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    Horses in the Dungeon

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the 2nd edition horses weren't allowed in the dungeon. Does anyone think that's appropriate now?
  2. StrangeAgent

    Two quick questions

    Thank you. Very helpful.
  3. StrangeAgent

    Two quick questions

    1. The main rule book states that if there is more than one enemy that attacks via strength and they have the same encounter number, they add their strength together and fight as one. Does the same rule apply to Craft-based enemies with the same encounter number? 2. In the City, if a character buys a wanted poster but doesn't possess the fitting trophy, but kills one later on in a different region, does he/she have to return to the city to claim the bounty?
  4. StrangeAgent

    Lose the Equines

    If I remember correctly, in 2nd edition horses weren't allowed in the dungeon. Bring it back! Who ever heard of taking a horse into a dungeon?