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  1. It is honestly stronger in a way to be a psyker through mutation than with this but if you add this to being a psyker through mutation it can be quite good.
  2. Ya a good portion of effort will be taken to convincing the shapers that this will make kroot stronger.
  3. Thank you for the responces. I was trying to visualize possible changes. The character will possibly convert a small band but dream of one day bringing a warshere into nurgles embrace. I am glad my gm is open minded enough to say it is possible to corrupt kroot but has made it clear it will be a task to be worked towards.
  4. In the chaos game i am playing a nurglite who tries to bring all he can into 'grandfather's graces'. A fallen ecclesiarch who has come to change with his acceptance of chaos, all are welcome in grandfather's garden (ect) so instead of being xenophobic he will welcome all he can using any method at his disposal (before striking down those who reject his gifts). So my question is this, since kroot would be the easiest to bring in on as allies (paid mercenaries) and they could be brought to embrace something to be stonger (with shaper's blessing) how would you feel/think nurgle would effect and change them? ps: gm is ok with this and is going with it (will still be worked for) just curious on opinions
  5. Size, weapon capacity, pre installed parts. Use what exists as guidelines for size and crew and an average of sorts to start as your base line cost. I can only suggest methods of estimation sorry I have no easy break down
  6. Servitors like to feel pretty too... Though thinking about it my mechanicus agents are rather suspicious. I need to investigate their claims of improvements. Those tenticles...I mean mechadendrites of theirs seem rather sleneshy.
  7. That is around what I was thinking. Because in this one we'd also spend those points on our army I had to make sure I set aside enough (40 chaos points just in case) in case my gm went over what I expected.
  8. In a BC campaign our GM has given each player their own war band to build with set resources like ship points and other types. Of course we are using rouge trader for ships so this is the better place to pose my question, so how many ship points would you say a kroot warshere would cost? My GM will probably enjoy crunching the numbers but curious on outside opinions (im only looking for ballpark, GM will dictate the nickels and dimes of course). To give a idea of scale I have spent 200 chaos points (GM's home brew convertible currency) on ships when 1CP=5SP
  9. I know what you mean routa, having to dig through all lines for details on demons for starters
  10. Just looked in the books again and have no idea how i overlooked this. Thank you both for still answering my question. When i had looked before I had been looking to make a nurgle demon weapon so that probably distorted how i interpreted some of the wording the first time i read the section.
  11. First off I know an unaligned could use a 'normal' deamon weapon but what about a deamon weapon of the unaligned, a deamon weapon with a bound fury instead of a deamon of the four? if one were to succeed at this would it simply be a great weapon with no extra powers a deamon weapon normally gets or how would you interpret that?
  12. I go nurgle simply because of my love of biology (my nurgle characters take on various obsessions based on that) current game gm has given each party member a warband (starting us off epic) and with a backstory of being a fallen ecclisiarch taken by pirates he then takes gains control of a thanks to a plague that came after a moment of weakness when he begged any of the dark gods to save him while said plague also drove the priest so mad he found clarity --- my gm uses BC to get the crazy out so I cant help but live it up last nurgle character was a klutzy nurglite who loved his jetpack even though he flew into a few walls but his proudest moment was after being fired from a demon possesed ship's torpedo tubes (willingly) and managing to stick the landing (close call) all so he could rush into action faster than the shuttle would have allowed. so i go nurgle so that fluff wise when i burn a fate point to survive such a crazy attempt (have yet to need to) I can picture the bits pulling themselves back together as he waist for his body to put his head back on. oh and because it is great when you can kill someone with a handshake or kiss.
  13. In response to DanteInfernal when someone suggests dropping the gellar field to collect demons in a cheaper manner than pacts (Not as helpful as an optimistic captain though)
  14. When an obvious evil and insane chao twisted 'creature' considers education reforms to be a valid attack against the imperium (to much the gm's headache sparks a debate between players about what that means and what it'd cause)
  15. 1) does gm say no? 2)if not why not not directly stated it cant. 'planet bound for millennia' would give an interesting plot for aquiring it
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