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  1. The y wings are red as well instead of yellow.
  2. I have to say thanks, I forgot about Barnes and noble, swung by one om the way home and they had some and I snagged an x wing.
  3. Could pre order them from there as well. They have wave one stuff...but $60+ for an x wing...no way. They have imp aces up already even though its not out yet.
  4. I do, as others I have heard, wish they would have made it able to rotate but would probably cost more for development. Nice detail in this wave still.
  5. I didn't get another core yet, but did snap up hobbytowns last two ties a week back. They got wave 3 in and interceptors, which I got some from amazon. I do want an extra set of dice but don't particularly want 6 ties, I want wedge anyway and vader.
  6. Did you cut the wings on the b wing I take it to have it sit flat? Awesome job!
  7. I have toyed with the idea of getting another core set for the x wing and for the extra dice as well, but still thinking about it. I have a bunch of the templates and that now, and I guess I could use the others as backups, but I too want a y wing and a tie advanced as well. I have seen the prices on amazon as well for some of the wave one ships and refuse to pay that much as well. I just got an a wing, b wing, tie interceptor from there, and bought a hwk 290 from a local store. They had some interceptors and b wings and shuttles as well...and have been thinking of getting some more b wings and interceptors.
  8. I know how you feel about GW and 40k...I have been more or less collecting on and off for a decade or two...buying some things, getting a new rulebook and codex since I find out after years a lot has changed....and then a new rulebook and codex come out a year after you drop for a rulebook and codex....I was a bit peeved to say the least. I have several units and a flyer I have yet to put together and/or finish painting for my ultramarines.
  9. BrandonMH

    Gozanti Cruiser

    Wow, these are awesome! Great work! I also like the hull fragment, great idea!
  10. Maybe instead of models, they will start releasing card packs with upgrades, weapons, pilots etc. Although with all the expansions out that come with those, that could be unlikely as well.
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