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  1. Humidity yes, but heat? And why is it that my book never left my house but it's gotten warped too? The humidity in the air inside? Uh, no. Seeing as how no other book I have is reacting the same way, my thinking here is that the materials FFG used are sub-quality.
  2. I just noticed this with my book too. It's done nothing but sit inside the house, and now its sort of warped. Going to contact customer support. This is bull, and if the rest of their "quality" products are like this, then I won't be purchasing them.
  3. Played my 2nd Beginner Box game with a different group. During the starport control scene, the droid tried to slice the console to unlock the docking clamps. 4 greens vs 2 purples Fail. Fail. Fail. Fail. Fail. Success. There were also 2 times were he had to roll his cool vs a technician's and the overseer's vigilance while his buddies were making a distraction. He passed both of these. By about the third dice roll, he was annoyed and in complete disbelief. At the end of it he couldn't have cared less to play this game anymore. He said it was unbelievable to him that he'd be sitting there for about 6 minutes trying to hack into a console. I can't disagree with him. Where did this whole notion that 1 roll is about 1 minute come from? I haven't seen it in the core book yet. While I agree that one roll isn't 1 pull of the trigger, I think "1 minute" is too long. Perhaps setting a hard time on a roll isn't really reasonable. Your thoughts?
  4. Yes. And given that that would ruin the game for people, given that Terrorists are up there with Nazis as being the least popular people in the world, and after examining this report in Variety about Disneys plans for Star Wars:- http://variety.com/2013/biz/news/star-wars-skys-the-limit-for-disney-when-it-comes-to-opportunities-1200609291/ You surely, SURELY see why Disney would be very wary about having their $4 billion acquisition become associated with being either Nazi or Al-Qeada propaganda. You can then surely, SURELY see why they are likely to do everything they can to assure people that the Rebel Alliance is not a terrorist organisation. People do get that right? Disney are not going to torpedo their multi billion dollar investment by inviting this kind of argument? Erik: I couldn't give 2 rats' a***s how Disney or FFG wants me to play this game. Why is "how the owning company" feels of such great import to you? I bought the game. It's my world now. And let me go here: America is viewed by many around the globe to be the modern equivalent of the Empire. We bomb people, we subjugate and force our ways on people. We overthrow regimes and put our own people in power and we remove them when they no longer play nice. We use our military as a weapon of fear and to project political power and sway. And I say WE because I'm American too, just so happens I have my eyes open to the reality of the situation. You might say that's in the interest of national defense. Sounds a lot like what Palpatine would say, to me. "For the safety of this Galactic Empire, that world had to be bombarded, invaded, and their rulers disposed of. I have set up a new system of regional moffs in their place. Imperial order will be known in their lifetimes." "Due to concerns over national security and the threat of WMDs, Iraq had to be bombarded, invaded, and their ruler disposed of. We have set up a new system of leaders in Saddam's place. Democracy will be known in the Iraqi peoples' lifetimes." So perhaps Lucas' #1 bad guy of all time growing up were the nazis. It was about the right time. However the Empire is far more than JUST the nazis. It is any government or ruling empire that uses an iron fist approach to get what it wants. It is any government that sacrifices personal freedoms for security. [almost forgot my closing reasoning!] AND YET! Millions of AMERICANS feel that what we're doing is "right" for this reason or that reason. MILLIONS of Americans serve in the military and in the government and are PROUD of their country and believe in what we do -- EVEN the bombing and crushing of countries. EVEN the getting involved in supporting "rebels" in other countries. Do these supporters of this "evil empire" have families? Do they have lives? Are they themselves monsters just because their leaders are greedy and seek power? Or, perhaps, do they go home to a wife and children? Do they complain about rent or the price of food? Do they go visit their mothers and fathers during a holiday? And perhaps they truly believe that if they don't crush Iraq, Iraq will continue to fund terrorists who hate them, want to blow them up, and want to cut their heads off just for being American? So there are always two sides to a coin, and painting one side GOOD and one side BAD is not only foolish, because it is not based in reality, but it's also intellectually dishonest and lazy.
  5. I have 2 of the smaller and 1 of the giant Chessex maps with hexes and squares. I'll be using this and the squares will roughly equate to engaged (next to eachother) short (1 square between you up to about 3 or 4), medium and so on.
  6. ... yeah, I'm going to go ahead and disagree with you there, thanks to someone with the book. I meant they left Star Destroyers out of EotE. They better be in AoR. Good. More for those of us that want one. Last i heard they were in AoR. Yes, more for you, which is totally fine and no skin off my back. Enjoy, my compliments. And yes, ISDs are in AoR.
