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  1. I used one of Sorastro's PDF guides to get started on this guy, but quickly wandered off track - still looks ok though I think
  2. That might depend on the Rebels. Playing the Hoth campaign against Fenn, Diala, Verena & MHD-19 as the IP using Armoured Onslaught, I was struggling until I won this reward card!
  3. Is it this guy? https://uk.linkedin.com/in/alec-thorne-b875b610a Looks like he works for Fantasy Flight.
  4. Does anyone know if more app campaigns are planned? While these raid maps are better than nothing, the campaigns have been great.
  5. The app won't add anything. The ISB pack includes an extra mission that you can add to the campaign, but I wouldn't call it essential. They are quite a powerful unit though, particularly if the Rebels have a lot of white defence dice characters. My group found the difficulty level of the missions in Bespin to be very swingy, with a couple that are really really tough for the Rebels if the Imperial player takes maximum advantage of knowing what's coming.
  6. I get that he has a good insight pool, but was there anything else about him that helped? None of his abilities seem all that applicable. I could see Murne wrecking people with that weapon and Lead from the Front.
  7. Hahaha, I was looking at the pic thinking "yeah that looks great, I should definitely try to improve my Vader mini as well. Maybe I can get it halfway as nice as this one" and then I noticed the caption said "before"... "After" looks amazing.
  8. Part of me thinks you've got access to the original models from the film, and you're trolling us
  9. This time it's the AT-DP. Rather than repeat the AT-ST or Weiss looks, I wanted it to look a bit more like the CG look of the Rebels TV show and the flatter grey they use. AT-DP
  10. Outstanding. Red 2 is a great choice. Only Porkins would have been cooler Also impressed by the photography. What kind of lens are you using?
  11. Thanks I don't think I have Squig Orange, but I'll see how different it is from Jokaero Orange. If I have to go into town to the Games Workshop I will
  12. I was thinking about the AT-ST and the Repulsor Tank a bit, having just painted the AT-DP. I think the AT-ST is over-costed, but one simple change can make it far more effective - give it a free surge. If Awkward is still considered too large a penalty, then you could lose the free surge for adjacent figures, but still attack them. For the Repulsor Tank, I was thinking about the Scorpion Tank in Halo, where nearby friendly infantry would hop on board and you could transport them, and that an ability like that might give the Tank a unique niche. I also like the free MP at the start of activation idea. So something like this: Mechanized: At the start of your activation, gain 2 MP. When you enter a space adjacent to friendly small figures you may push up to 2 such figures up to 1 space in the direction of travel of this figure. That last part is meant to be the tank "carrying" the infantry types, but perhaps it's a bit wordy, and could be simplified to a simple 1 space push, like Onar's Rush ability.
  13. I seriously thought I was looking at reference images for the Ghost here - high quality CG renders. Those pics were the painted model? My mind is officially blown. I'm thinking about having a go at Hera next. Would it be cheeky to ask which colours you used for yours?
  14. My wife is working this holiday weekend, so I have more time to get my brushes out BT-1 and 0-0-0 Speed painted yesterday morning in about 3 hours. Quite pleased with the lighting effect from BeeTee's eye/lens. Wondering if I should push the highlights further on Triple Zero?
  15. This is a difficult problem to solve for all co-operative games. My group tired of Pandemic after a few victories. Flashpoint has had a lot more play, and IA vs the App seems to be the most fun out of all of them, but the problem still remains; if there's one less experienced player, or even just a less forceful/opinionated player, their ideas can be overlooked. It's something I struggle with in the campaign. I want to let players make decisions for their character, but if I see a fellow Rebel about to make a poor move that might cost us the mission, how strongly do I intervene? With my core mates who I've known for years it's easier to judge, but I've got another group of people I know less well, and I'm having to make an effort not to quarterback them. Not sure how successfully either
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