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  1. It's nice to be able to keep your cards in an Android: Netrunner graphically themed box? I guess it's similar to why people like A:NR themed play mats and such like. You could just use a plain green poker felt table cloth, but people like a bit of bling. Magic: The Gathering does it with the fat packs and those yearly core packs. The box they come in acts as a themed storage box. It's an admittedly simple thing, but it makes the packaging useful (or aren't we worried about wasteful product packaging any more?) and looks better than a plain white card storage box. Just an opinion, but judging by the number of M:tG players I see turning up to the weekly games night with those themed storage boxes, I'm guessing it's a popular enough opinion to actually sell stuff.
  2. The LCG core boxes and expansion packs might be good at taking up shelf space, but they are piss all use as actual card storage (the core box is too big and the expansions and boosters are too small), and I can't even begin to describe the sense of disappointment I got when I actually opened my Android: Netrunner core box and took out the contents. How much empty space?!? Using stupidly large boxes might make sense when it comes to shelf space product placement, but for a game that basically requires long term 'subscription' purchasing from its players, is it really that necessary? I've taken to keeping all my Android: Netrunner cards in an Ultra-Pro binder. It's easier to find cards for swapping in and out of decks. Doesn't look quite so bling, but it's practical.
  3. This would have made such a good LCG. Which is probably true to say of a lot of the early CCG's that came and went in a flash, but if I were looking to reanimate any CCG as an LCG, this one would definitely be in my top three. Assuming they can create a workaround for the multi-player requirement. My top three CCG's for LCG treatment? In no particular order: Netrunner (Thank you FFG! ) Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Legend of the Five Rings (although, that one is still going as a CCG after 17 years! ) Not that there's anything wrong with the LCG's that have already been released, but these would be my top three.
  4. Hi, The Maritime Games club in Chatham, Kent, UK - are looking to attract more Netrunner players for either friendly casual type play or more serious organised tournament play. We currently meet for card and boardgames on Tuesday evenings (6pm - 11pm) each week, and a few of us have gotten into Netrunner and are playing it regularly. We are currently outnumbered by Magic: The Gathering players, and boardgame players. We need new Netrunners! We meet in multiple large rooms in the University of Medway campus in Chatham, everyone (student or not, young or old) is welcome to attend. Ages range between 16 and 60. There is NO door fee, just a £3 a year 'membership' admin fee. Bring your own snacks. Meeting place: Tuesday, 6pm to 11pm Room 007, Nelson Building Central Avenue Chatham Maritime, Kent ME4 4TB Ps. We also meet on Monday and Thursday evenings (6pm to 11pm) for role-playing games and wargames. Maritime Games Club
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