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  1. Ironically, if there was no secondary market you would have never have bought the Raider, never been out the money for an errata'ed second hand card and we wouldn't have seen this post. I'm not seeing the upside to the secondary market.
  2. So looking at running the following list Palpshuttle - 29 Whisper - VI, Kallus, ACD Vader - VI, ATC, x1 title am I better off with Yorr with palpatine (or Omicron with sensor Jammer) Whisper - VI, Kallus, ACD, FCS OL - Juke, Comm relay Is vader that hampered without EU?
  3. The amazon price for a starviper in the UK is 16.47. A fair price for the autothrusters would be around 6-7.
  4. Maybe you should send a letter to online retailers asking them to eat that 20% if they want to keep you as a customer.
  5. landoman

    Xwing demo kits

    http://lionrampantimports.com/product.htm?Product=FFGOP028&Source=Search All the info from the Canadian distributor.
  6. landoman

    Squad Name Help

    "What comes after 6"
  7. "2 Thugs 1 Droid" 2 Syndicate thugs - TLT, Unhinged IG88B +VI +ID +HLC +FCS +Autothrusters or "Total Eclipse of the Darth" Juno Eclipse +x1+ATC+VI+Prockets Darth Vader +X1 +ATC +EU +Prockets 2x Obsidian Squadron
  8. Back after playing around a bit. the scum list is solid. Although for the imperals I changed it up a bit to: Juno Eclipse +VI +Prockets +x1 +ATC +TIE MK 2 TIE Advanced x3 x1 + ATC I maybe blind but I just don't see the extra value in taking AC over ATC. Any suggestions on things this list may have a problem with?
  9. Ain't nobody got time for that. I love that the models are prepainted, Its not like the paintjobs aren't excellent as it is. Pieces on the sprues? Lets add sanding and glueing to the list of stuff not getting done.
  10. Thanks for the fast replies! changes noted I'll start playing around a bit.
  11. Trying to decide between a few lists to play in a tournament and am looking for any suggestions or improvements, 1.. Soontir + PTL+ Autothrusters 2x Tempest Squadron +Title/Adv Targetting OGP + Vader crew 100 points 2. IG88B +VI +HLC +Autothrusters +FCS +Inertial Dampeners 2X Syndicate Thug +TLT +unhinged 99 points Thanks!
  12. "All pilot cards and ship tokens in a player’s squad must belong to the same faction. If a player’s ship has different versions in more than one faction, he or she may use any version of that ship’s model and dial in his or her squad." Well glad they made that clear in the tournament FAQ
  13. there's one card in the mythos deck that removes all elder sign tokens from the board. If a location has been sealed and the token is removed via the card, is the location still counted as sealed for the purposes of gates appearing?
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