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  1. armor you can wear anywhere is crafted reinforced clothes and you can mod them to 1 defense 3 soak with 9 adv and 2 triumph in crafting. Rarely will you be stripped down and it always gives you a nice base of protection, which is better than off the rack battle armor. Probably the cheapest way to get to 4 defense is to be a gadgeteer with 100xp in talents you can pick up dedication armor master/improved armor master and jury rig. Take crafted deflective armor (500 credits) and with 2 triumph and 9 advantage you can get 2 defense 3 soak armor with 1 hp free for low friction coating 750 credits with your armor talents and juryrigging the armor for ranged defense you can get 4 defense and 4 soak for a paltry 1250 credits (course you have to get lucky on the rolls try a few times or get someone real skilled but hey) super cheap.
  2. I think I remember a force leap stealth build that takes brutal advantage of this talent. Its quite possibly the most breakable talent in the game now that supreme armor spec counters a disruptor/lethal blows build and obscene soak can counter autofire.
  3. I am from quincy but I would be looking to play and I would be willing to travel. I am happy to coordinate and figure out something.
  4. Anyone from this area looking to start, my last two star wars games flamed out and would be intersted in playing a new campaign I could run or play.
  5. Star wars is a game where you can win a ship in a game of chance and go from a scoundrel to the ruler of cloud city. Players are going to be able to imagine quite a bit of money and thats part of the dream. A simple triumph should not give them any equipment it is your absolute right to say no. If they want to get any little piece of equipment then let them take the utility belt talent. That talent is a money maker.
  6. skilled assistance for a minion group should work for crafting, but it works even easier to just craft a single rival droid with high levels of a skill with moderate int. Then you can have a group of cheap rival droidsto do any skill. My personal favorite are gunnery droids though.
  7. just keep crafting ranged weapons until you get both concussive and autofire then gg
  8. Im sorry I have been swamped am putting together a new campaign for a FLGS that opened up literally down the street from my house in quincy ma I will not be able to participate =(
  9. If you want a stealh droid killer make a droid gadgeteer with a lot of soak and a disruptor rifle jury rigged to crit on 1 adv.
  10. Just to break the game I would say that the amount of money you give is enough to purchase an outlaw personal stealth field and depending on how you run it you have basically no chance to find the other character. My submission would be a droidd stealh field wearing assassin/doctor with athletics 1, vigiliance 1, brawl 5 , stealth 1, medicine 4, perception 1, skullduggery 1 xp spent assassin stalker x2 20 quick strike 10 lethal blows 15 dodge 20 sniper shot 20 deadly accuracy 25 dedication 25 (brawn) doctor template 30 grit 5 surgeon 10 resolve 10 pressure point 15 Brawn 5 Agility 3 intelligence 1 cunning 1 willpower 1 presence 1 On a brawl check this character will bypass armor and deal 15 strain minimum on a single success rolling 5 yellows If he is spotted he does have a soak of 8 with padded armor
  11. games been out for quite a while no erratra has been made so auto fire can be concluded to be working as intended, messing with it is just boning your pc for no reason and making your game less fun. Instead try creating a nemesis/rival who has autofire and balance the scales
  12. Maybe if the second line was changed to after Mace Windu activates he gains 1 shield for each weapon he has equipped. Mace seems on par or vader as they both were capable of defeating the emperor.
  13. Mace Windu 12 health 2M 3M +2 Melee 1 shield Resource 16/21 Mace Windu treats all unblockable damage as blockable Mace Windu blocks the first point of damage dealt to him from any source.
  14. Gotta throw in Jedi artisan for +2 hard points then you can have the most tricked out suit of clothing.
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