  7. ... yeah, I'm going to go ahead and disagree with you there, thanks to someone with the book. I meant they left Star Destroyers out of EotE. They better be in AoR. Good. More for those of us that want one. Last i heard they were in AoR. Yes, more for you, which is totally fine and no skin off my back. Enjoy, my compliments. And yes, ISDs are in AoR.
  8. And fair enough, but do try to bear in mind that that isn't what this game is about and may well be something that FFG can't do even if they wanted to. In particular, before requesting uber stormtroopers or TIE Defenders that can easily dominate entire squadrons of rebel fighters, try to take a moment to consider that the idea is they will be shooting AT the PCs! I try not to force my PCs in to any predefined stereotypes or expectations, because that may just end up with people feeling that they can't play their desired scene. If they want to play rebels fighting the Empire, so be it. Imperials who defect to the rebellion? Cool. Imperials who are out to crush the rebels? Ok too. I absolutely think they should add in the information for TIE Defenders, but GMs should know before throwing them into battle that they are very deadly. I also think Stormtroopers as is are fine. If a GM disagrees, they can buff them up, but as they stand I think they work for their purpose.
  9. Well then watch out forums, you got some space nazis in your midst I guess, because me and mine, as well I'm sure many others, will be playing an Imperial campaign bent on crushing the terroristic rebellion. Coming soon to a planet near you, Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, It's space nazis time.
  10. Seems like a money grab, at least partially, to me. Partially because it's a choice. But what is unfortunate is that they are taking advantage of their otherwise loyal (if not rabid) fans. I, for one, will not be paying for beta. Hell. I don't really even like the idea that they left Star Destroyers out of the book. Really? Anywho. I'll still be buying AoR when it comes OUT, not when it's in editing phase.
  11. I dont think you break up the pace of the game too badly by drawing a map, PROVIDED: 1) You draw said map after each encounter, while the players are still bragging about their accomplishments or getting up to get food, bathroom, etc. 2) You predraw maps where you KNOW combat WILL happen (youre the GM, you know these things) 3) You hastily outline a map. Most the time in our Pathfinder games, our maps define the boundries, buildings, other things worth noting, and that's about it. We don't get super detailed and it works great.
  12. In a lot of instances, I can see cool and discipline really intermixing. I can also see cool and vigilance intermixing. scoundrels, doctors, and explorers get cool as a class skill. Scoundrels I can see. Keep your cool, keep a straight face... Doctors. Eh? Seems more like discipline to me. A disciplined mind. A steady cutting hand. HOWEVER I can see the cool coming into effect here: Doctor, my legs just got blown off -- ahhh!!. Doc better keep cool. So I guess I can see it. Explorer. Mmm... So yea. I get what they were trying to do. I just feel the skills have some overlap. So when overlap occurs, GM fiat.
  13. Just ensure that if the players end up disliking one of the GMs, that issue is addressed before too long or your table may break up.
  14. Think of the dice as an assistant story teller. I want to shoot at that Gamorrean thug! So you roll, 3 successes, 2 advantages, 2 failures. You succeed! Weapon's damage + 1. But you also have 2 advantage. So perhaps you recover two strain: After seeing such a good shot, a rush of adrenaline surges through you and you feel a bit more recovered, ready to take on the Empire by yourself! Or, perhaps you use your advantage to give an ally a boost against the Gamorrean, assuming he's still alive? As the blaster strikes his armor, he staggers back, exposing himself nice and wide for the next attack (add one boost die to the next attack). Etc. The dice DO take getting used to, but LET them help tell the story, you just interpret what they do. I found it useful to have a print out for each of my PCs of possible advantages they could do. There is no rush to buy the game. I'd watch the mentioned videos/podcasts and try to play with a different GM, or give that GM some more time to get refined himself. He sounds like he was creative, perhaps just still new with the die.
  15. When you only give Discipline a cursory glance, sure, it doesn't meet the criteria as it only discusses overcoming fear. But when you look at what it resists, such as Leadership, Coercion, and Deception, it starts to make sense. Dark side use harnesses certain emotions, while the above skills alter those emotions. Think of Discipline more as an "Emotional Control" skill, and you can see how Sith can hone that anger and hatred for years until it becomes the weapon they need. Also, Discipline as you are describing it sounds closer to what we had in WEG and not what we have here, as Force Skills, both Light AND Dark, only use the Force pool. Besides, the way the Force is described and handled here in EotE seems a bit closer to what we see in some of the video games and the Potentium theory of the Force. Just saying. Nothing to add to this.
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