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  1. This is kinda what I was suggesting, but we eventually came up with another solution.
  2. Here's my situation. My Players Wookie charges into combat hacking enemy's up. My enemy's shoot him with their blasters set to stun. The Wookie loses strain and goes over his strain threshold, Wookie is staggered or falls unconscious. My other player is a medic and wants to go heal him, but he has no wounds just strain damage. Does the medic still get to make a medicine check to try and roll advantage enough to heal strain? Or is the also Wookie out the rest of the encounter?
  3. Thanks guys for all your feed back. Very good ideas. Oh and another thing is how would you calculate encumbrance for a vehicle. The reason I ask is my group wants to put their speeder in the cargo hold of their YT-1300. But I can't seem to find the encumbrance of vehicles. It tells how much encumbrance vehicles hold, but not their actual encumbrance. Or do you think a YT-1300 could even hold a speeder?
  4. How many times does someone get to attempt a non combat skill check. For example trying to slice a computer, or a negotiation check against rarity for gear. You get my drift.
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