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  1. Oh, never mind, It's the 30th of August. I hope the will answer something substantial.
  2. Hey Guys! I missed the live transmission! What did he said?
  3. I've noticed that the event for FFG is the only one that will last 30 minutes, the other companies will have only 10 minutes for presentation. So let's see. Plenty of time to ask questions.
  4. It might be a surprise tomorrow... We will see. At the Board Game Geek forums you can see that tomorrow : 1:20 - Fantasy Flight Games - X-Wing 2nd Edition, TBD TDB? Too **** Bad? what is the meaning of these three magical letters? Maybe it is To Be Determined There's still hope for all of us.
  5. Yes. I can see that... BUT why take that pleasure away from the players, the pleasure of an overlord crushing the players. It could have more than one mode of playing I guess. Why lose potential players by only implementing co-op? We should make a poll in the community... Unless they have already something for us all.
  6. Yeah. I Agree that they should keep the overlord as a player. Also, I would like them to explore on the possibility that the Overlord team might incorporate another player. Maybe an option that allows one player to control a liutenant or something like that, making the game playable for 2-6 players, as sometimes the player groups are bigger than 5. That would be cool. What you guys think?
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