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  1. Sadly don't have photoshop. I think I am too use to playing D&D and everything basically already being made for me lol.
  2. So honestly this seems pretty simple. I want to create two custom hero cards for my wife and daughter. I saw Kensei's Imperial Assault Tools Suite makes custom units, heroes, items, ect. which looks exactly like what I need, but I am on a Mac. So thats out. Basically what I would like to get is a fillable PDF that I can enter the text in and get a custom drawing put on it. I kinda feel that is so basic I should be able to find it, but I haven't found anything googling.
  3. Not in the App for your phone which I think they are talking about.
  4. Woah! That's pretty out of character for FFG. Maybe they're afraid of people abusing their usual generosity to rort the collectible system. Honestly thats my guess. Also, I did not email FFG, that was a member of a reddit. So take it with a grain of salt, but I am not doubt it.
  5. Just read that someone got a response from FFG, basically saying that this is a non-issue for them, and you can return the package to the store if you like. Bottom line, it seems that what you get is what you get, regardless of if it is right or not.
  6. Finding out Ashoka was not in the game was probably my biggest disappointment. I'm expecting the next Starter set to be Clone Wars themed or Rebels themed. While I would have loved to have seen Rex and Ashoka, when I saw the box covers I knew we wouldn't be seeing them just yet. I have a feeling we will see some Rogue One in the next set... I am betting that the next one will completely be about Rogue One. I am still hopeful there might be a cameo from Ashoka in the movie.. something.
  7. Thanks, I might take my dice to the local comic book store in the next day or two and see what they have that works.
  8. I am curious to see if they come out with a third party.
  9. I am actually kinda surprised you only have 6 legendaries for 22 boosters. I assume the starters are set cards? Actually, I take that back. Thinking about it, I spent perhaps $35ish today and got 2 legendaries so that about matches. I have Luke and Kylo Ren's Lightsaber which I will be trading for Phasma, Its going to be difficult trying to get her second dice for a while.
  10. I have a cheap (plano?) tackle box for X-Wing. Probably keep it, or move up to a bigger cheap tackle box as needed.
  11. Do the Destiny dice fit in this box? I am not hopeful, but I would love to be able to simply grab one simple box when heading to game night.
  12. Holy ****, first time seeing this company. Thanks... you just cost me money....
  13. Finding out Ashoka was not in the game was probably my biggest disappointment.
  14. It really depends on how rare they are though. If all legendary cards are the same rarity, I think there really won't be a big secondary market for them. At least for this first wave it seems like you have a good shot of getting them.
  15. This makes sense, I imagine quarterly would probably be the tempo.
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