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  1. Looking over the rules for reducing insanity and corruption I must say, they strike me as rather odd and lead to some rather odd interactions with the rest of the game. Making it cost 100 exp to remove a single point of insanity leads to a rather odd case of 'Only the insane will prosper'. A single encounter with something scary could easily cost you more in exp recovering from than you would actually give you. It promotes a player just going insane and making a new character that is actually on-par with the rest of the group, rather than spending large amounts staying sane. Corruption is another barrel of fish entirely. Being physically impossible to remove without a very large task makes it almost impossible to manage...and the ways to gain it are silly easy. 1d5 for a conversation with a heretic? Interrogations for information seem likely to result in more cultists very quickly. The removal is also silly hard for silly little. A meeting with a living saint and the blessing thereof...gives a 1 point reduction? 2 if the GM is generous? That seems so very, very little for so very very much work. With the loss of the talents that can reduce corruption and insanity gain, it very much is a march to crazy cultist no matter what. I feel that it could have worked a lot better tied into the acquisition system, with rarities given for various treatments (And the times associated with them). Like a Sister Hospitaler Psychologist or a Pilgrimage Journey.
  2. Weird yes but that is due to the issues with it causing lasting damage ala crit effects. If it could just flatly sever natural weapons without going through wounds first, it would be very potent. Natural weapons are also a massively wide group, which would likely end up with them working rather odd in certain areas if they interacted with severing. Perhaps it should, if redone, cause some amount of automatic damage to the target...but yeah. It's for game balance/mechanics reasons rather than fluff ones.
  3. Nah, make it Auto-Temple and Auto-Cathedral. Sounds like a better upgrade to it and I imagine cathedrals in 40k are pretty close to fortresses anyway.
  4. I'm not sure what the policy is on replying to your own topic to hopefully get it another look by people...but yeah, I could do with a little help understanding this.
  5. While true, it would be less complex than say, recreating the entire firing mechanism to be a coilgun, which is also a weapon mod.
  6. Odd. Twin Linked Weapons are a remarkably simple mod, all things considered (Strap two of them together). I'm surprised that there hasn't been rules on how to make them yet.
  7. Is there actually a mod to make a weapon twinlinked anywhere in the 40kRPG series of games? I keep swearing there is but failing to find it. I have a heretek sniper seneshal in RT who is huge on overmodding her Nomad and the ability to put a second sniper round in a target would be wonderful.
  8. Am I missing something with how this works? As far as I can tell, it doesn't...do anything other than let you take more talents? Or does it let you qualify for 'Tech-Priest Only' cybernetics? Also: Vile Intrusion. The prereq for it is missing from the class. I've got it through Augmenticist but for those not coming the long way, they appear to be unable to get the Electrograft Use prereq. I've been working on a Rogue Trader (Classwise, not actual fluffwise) that's supposed to be a Heretek Hacker. Less 'Ooh, shiny necron parts' (The Mechanicus manages that one fine without going Heretek) and more 'Information should be free'. So it seems a little odd that Apostate Mechanic doesn't...do anything itself and that you can't get the very iconic hacking trick without being an Augmenticist. Mind you, if it lets you grab Tech-Priest Cybernetics, it may be pretty decent...though it's also lacking Mechandrite Use for that to be true... Edit: Forgot one of my questions for it. Subversive Programming doesn't seem to quite work as it should. It only works on machines of less than 20 int...but many servitors you have statted in your books have had more than 20 int. It seems odd that the talent designed for hacking servitors...doesn't work on many servitors (But does work on Tau machines if you drag the stats from Deathwatch). Also: Are cameras treated as machines for it? Could I order a camera in a room to display Magos SoonToBeArrested rather than myself? Sorry for all the questions and I don't intend to make it sound accusing it it does. I LOVE the alt level fluff-wise, I'm just trying to work out how it works rule-wise.
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