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  1. Wow, awesome work! How hard would it be to modify this bot to work with WFRP 3E? There's a new public WFRP server and there's already been some discussion about how best to tackle it. I'd be happy to do the programming with a little help, too.
  2. Excellent little house-rule. It's simple and very effective - perfect! Not so much a fan of your Knowledge skill changes, but I realise there are many different tastes on the subject, and as long as it works for your table - great!
  3. I can't print your very nice looking document to PDF because that horrible website keeps crashing on me. Please upload a normal PDF to Dropbox or Google Drive. Also, as requested in the very first post, you need to link to a separate forum thread for your setting, rather than the document itself.
  4. @player1303422, SkyJedi is compiling links to threads, not the files themselves. Here's the relevant link, @SkyJedi. "Cthulhu Mythos Hack" thread
  5. I was initially interested in working on a WFRP hack, but it's a lot more work than a 40k conversion. Getting the careers well-balanced would be very hard, and other core mechanics would need significant tweaking, as the Genesys system is a little bit too heroic and forgiving for the Old World. Saying that, WFRP3 uses the original narrative dice, so it could be done; I'm just personally not convinced the setting and mechanics are a good match.
  6. The first link (character sheet) is broken...
  7. That's a nice sheet - is there a B&W print-friendly version available somewhere?
  8. I had some hard copies of these awesome session sheets printed, but I can't find the PDFs and need some new ones. Unfortunately the original link is down , so can someone please provide a new link to the 2 versions? Pretty please?
  9. Really happy to see this thread for Genesys, thanks for starting it! One small thing, though, as both a user and creator of community material - could you please add the username of the creator for each item in the list? Like in Star Wars, with time there will likely be several variants of various things (character, NPC, GM sheets, etc), or someone may be looking for something specific, but only remember who made it, and not what it was called. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks for the ideas, I think I'll go with your combined advice. Jet Pack Materials: 2,300Cr/6 Difficulty: Daunting (4d) Mechanics check Time: 3 days (72hr) Symbol Spend: Gadget Table 3-14 (Special Modifications, p84) Note: Will probably tweak Table 3-14 to show different results in the 4A/1T row. I'm thinking of adding +1 Handling or +2 System Strain to the existing Inbuilt Weapon (IW will make the jet pack Restricted, basically if any law enforcement spot it, they will confiscate or try to arrest the PC if they resist).
  11. One of my players wants to craft a jet pack. I've looked through Special Modifications, but I'm not happy that the gadget section really works for one. For starters, the material price seems too low. Has anyone experienced jet pack crafting in their game, and if so, which template did you use?
  12. Hi, can anyone advise on which books have upgrades possible for speeder bikes (not podracers)? I've seen the EOTE Core book, Fly Casual and Special Modifications. Anywhere else? Also, how have people handled mounting weapons to speeder bikes? I've ruled any Ranged (Heavy) personal weapon can be mounted for 1HP, but this will make the bike extremely illegal for civilians, equivalent to mounting a machine gun to a motorcycle. One final question, how much Encumbrance does a speeder bike take aboard a freighter?
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