a group of players currently unorganized instead Borderlands in Salem. There is talk of a tournament in future there to organize them.
  8. My non-swarm imperial lists that I have done well with or are new and promising Women in Red (46pts) Kath Scarlet w/Expert Handling, Ion Cannon, Rebel Captive (54pts) 2x Saber Squadron Pilots w/ Push the Limit, Stealth Device "A fun control list that is hard to pilot well but rewarding." Red Barons (40pts) Kath Scarlet w/Expert Handling (28pts) Tur Phennir w/Push the Limit (16pts) Backstabber (16pts) Dark Curse "My current favorite. Loads of end game potential. Good against the current 4-5PS meta." Fel's Angels (34pts) Soontir Fel w/Push the Limit, Shield Upgrade (33pts) Bounty Hunter (33pts) Bounty Hunter "Well balanced Fel end game list" Untouchables (84pts) 3x Royal Guard w/Push the Limit, Stealth Device (16pts) Dark Curse "Weak to high damage ship lists like Han shoots first and blue thunder, but wreaks tie swarms." Four 3 to Won (74pts) 2x Bounty Hunter w/Engine Upgrade (16pts) 2x Obsidian Squadron Pilots "Excellent against 1-2PS Meta ... Not the norm now ... But could be in your area or future."
  9. I fly Baron Fel a lot. My biggest worries are ... PtL/Han/Gunner Falcon Turrets (not ion so much to be honest). Not activating him last ... Opponent PS9 with me gaining initiative (I don't want it with him) or PS10+ from VI.
  10. Not sure this combination is very good ... (34pts) Jan Ors w/Chewbacca, Ion Cannon Turret (66pts) 3x Green Squadron Pilot w/ Push the Limit
  11. My advise for purchasing "all in" without going crazy ... 7-8 Tie Fighters 1 Tie Advanced 2-3 Firesprays 4 Interceptors (2 from Imperial Aces) 3-4 Tie Bombers 1-2 Imperial Shuttles 4 X-Wings 2-4 Y-Wings 1-2 YT-1300s 3-4 A-Wings 3-4 B-Wings 1 Hwk-290 You can make any good list imaginable with max count. And close to 90% you'd ever want with min count. Have Fun!!! It's awesome!
  12. Heh Shmitty ... Who were you at the tourney? I'm Mike who got 2nd.Edit: Lol ... I just saw you were the winner! I'll rematch you later ;-)
  13. I didn't say you were a bad person. Just trying to communicate that not consenting to retroaction/shortcuts/ect. will likely cause a reaction to you by other players ... Usually negative. I'm speaking from personal experience as I am a rules lawyer in my group ... And I now have a reputation for it. I have learned to lighten up in areas I actually don't have an issue (like the ones you just stated) for an improved atmosphere. And as for "driving you out" comment ... There will be casual/layed-back players turned off by a cut throat tournament environment, just as hard core tournament players might leave if no one likes them. I'm just trying to say how it is. I don't believe Flying Casual means play sloppy and allowing cheating. Just making X-Wing work for everyone. My .02
  14. There isn't bending of rules. They state actions and triggers can't be retroactive without opponents consent. So the players can decide what is reasonable (Focus/Evade) and what isn't (barrel roll). It isn't bending ... It's consenting and directly in tournament rules. You can choose not to allow anything ... But there will be a cost of your reputation and possibly your local X-Wing community. This isn't Magic the Gathering where both players are penalized for missing one player's trigger ... And that is a good thing IMO.
  15. From Tournament rules ... Missed Opportunities Players are expected to play optimally, remembering to perform actions and use card effects when indicated. If a player forgets to use an effect during the timing specified by that effect, he cannot retroactively use it without the consent of his opponent. Players are expected to act with respect and not intentionally distract or rush an opponent with the intent of forcing a missed opportunity. So ... While it is accurate that actions take place in proper order, opponent CAN consent it to happen ... legally. So it's up to you. "Fly Casual" is allowed ;-) Also with swarm movement ... Have you watched any of the National or World championship videos??? It doesn't get more official than that and swarm movement was constantly used. Obviously they didn't do banks ... Good swarm players know how formation movements happen. These are timed events.
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