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  1. You know, considering he has nearly nine thousand posts and reputation, it might make sense to stop sniping and listen. You might learn something, even if you disagree. And this from someone who's had plenty of disagreements with Mr Morningfire over the years, but can still respect him. And from someone who thinks 'canon' arguments sound like discussions about angels dancing on the heads of pins. Anyway, how about them Seperatists? Do we know when they might be Rising? The third and final season of the MarcyVerse awaits it.
  2. Ooh, looks like we finally got our 'Monster Manual'... The MarcyVerse is on hiatus due to various group changes and the fact our main artist had a stroke, but we are preparing for the third and final story arc later this year. The one player who enjoys butchering their way through the canon is ecstatic about this book. The rest of us, including me, are less so. Although I suppose now we can officially have that sexy MarcyVerse ewok we've been hankering for.
  3. Eh, I didn't mean 'done with the board' (although I'm not around here as often as I was) I just meant I didn't want to hang around on the thread and argue constantly, because it's just opinions and it's not possible to 'win' that kind of argument Hugs, Marcy
  4. Yeah, I think that's a plotline that's long overdue, considering how it's a staple of most sci-fi and SW has emotional droids with incredible depth of humanity... who then get treated poorly and passed over for medals. It was an obvious plot point when I set up my own game. I thought the movie was... okay. I enjoyed it more because my expectations were absolutely zero. It was fun enough munching popcorn in the cinema, but it doesn't leave much impression afterwards. Donald Glover was good in it, and could probably carry his own movie. The rest was pretty forgettable. It still baffles me, given that they specifically made their own new, shiny, 'Not Your Parent's Star Wars' era that they have such little interest in moving things forward. Why not tell us about the Scum and Villainy of the Force Awakens era? Why not give us new charming rogues and edgy outlaws? Why is everything always just regurgitated leftovers? Why not leave things to our imagination? The infamous Kessel Run was always more cool in my imagination than it could ever be on screen. I note that the audience figures for the film were pretty mediocre. Maybe the film-makers will decide we need something more than reruns, reboots and retcons. Maybe they have a bit more faith in their new timeline and give us new creations, instead of mindlessly resurrecting garbage-tier characters like Darth Maul. Maybe they'll make a film that takes some risks, that has actual stakes, where we don't know who must live or die in advance. But I doubt it. There's milk to be squeezed from the shrivelled nostalgia teat yet. ‘So we beat on, boats against the current, borne endlessly into the past...’
  5. To be honest, Nytwyng, I fear you're wasting your breath. This guy always seems to make a show of being reasonable but then gets in some pretty cheap shots. In fact, one of the reasons I'm not around any more is that I feel the quality of discourse has deteriorated. Yes, there are hilarious guys like Desslok, informative guys like 2P51 and lovely people like Absol, but there's more snarling and sniping than there used to be, more personal attacks. On another thread, even Donovan and HappyDaze (two guys I respect) are sniping at one another. Role-playing is, by its nature, a deeply personal and individual thing. Every player, and certainly every table, gets to decide what flies and what doesn't. We don't need canon police telling us we're having BadWrongFun. No, folks who want canon and PG13 and the feel of the Saturday Matinee series that inspired the original Star Wars are not wrong. But neither of those who want the harder, modern edge of Blade Runner or Mass Effect sci-fi. Those who want 'Game of Thrones in Space' are not wrong either. It's not wrong to want something different at 47 than you did at 7. I'm just tired of the uncivil discourse, the snide personal attacks and circular arguments. It's a shame because this place really was one of the friendliest forums for a long, long time. And with that, I'm done.
  6. It's actually nice for the MarcyVerse as Manipulate is in-universe tied to the Sentinel career and messes with your head a great deal ('Machine-Heads' can 'read' synthetics instead of organics, and are marginalised even by Sentinel standards). Allowing Mystics to do something along those lines will be cool. Same reason that all those Universals in the Cartoon Sourcebook were such a big, game-changing deal for us (two of our oldest characters actually had nearly a thousand banked XP waiting for something like this!).
  7. Thankfully that isn't a MarcyVerse thing. (Our Anakin was a normal human Sensitive and he died 25 years ago; our 'Darth Vader' is a different person). I wouldn't mind seeing Mind-Skype or Astral Projection as a power, if they're determined to mine the sequels for stuff. Mind-Skype in particular has been A Thing in the MarcyVerse since the beginning, although we don't really have 'rules' for it, it's just something that Sensitives can do.
  8. That's actually the best article they've had in a while. Actually tells us a bit about what the new specs actually do. What happened? Even better, the feel of the Mystic as the 'Non-Jedi Force Wizard' fits the MarcyVerse very neatly. We are one step closer; Phee is squee-ing somewhere! Happy Friday! Marcy
  9. I kinda had a crush on Amaiza Foxtrain (even though I've been calling her 'Amalia Foxglove' for the last thirty years...) Coulda used less green rabbits though. I guess he was a prototype for Rocket Raccoon; he used almost exactly the same shtick, only he's much, much less cooler and interesting. Oh, early EU, how I miss you! We had silly green rabbits but Star Wars felt like ours and not theirs. #OccupyStarWars
  10. We had lots (make that LOTS!) of brainstorming/drinking sessions, often late into the night, and innumerable email conversations. You absolutely need to let them help with the world-building. You will have to make compromises too - at least half of my players wanted 'Game of Thrones In Space' but my touchstones were Dragon Age and Mass Effect. So the tone varies between the two, sometimes lighter, sometimes darker, but always within my personal comfort zone. I believe that Star Wars is a broad church and can be many things to many people (which why I found the concept of a 'No-No List' ridiculous - everyone will have their own 'No-No List', including Disney, and one person's ideas are not 'better' than another's). You need to establish tone from the start, although that may vary between your games. You need to work out specifics of what's canon and what isn't - we found there was a surprising freedom in being able to toss out some canonical sacred cows. Also, there may be unexpected consequences that develop - the MarcyVerse really lacks a 'villain', for example, due to its shades-of-grey morality. 'Antagonists' and 'protagonists' tend to depend on one's point of view. Even the most morally dark PCs and NPCs have pretty good motivations for doing what they do, and all are sympathetic to some degree. (Plus, the most traditionally-villainous individual in the MarcyVerse is a PC...)
  11. This is just the kind of 'outside the box' thinking many GMs and players need. The movies are great, but a movie necessarily has to be small and focused, where the best RPGs think big. I started by just asking the players: 'How would you change Star Wars?' and took it from there. And it didn't come all at once; many things were developed as we went along and the books were released. By the time AOR came out, we knew what the Alliance would be for us, and by the time of Force and Destiny, we knew what we wanted from the Jedi and the Force itself. Maybe I could do a 'MarcyVerse' thread if there was interest.
  12. I shall start a petition that the first person to get this book MUST take pictures and send the whole thing to Phee, so she has the honour of doing the Forum Spoiler Thread. We will be able hear the squee-ing in the distant corners of the world. Marcy
  13. A shame this got derailed so quickly. This was pretty much exactly how the MarcyVerse started. And it's been going since 2013 now.
  14. Pretty much every MarcyVerse character has one. If the players don't choose one after a while, I'll just allocate them one.
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