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  1. Thanks. I thought of Perception but reading the description suggested it was more about Seeing and Smelling senses rather than empathy as such. I can try Vigilance. What is RAW?
  2. Hi all, Yesterday I was GMing a homebrew game. I am enjoying making my own adventures so far. But as the characters came up to a stranger, I felt the need for them to roll "insight" or "empathy" in order to read the body language. To see if they read fear or reluctance in the NPC. I could not map any skill for this reading the various descriptions in the rules. What skill would you use? Many thanks in advance CYC
  3. And 6 years later, reading your posts in this thread has not only clarified my question "should you Add Brawl to damages from Minions/rivals/Nemesis which don't have a + in the equipment stats", it has also highlighted that I was upgrading the stats incorrectly. Like the Ghostofman and Whafrog initially described. Thank you all! 🙂
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