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  1. Lonewolf Development has a decent file for Army Builder.
  2. I'm excited to have gotten involved right at the one year mark. I see intense addiction in my near future... Thank you FFG!
  3. I don't think that the game would be broken by LE repaints of ships. No upgraded abilities, no rare upgrades...just like it is...but the repaints would up the ante in competitive play without changing the dynamics of play.
  4. Will keep an eye out for Target to put them on sale. Thank you all for the input. Cannot wait to grab a core set or two and get started.
  5. I really like the idea of owning a large group of std TIE fighters. Is a large swarm of basic TIEs balanced?
  6. @Joe Boss: Thank you. Very well done video. @Darth Landy: Thank you for the info.
  7. Cool. Kinda what I was thinking. I am personally gonna collect Imperial...but need to keep enough of both sides around for the family. Everyone seems interested in playing. Two more quick questions... 1. I played A LOT of wings of war...the tutorial of this makes it seem quite a bit like WoW....is that the case?? 2, I've read a few post that give the impression that the TIE advanced is not very playable...why is this?
  8. I know I am getting a relatively late-ish start, but any recommendations as to where to begin...aside from a starter box...obviously. there are 4 of us here...so i am thinking 2 starters to begin with... would i be better to get a variety of ships? or is a pair of x-wings and 4 ties a good place to start?? any input appreciated... BTW: Hi all!
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