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  1. It would not work because there is a clear distinction between "play" and "put into play". It's the same reason why you can use A Very Good Tale to bypass the one ally a turn restriction in Escape from Dol Guldur. (1.16) The phrase “put into play” If a card effect uses the phrase “put into play,” it means that the card enters play through a card effect instead of through the normal process of paying resources and playing the card from hand. “Put into play” effects are not considered to be playing the card, and will not trigger any effects that refer to a card being played. “Put into play” will, however, trigger any effects that occur when a card “enters play”. -From the FAQ
  2. I'm interested to see what each persons top ten favorite scenarios are, this includes every released quest including saga, gen con, and fellowship quests. In terms of fun factor, theme, challenge, and uniqueness my top ten is as follows; 1. Into Ithilien 2. Helm's Deep 3. Breaking of the Fellowship 4. The Fords of Isen 5. Encounter at Amon Din 6. Journey to the Cross-Roads 7. Assault on Osgiliath 8. Battle of the Five Armies 9. Raid on the Grey Havens 10. Across the Ettenmoors Post your top ten in the comments!
  3. I'm interested to see what people think the most fun heroes to play are. This is not necessarily your favorite hero or most powerful heroes. My top 10 are as follows; 1. Boromir (Tactics) 2. Elrond 3. Elrohir and Elladan 4. Celeborn 5. Mablung 6. Galadriel 7. Faramir (Leadership) 8. Merry (Tactics) 9. Rossiel 10. Amarthiul Honorable mention in Beorn because he is just a huge bear that slaughters enemies.
  4. My number one is the Siege of Erebor/Battle of Dale. I'd also like to see the Battle of Bywater and really anything else in the Shire. I'd also like to see a cycle (or more) where they explore the far east like Umbar, Harad, and Rhun.
  5. I forgot all about Thranduil. I hope that we see him in the next deluxe expansion as that is where they typically introduce the more important characters. I would also be interested to see if they try to make him work with the Silvan trait or do something more unique.
  6. I'm curious as to which characters from the universe have yet to see a hero version that deserves one. Either characters that have never been in the game or as exclusively allies not new versions of existing heroes. My top 5 are as follows. 1. Thorin III Stonehelm 2. Gamling 3. Grimbold 4. Ghan-buri-Ghan 5. Gildor Inglorian
  7. I will probably play Baratheon, gotta support the one true king. But I'll make sure to give each faction a try to see what game mechanics they each use.
  8. Lieutenant Blount + Assault Missles Phantoms+Veteran Instincts+Advanced Cloaking Device, gunner and fire control systems work well here too. Decimater+Ysanne Isard, gunner and predator work well here too. B-Wing + Advanced Sensors
  9. What is everyones favorite Keyan Farlander list or Keyan Farlander build. The build I'm thinking of is Keyan+PTL+Kyle Katarn+B-wing/E2 but i don't know if it is a good Keyan list or what to put with it.
  10. Thank you all for the quick response!
  11. In a recent game this issue came up: If Keyan Farlander has a stress and rolls no focus can he still spend the token? I would think so as the cost is removing the stress and even though you get no use out of it you can still do it because you can pay the cost.
  12. I'm looking for a way to use my Yt 2400 and I'd like to see what people's most successful Yt list are.
  13. 1. Can Airen give free actions to a ship that has stress? 2. If Airen and a ship are within range one and that ship got a focus during the Perform Action step can he get a focus from Airen's ability?
  14. If I switch AS for FCS and predator for PtL would you suggest switching R2D2 and R7 Astromech so Corran has R7 and luke R2, and putting predator on luke?
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