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  1. The short answer is no. Only the player/character who travels through an other world location and returns to Arkham is able to close and possibly seal a gate. A thematic justification for this is that the player has only discovered how to close and seal the gate while traveling through that location.
  2. Welcome to the forum, Amanda. Have fun with Arkham Horror. It's very easy to make mistakes when first learning the game, but things do get easier with practice.
  3. You can trade clues in EH?! The inability to trade clues is one of the things that makes AH such a challenge. In fact clue trading would make AH way too easy. How does this effect the game balance in EH?
  4. The simplified game mechanics are the main reason I have stayed away from EH so far. Simplification generally means there is a greater degree of accessibility and more streamlined gameplay. But it ultimately has to be at the expense of complexity and depth. I'm sticking with AH. I don't care that we see won't see new expansions for it. The gameplay possibilities with the existing game (+exp) are huge.
  5. Cthulhu might be a good choice. But I would avoid Hastur. He's not particularly difficult, but he does occasionally tend to produce some rather protracted and dull games.
  6. A rapidly filling Doom track will make the game feel very different. The rising tension and increasing sense of urgency surrounding the imminent awakening of the AO is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game. Hopefully you will get to experience this in your next game.
  7. I notice that the OP is an Eldritch Horror player. I've never played EH. Is there a similar game mechanic in EH that could have lead to a misinterpretation of the Gate Sealing rule in AH?
  8. The rules are unambiguous on this point.
  9. I'm confused. What does sealing gates have to do with whittling away an AO's doom track? Unless a gate is sealed with an Elder Sign card, doom tokens are not removed from the doom track. A normal gate sealing, paid for with Clue tokens, does not remove any Doom tokens from the doom track.
  10. Only 2 doom tokens on the AO?! That doesn't sound quite right to me. I suppose it could happen if you were able to pick up and use every Elder Sign in the deck, but that would be very lucky indeed.
  11. I don't think it matters how resource cards are discarded. But strategy cards need to be discarded face up. Knowing which strategy cards have already been played gives you the opportunity to second-guess, or even work out which strategy your opponent is playing. Sometimes this can be very important because it can influence how you play. A good example is knowing when your opponent is playing the Deception strategy.
  12. It's just an encounter with a monster in one of the Other World locations that are accessed via the gates. Example: Investigator X has entered a gate to R'lyeh. During the Other World encounter phase a card is drawn that says Monster Y appears. If the investigator evades the monster it is immediately returned to the cup. Likewise if the investigator fights the monster and is defeated by it, then monster is returned to the cup. Of course if the investigator defeats the monster, then the monster can be claimed as a trophy.
  13. In this case the investigator would have to evade/fight any monsters in the location before entering the gate. The key to determining the correct order of actions is the Turn Phase sequence. (A summary is printed on the back of the rule book.) Evasion and/or combat with monsters occurs during Phase II: Movement. Investigators don't get sucked into gates until Phase III: Arkham Encounters begins. The exception to this rule is when a gate opens at a location already occupied by one or more investigators. (Phase V: Mythos) In that case the investigators are immediately pulled into the gate (delayed) before any monsters are spawned. The most common cause of the Terror level rising is when the number of monsters in the Outskirts exceeds the limit. (A summary is on the back of the rule book.) In your 6 investigator game the maximum number of monsters in the Outskirts would be 2. Whenever this number is exceeded the Outskirts are cleared (those monsters are returned to the cup) and the Terror level is raised by 1, and a random Ally card is discarded from the Ally deck.
  14. When you eventually get round to buying an expansion Dunwich is probably the first one to consider. But in the mean time the base game is probably enough on it's own. Just getting used to the core rules is hard enough without complicating matters further with expansions. The core set has enough variety to keep you busy for quite a while.
  15. Remember not to include Azathoth. There's no Final Battle possible with him, and hence no Epic Battle cards needed. When I was first sorting through my cards I thought the Azathoth cards were missing. And then I realised why.
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