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  1. Last night I ran my brother in law and sister through most of the Beginner box for Edge Of The Empire. It was a huge success. I had a blast being the GM. The advantage and threat system allows you to really narrate the action based on dice rolls. I had a player roll 4 advantages but missed his shot, I explained that the storm trooper dodged out of the way but got tripped up in the dirt and fell to a knee. this allowed another player to run up and use a vibro axe and took the poor guys head right off. (also rolling an advantage die) I am fairly new to role playing but Ive run some Pathfinder games and some Dragon Age games. I like every system I have played so far but the narrative dice are pretty neat IMHO. My players also made a deal with the droid at the junk shop to steal the part for the ship for them in return they have to bring the droid with them off the planet. Kind of cool and this stuff really feels like Star Wars. If I can find one more player to join us I will be buying the Core Rule book. edit: The one place I get a little stuck on is when they are trying to make a check like slicing a computer and roll a TON of advantage but still fail. what do you guys usually do for that stuff? I realise the players can choose to use that advantage however they want within reason and I want them to but this group is brand new to role playing so I kind of have to lead them with some stuff.
  2. I like the idea of playing a driod. I really don't want to talk to myself much or lead the story with that character at all. Howerver these players are fairly new and might need a little push in the right direction by a droid etc. this would only be for the beginner box. once we make it ouf of that and if they are still interested I would probably drop the character.
  3. thanks for all the feedback guys I really aprreciate it.
  4. The dice were hard for me to grasp for about 10 minutes. Once it clicked I enjoy it so much more then d20 (which I love) I can tell exactly whats going on within seconds and can shape the narrative quickly. LOVE IT.
  5. the OP mentions adventure cards kind of like the Pathfinder: Adventure Card Game. A Star Wars setting in a game like that would be so awesome.
  6. Thanks for the info. I think I will give it a try and like you said let the PC's run the show.
  7. Do any GM's do this? I think with my group it may help them ease into role playing etc. just wondering.
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