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  1. My bad! It seems the sections are different! Feel free to delete this one!
  2. So why are FFG silent about this? I'm talking about the European Championships that will be in Warsaw Poland! If they want to do it in the summer, people need to plan their vacations and annual leaves. Even if you haven't figured out entry fee, tournament format and other detals, at least give us the dates, you should know at least that much! Like the case is now for the koteis in Germany for example: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/l5r-lcg/kotei/?fbclid=IwAR20dlMPATf1vfQWYkGRf5m63FaXwGl-QBOKWfo_nC7W-ywP7tBVshZ1kAw
  3. There is also the BBQ event on Saturday Night by asmodee ... I was thinking most of the players would go to that? =) I'm personally on the brink of declining, because of the accommodations fiasco, but will decide on the spot I guess.
  4. Well, thanks for the update. Really not possible for me to go through the entire thread on Asmodee.de forums and understand what is the reason. I already made reservations in another place (as I'll be staying in Dusselford and the area for a few more days). Will see you all on the Kotei!
  5. Some updates for people considering to attend this Kotei: Tickets have been available since 02.02.2018 Price for event is ` - 40 EUR (including participating in all main and side events in the 2 days). There are some lunches and dinners planned and u can read all about it here: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/l5r-kotei-dusseldorf-tickets-42647897008 As the page states Now, to my investigation, there have been some reservations by Asmodeee Germany in the Hostel to allow player accommodations within the hostel facility where the tournament will be. Based on this, myself and some friends "rushed" the ticket purchase within minutes of ticket sale opening. Hoping that there will be some logical "first come, first served" principles here. Sadly, this doesn't appear to be the case. Almost 13 days later, we received an e-mail offering us "discounted" accommodations at a hotel nearby costing between 88EUR and 100EUR per night (for 1 and 2 person respectively). For comparison the prices at the hostel website run in the range of 30 EUR -to 50 EUR. I'm very eager to understand why this situation happened and I'm really hoping there wasn't any "foreigners second" policy rolled out in terms of accommodations.
  6. There will be some yearly Anime-Con in Dusseldorf the same Days as the Kotei. Might pick up a few Shrine "Maidens" for extra click-baits on my recordings
  7. Man, it's the internet. I'm not sure what are your expectations towards forums like these, or the fact that there is no intonation conveyed. We are here to exchange information. If you can answer cool, if you can't, or don't want to, that is cool also. No need to write QQ about a normal sentence which mildly can suggest rudeness. Great. I'm not working professionally, but I've been meddling with streams since 2010 and with video editing from 4-5 years before that. My point is, there are probably a lot of people like me, who can do this relatively cheap (not even asking FFG to pay) to produce a decent result. Yeah, it won't be the best one, the most professional with Analyzer desk and post-game interviews with a young "gamer" lady ... but it will at least be some video coverage. Which to my opinion is better than no video coverage. The fact that you can't use custom made mats/tokens and such, make more sense to me, than to simply come up with a generic excuse like "it is expensive" ....
  8. Yeah, I'm aware it has costs. The point is, if you plan to roll out a game strongly revolved around OP ... one would think it's a good investment! Also on a player level, if anyone can achieve 1080p streaming with a Go-Pro or similar, FFG/Asmodee/TO should allow that even on any Top32 table and such. This kind of investment isn't that expensive, because for 60FPS 1080p videos, you can get a decent quality camera for 200 EUR tops.
  9. So ... today should be (now?) Day at the PAX Kotei ... no info on the tournament on reddit, no streams, no nothing =( Pretty sad about it .... I stray away from FB groups since seeing the toxicity levels in the AGoT one >.>
  10. Who covered the London event? Asmodee Europe? What's the big deal for them to cover *at least* the Grand Koteis ...
  11. How does this even work? I mean they DID have a stream from Worlds and from the London event I believe =) What's the big deal to have 1-2 dedicated resources traveling and streaming around Europe/US
  12. They way I understood it, it is one kit, which can host up to 5 (large) tournaments - Battle of the Strongholds (1), Strongholds Season ( 3) and Stronghold Showdown (1). Considering that in our meta that's about 5 months worth of tourneys and we are nowhere near the 32 player size (meaning that everyone will get full set of all rewards), the price is pretty ... ok
  13. So we have a Kotei in the US this weekend and a Kotei in Ireland in 2 weeks. Anyone knows if FFG/Asmodee have any plans to make a video stream? Or everything will be community driven(again)?
  14. 8 and 9:30 what time? Also where is the registration link? Where it was announced? Michelle was supposed to post in FB group =(
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