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  1. OK, I get that the killing of the Spy-Zanti was an issuue. However, as I was watching the episode, once the crew got trapped in the cargo hold, I kept thinking, "Did Ezra forget he's a Jedi?" Why didn't he use his lightsaber to cut through the bars or locked doors. Why didn't he force-jump up to the catwalk? Everything they did after that point was unnecessary if the kid had remembered his training.
  2. "After performing a maneuver, if you are touching another ship, deal that ship 1 face-down damage card for each equipped [Missile],[Torpedo] and [bomb] upgrade on your ship. Then destroy your ship." To preserve the intent of Extra Munitions: "After performing a maneuver, if you are touching an enemy ship, you may discard any number of equipped [bomb] upgrades or [missile] or [torp] secondary weapons. If you do, the ship you are touching suffers one damage plus one damage for every card discarded in this way. Then destroy your ship." But if you're going to be destroyed anyway, why wouldn't you just discard everything you had left? Because, by wording it the first way, you'd cause one damage for each upgrade, regardless of if you had extra munitions tokens left or not. By wording it the second way, you'd first discard the tokens for one damage each, then discard the upgrade cards for another damage each, then blow yourself up.
  3. We still use 500-lb bombs and 0.50-cal machine guns 70 years after WWII.
  4. About a year ago, D&J Hobby (on the SJ-Saratoga border) was playing X-Wing on alternate Sunday afternoons. I haven't checked lately, but it's still listed on their Google calendar.
  5. Also, he's not unique or limited. If the scum were to come out with a two- or more crew slot ship in the future, you could conceivably get multiple target locks by performing a green maneuver, as you're instructed to receive a target lock, not perform a free target lock action.
  6. I'm a fan of the 12-pocket sticker pages. There's a sport collectable store sort-of on the way to work that sells them (and the other ultra-pro pages) by the sheet.
  7. If I remember to load the kit in the car in the morning, six blocks from the office. If I forget to load the minis in the morning, I'm probably not heading back that direction later that evening.
  8. One of mine is missing a "Modifications and Titles" card, but I have enough of those. QC seems to be suffering.
  9. I filled a 1364, and moved up to a 732. It's a bit unwieldy, but does a nice job of keeping all the stuff together.
  10. Don't forget, they also have the S&V Firesprays and HWKs to spoil. I would think that'd be another article, outside of the one or two for the Y-wing and Z95.
  11. As of right now, there's no mention of the E-wing nor either YT being converted for use by the S&V faction. The first wave of S&V will consist of Y-wings, Z95s, HWKs, Firesprays, IG-2000, M3-A Scyk, and the Starviper.
  12. gentgeen

    New Damage deck

    Perhaps I need to read the epic rules again, but how is the damage deck handled for a 300 point epic match? 12 TIE Fighters and 5 Interceptors could possibly eat the entire deck (2 damage each, no ships destroyed), and have 48 squad points left to spend on more ships. Or 12 TIES and 2 Lambdas, which would leave behind 1 damage card before they started recycling with destroyed ships, but also has 112 more points to spend.
  13. I've been looking at these. Do they fit the sleeved cards? The 12-pocket sticker pages, yes. The 20-pocket tobacco card pages no; they don't fit the unsleeved cards. I'm not sure about the 20 pocket coin pages, but I have a feeling the pockets would be too short. Yeah I had seen that the tobacco/coin/business card sleeves weren't well suited for it. Thanks for the info, as I can't seem to find them in a local store and I needed to know if they work before I order a box of 100. You might try shopping at stores targeting another hobby. I pick up mine at the friendly local sports collectable store (FLSCS) where they sell them by the box, by a single sheet, or any point between. They have a sliding scale for total number of pages purchased, so when I splurge for some more A-wings, I also go down and drop a couple bucks for some 9-pocket pages for the pilots and 12-pocket pages for the upgrades. That reminds me, I'll need to get some binder sheets before next week when Rebel Aces drops.
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