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  1. This more or less has ensured I don’t buy into this game. It would have been so easy to have the same scale as IA so I could use the boxes and boxes of FF minis I already purchased and painted. I am not about to buy and then paint ANOTHER set of FF storm troopers. I’ve used enough white paint already to last a lifetime. Such a shame. Looks like my miniature gaming will stay in the realm of WWII and Team Yankee.
  2. Something else about Sails of Glory (a really fun game of which I own quite a few ships) is that there are actually multiple "sets" of rules. The basic is very quick and more of a scaled down xwing. Intermediate is somewhere between xwing and armada. Advanced is mor complicated than armada but in a good way. And then there are a few dozen optional rules you can add to any basic set to make the game more advanced and fit your playgroup. With my gaming friends we use a lot of the optional rules in the advanced game. With my family we use some. It it really is a great game. And it is beautiful on the table.
  3. That's funny, the damage chit and board set up with reduction in ship power is one of the most enjoyed parts of the game in my group. Every now and then it is nice to have a game that does not involve rolling dice and then spending five minutes with modifications to the roll. You just pull out the chits and assign the damage. Easy and quick. Plus putting the chits on the board allows for you to keep track of ship damage easily and have the combat effectiveness realistically reduced as you take damage. No stupidity of a star destroyer one hit from death being as good as a brand new ship.
  4. My gaming group made up of girls/guys age 13-60 have all decided it is the favorite of the movement card/template games. We will still play armada and xwing but Sails of Glory is the new #1.
  5. I have seen stressboat a few times and am not sure what it means.
  6. If I can't buy online then they will lose all my business. I have no brick and mortar store less than a 2 & 1/2 hour drive away from me. That is three games worth of business they will lose from me between armada, xwing, and IA. If they go the games workshop route then they can kiss my ass and I will play with what I already have. I will spend my money on other games for new stuff.
  7. I would look at some cut always of submarines (newer the better) to get an idea of what realistic requirements are for a naval ship.
  8. I'll be buying several of everything!
  9. I've only played at 400 points so far. I'll probably be upping it to 600-1000 once wave 2 hits.
  10. I think 150 would open all kinds of options without extending the games by more than a bit. I would dread a turret swarm though...
  11. We just put quarters under the bases so when we pick them up we have the quarter left on the table to show where they were. We don't glue them or anything, they are just loose under the bases so they mark the spot the sq came from. Makes life easy for moving ships and for changing sq health.
  12. Yup, what those guys said, it is not going to happen. If anything they will release aces packs with old ships and new cards.
  13. Everything, I would buy multiples of everything.
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