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  1. Just looking at Vinto Hreeda's Rapid Fire upgrade card and wondering if when he uses the reroll ability and chooses to reroll dice must all attack and defence dice be rerolled or just those that the player chooses? The wording is ambiguous. "While attacking with a ranged weapon, you may reroll all attack and defence dice" - the 'all' part of that sentence is ambiguous.
  2. I'm trying this system: to cross a sector it takes a Class 1 Hyperdrive ship 10 hours (the minimum according to table 7-14 on page 247 of the Core Rules). So, a YT-1300 (class 2 Hyperdrive) flying from Tattooine to Alderaan would be 160 hours (6.6 days). Now the Millennium Falcon was surely (considering Han's claims of how fast she was) using a class 1 Hyperdrive so that reduces the time to 3.3 days. Now I know that's way longer than it appeared in A New Hope, but that movie was made with no consideration for the kind of calculations we're trying to do here. So I'm going with it.... Besides, maybe travelling along a major spacelane such as the Corellian run (as Han, Luke, Leia and the gang likely did) might have cut back on time. If a really successful skill check was made by Chewie or whoever laid in the course then that would reduce travel time as well eh? Edit: I've since decided to go with 17 hours per sector for Class 1 Hyperdrive (the average according to chart 7-14). This is modified by Hyperdrive class as per the rules and also by successes, failures, advantages, threats, triumphs and despairs rolled on the Astrogation check made before the jump. Spend: Successes - to cut off 10% of travel time. Failures - to add 10% to travel time. Advantages - to cut off 5% of travel time. Threats - to add 5% to travel time Triumphs - to cut time in half Despair - something bad like getting lost or Hyperdrive breaking mid journey.
  3. Those are awesome! Very creative. :)
  4. These are SUPER awesome! Thanks so much. I also had trouble printing but I found my own solution. I printed directly from the dropbox site and I printed only one row of the cards (by selecting 'print current view'). This worked, although the printer took a loooooong time to process the data and begin printing.
  5. Ok, what about reducing the amount of strain taken when performing the Punch It action? I guess what we're really trying to determine here is if the Fine Tuning talent reflects a character's ability to perform more finely tuned repairs or if it reflects their ability to finely tune a machine so that it doesn't suffer as much strain. If the above mentioned instance is not a possible use of Fine Tuning then the only time I can see it being used is with the Damage Control action (as mentioned in the previous comment). This seems to be a pretty low milage talent then if you can only use it when preforming Damage Control.... Card really needs clarification... Anyone from FFG reading this?
  6. dvang, that is excellent! I am really hoping they don't drop this game. Me and my friends greatly enjoy playing it and will certainly support further products. I'd love to see a Skaven supplement, Elf (high or Wood) supplement or more adventures. Any FFG staff reading this?
  7. A while back there was a rumour about a Skaven expansion and some Elf stuff…. I had high hopes…. and I guess I'm still hoping, but my bets are certainly hedged, though man I hope FF continues this game.
  8. Oh no! Links are dead for your cards! Is there another place we can find them? Would love to use them!
  9. I've heard Jay Little said they are continuing support, which I sincerely hope is true as this is a great game and I'm looking forward to more expansions!
  10. I have bought most of them as use them. As a player I have them with me during play as they help to remind me what talents I may bring to bear in a situation. I like the visual reminders and the artwork is quite nice (and yes jerrypocalypse, each card is illustrated, though a talent that can be found in different trees uses the same art for multiple decks). As a GM I put the card for the talents each player possesses in plastic sheet designed for holding cards and I give the sheet to each player before game. I want them to be able to see their talents laid out before them and I don't expect them to buy their own cards, so I do the buying for them.
  11. Just wondering where is the link to download the adventure 'The Long Arm of the Hutt' that is mentioned in the Beginner Box set? According to the box set, this adventure should be available through download from the website.
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