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  1. Best list name ever - and a nice nod to ole John Madden and Thanksgiving football! Kudos.
  2. What is the build for Paratanni, if I may ask?
  3. My son will be 11 in 3 months. He's been playing since he was 8, and has even been to a few tournaments. The best thing about playing against him? His analytical processes are different that an adults, so what you'd expect him to do, he doesn't always do. It's makes for some unexpected - and fun - encounters and games. I would imagine, if nothing else, you will end up with an opponent who can play you in ways the adults can't. Get him the core set.
  4. But it does work as a casual game. Always has. The people playing it on the other hand? That's where the problem tends to lie...
  5. Guys, you're all wrong. Rey's parents are Thundarr and Sheila. And Rey had a Battlecat until it wandered off into the Jaaku desert, lol.
  6. Brother, we may be in the minority on this one, but these are what I use as well. I bought two sets of them (4 boxes total) and use one for each faction, with the 4th box for the extra ships the other 3 cannot hold. I could buy the fancy stuff, but much prefer spending the extra money on more ships.
  7. This sums up perfectly what I most likely would've inadequately said. And yes, I was 6 as well when I first saw ANH in the theatre, and that movie - this franchise - this colossal world that is Star Wars immersed me from the first moments of the very first film. It trumps Empire - for me - just the slightest for that very reason.
  8. I do a variation of this where I use C-3PO crew, all else the same. I find that Threepio makes Keyan a bit tankier to take down. By far, my favorite crew to use on the B-Wing.
  9. Just found this one; so tempted to do a fourth one of this scene. This one. Definitely
  10. By far and away, she is - was, and still is - my favorite Disney Princess. All the rest fail in comparison. Rest well, sweet Princess.
  11. We're in for opening night! And the next day we go to Disney for a little Christmas vacation. What a wonderful time of year!
  12. Not in my area. It's Monday.
  13. What the hell is that?!
  14. So quick question: Are Nien Nunb and Ten Numb related? I always thought they were brothers but noticed that their last names are spelled differently. I noticed that when I was planning a fun-themed brother army, but wanted to make sure first.