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  1. That all makes sense now, thank you for the posts!
  2. Can the Province (unbroken) abilities be used at any time an action can be used? Or only when the province is involved in an active conflict?
  3. I'm getting mixed messages across the net. In the rule book and some of the forums, it states that After Conflict Resolution, you determine if the province is broken. It states that if the attackers power is equal to or greater than the provinces defense, the province is broken. I have also only seen that a Holding adds defense to the province total. Now on the other end of the spectrum is that some are saying that the Attacker has to beat both the Province defense, any holding defense, and the Defenders total power. So, the question is, do you add the defenders power when trying to determine if you break the province?
  4. Okay, this rule seems kind of quirky. We were fighting the final boss. I was acting as a caster. My spell defeated the boss. However, by flipping the card over causes me to become insane for the second time. Now by the rules, I died, and we lost. But I just killed the boss. Why wouldn't my other party members just say "well, sucks to be you, we're out of here!!" And count it as a win? Are they really that upset that I died or went insane again? Now here's the technical question. It's all about order of operations. I say I'm attacking with a spell. I roll my check and succeed in doing damage. At the bottom of the spell screen it says "Flip your card over and do what it says" (or something like that). HOWEVER.....When I pass my roll and assign damage to the boss, if I have reached his hit points, the screen automatically changes asking to confirm that I kill the creature. So, TECHNICALLY, that part that tells me to flip my card over is GONE. hmmm.....Thoughts?
  5. Okay, we've played this a few times and I was just reviewing the rules to start another game. When going over the Mission rules I have a question. Can you have more than one active mission? I don't see anything in the rule book that says you can't and looking at the corner of the board, it just says "Take 1 Mission". One of our biggest complaints of the game is getting stuck with a painful mission that's taking forever to finish and the rest of the gamers are finishing theirs and moving on. I was thinking of instituting a house rule of being able to pay 2 loyalty in order to trade in a mission. Thoughts? Thanks
  6. So, in the Cataclysm scenario, a LOSS condition is if any one player is eliminated. However, in the Brother against Brother Event card, it says you 'may' attack another player and if he eliminates them, he immediately wins and all other players lose. Does this card basically overrule the base conditions of the scenario? I'm assuming this is what the description means by: "Just be mindful of selfish, backstabbing players who are only looking out for themselves."
  7. That was it. Thank you very much. Not sure why I couldn't find that in the instructions. but it's good to know now.
  8. We just played our second game last night and got a card that mentioned a bonus to a character depending on how many cards had omen icons (or something like that). I can't find anything that tells me what an Omen icon is. Thanks.
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