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  1. Not really sure where to post this or whom to write to regarding my problem, so I guess I might as well try it here. I am from Taiwan and I placed my order for the Investigators of Arkham Horror book from the War Store. After paying a fair amount for shipping, I finally received the book but much to my horror and dismay, the book came with two specific issues: 1. The corners of the cover were damaged. While this isn't substantial, it is rather noticeable but I figured it is something I can live with. Such are the risks of international shipping and there's really not much I can do about it. 2. Many of the pages (I count easily more than two dozen pages) were adhered together at the top corners. At first I thought it was just a minor issue so I just tried peeling the page gently apart, but the pages that seemed to be glued together at the edges sustained visible damage (to visualize the damage, imagine gluing two sheets of printed paper together with white glue, and then separating the papers). I could have shrugged it off if just a couple of pages had this problem, but there were way too many pages that were stuck together and I can't help feeling that I received a defective product. Would it be possible for me to get a replacement book? I'll happily cover the postage to have the damaged copy shipped back to FFG if it comes down to that. I can take pictures of the aforementioned damages if needed.
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