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  1. I agree with you about needing the payoff from the Avengers: Infinity War. I only hope that the movie does the '91 comic justice - which I still have by the way and reread from time to time. That being said, I was a little lad of 5 years old when the Star Wars phenomenon first began and it has captured my childhood and everything else, since. So the answer for me is The Last Jedi.
  2. rym

    Mario Kart X-wing

    Question: Are the errata'd deck cards extra cards that need to be added to their respective place decks, or do they actually replace cards? If they replace, then I'm having difficulty in seeing the difference between the original cards and the errata'd ones. Bullet Bill, for example, is exactly the same in the last place deck and the errata deck. Thanks in advance for clearing up my confusion, lol.
  3. rym

    Mario Kart X-wing

    I am signed up for the first one at 8am on Friday! Outside of some Heroscape events I have scheduled, this is the thing I'm looking forward to most. Too much is made of the meta-listing, 100/6 only, nerfing-nerf nerfers, and cheaty cheatersons that this seems like sooo much fun. We tried it the other night and I blew up 3 times and my son just eked me out of a win. I applaud the creativity of this whole endeavor and look forward to meeting, seeing, and playing against some of you guys in August.
  4. Oh, I'm right there with you on the various ways to play. We do fur ball, Epic, (really, really) want to try Mario Kart, and we've even combined D&D Attack Wing with X-Wing (Solo and company pop out of hyperspace from a warped drive into a raging dragon battle whilst being chased by bounty hunters. Much, much fun and made for a great 4-way game). I guess I should've clarified that my burnout is partially to do with the generic 100/6 that permeates the majority of these forums and partially to do with the constant release of new waves. Maybe space them out more or something. I feel oversaturated with product to the point that I can barely keep up with what's been released and can hardly get it to the table before something else comes along. Lol, I guess the flip side of that coin is that there is lots of stuff out there to play now.
  5. It's not the $40 or $50 dollars, my man. It's the principle of having to redo everything. I'm right there with him in that I wouldn't buy in to a new version, regardless of cost (for me). I will say, though, that the best thing a new version would do would be to get me off the waffling fence I'm on about buying any more waves. Version 1.0 would be a completed game if a second version were introduced, and the completionist in me would want to finish the waves at that point. As is right now, with no end in sight, I have nary the desire nor impetus to complete the waves like I used to (which I admit is weird being a completionist), but that could change whether there is a second version or not. It's simply a cash cow that I keep pouring money into and I don't play it like I used to. Bit of burnout, I guess. I'm not dogging anyone. I'm just saying I understand where he's coming from.
  6. Best list name ever - and a nice nod to ole John Madden and Thanksgiving football! Kudos.
  7. My son will be 11 in 3 months. He's been playing since he was 8, and has even been to a few tournaments. The best thing about playing against him? His analytical processes are different that an adults, so what you'd expect him to do, he doesn't always do. It's makes for some unexpected - and fun - encounters and games. I would imagine, if nothing else, you will end up with an opponent who can play you in ways the adults can't. Get him the core set.
  8. But it does work as a casual game. Always has. The people playing it on the other hand? That's where the problem tends to lie...
  9. Guys, you're all wrong. Rey's parents are Thundarr and Sheila. And Rey had a Battlecat until it wandered off into the Jaaku desert, lol.
  10. Brother, we may be in the minority on this one, but these are what I use as well. I bought two sets of them (4 boxes total) and use one for each faction, with the 4th box for the extra ships the other 3 cannot hold. I could buy the fancy stuff, but much prefer spending the extra money on more ships.
  11. This sums up perfectly what I most likely would've inadequately said. And yes, I was 6 as well when I first saw ANH in the theatre, and that movie - this franchise - this colossal world that is Star Wars immersed me from the first moments of the very first film. It trumps Empire - for me - just the slightest for that very reason.
  12. I do a variation of this where I use C-3PO crew, all else the same. I find that Threepio makes Keyan a bit tankier to take down. By far, my favorite crew to use on the B-Wing.
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