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  1. Jokubas

    Wave 5 predictions!

    I joked about the pattern earlier, but I wonder if we can figure out more about Wave 5 since Wave 4 is the first Wave that isn't either introducing the Edition or a new faction. The one thing we can definitely say is that a Wave doesn't have to include every faction. They also still don't seem to be prioritizing reprints based on screen presence. The Decimator being a way to get certain cards available in an Imperial pack might be a useful precedent for guessing. Wave 4 also evens out the number of reprinted ships between Resistance and First Order, if I'm not mistaken. This didn't seem to be important before, but this might mean it is something they'll try for. The only time we've seen Squadron Packs still is Wave 3 introducing a totally new faction. I have a feeling we'll see something like them again, but I don't know if we can expect them as a normal part of Waves. I'd personally love to see a new Heroes of the Resistance with the Resistance Falcon and a new articulated Black One with the booster on its sculpt, but they'll probably do an individual release for that Falcon first. Even that might take a bit, though, as they had a gap between Lando's Falcon and the Rebel Falcon already, so that may be something they want to continue (they could reprint the Upsilon and Bomber next, then have some time to bring back the Falcon evenly with the First Order).
  2. Jokubas

    Republic Upgrades Article

    I checked the news right before I saw this on the forum and thought this might be a joke or a question at first. Then I went back to the news and it still wasn't there until I reloaded once. You really got this linked instantly. Looks fun. Spare Parts Canisters is interesting.
  3. Jokubas

    Happy Friday - Be better / Be excellent

    The group at my game store is pretty cool as well. I've been dealing with some tough stuff, and sometimes it's hard to feel like playing X-Wing, but I remind myself that I always feel better after I go. Everyone's really chill there, and actually chill. Not, 'we're actually really nasty to outsiders but we like each other so we think we're chill' chill, but actually chill. It was kinda strange to me last time I was down there and I was reminded that they play competitively when they were talking about their last tournament, because of the horrible experiences I've had with tournament players in other games recently.
  4. Jokubas

    Wave 5 predictions!

    I'm somewhat looking forward to what they might do with a new HWK paint scheme. The funny thing is, I think the Moldy Crow paint scheme fits better for Scum and that one Rebel paint scheme from the mobile game or whatever obviously fits for the Rebels, but then the Moldy Crow is known for being a Rebel ship, which makes the whole thing crazy. As it is, I've always wondered if that's why the title only ended up in the Rebel Conversion kit. Either because that caused it to slip their mind when designing the Scum kit, or because it was even fully Rebel Only at one point and was changed late enough that they didn't fix it. As for predictions, I'll repeat what I said last time. I don't really see a pattern. The fact that I don't see a pattern makes it more of a pattern though, so I feel better about guessing myself this time. Reprints: Resistance Bomber (Guessing that they won't do two Falcons back to back, but I wouldn't put money on it.) Upsilon Shuttle (To balance out reprinting the Resistance Bomber.) Rebel A-Wing Scum HWK-290 (The Decimator makes it feel like they are trying to increase availability of certain existing cards.) Individual Releases: (Because I'm being conservative about new ships.) Belbullab-22 V-19 New Ships: TIE Brute (It still feels weird to me that they've skipped it.) YT-2000 (Just for something different?)
  5. Jokubas

    Wave 4 Announcement

    Cautiously optimistic probably wasn't quite the right phrase, but then I'll admit it's a bit different for me anyway. I'm still playing super casually, and collecting from every faction (although that will be slowing down drastically), so it hasn't hit me as hard as some. It's a strange situation to be in. If FFG had put new cards in all of the reprints, that would have been just as controversial. Some people already had too many ships for one Conversion Kit and decided to buy another. If they had included new cards in the reprints, that would have been especially devastating to those players, but it would have hit anyone who bought a Conversion Kit (or just anyone who already had all of the First Edition models of a ship they wanted). That doesn't make this fun, though. Even if they do eventually make these other upgrades available in the other factions, the wait alone has certainly caused some to buy things they otherwise wouldn't have. That might sound good for FFG, but it does gamble with good will. I guess the reason I said I was optimistic was because if they kept one promise, I feel it's more likely that they'll keep the other. It might be that they're waiting on things to become relevant for Hyperspace (though I don't pay attention so maybe they already have). While they have been showing support for Extended, they may consider the immediate upgrade availability most important for Hyperspace. Of course, I usually end up being wrong about these things, so I really don't blame the concerns even if it sounds like I do.
  6. Jokubas

    Wave 4 Announcement

    Don't tempt me! Starfighter is the only reason I keep almost picking up the Scurrg even though I don't plan on ever flying it. With all of these together, I might have to finally grab the lot. 😜 Speaking of the T-85, I think this Wave made me realize that I'm excited for what the next movie means for X-Wing in a way I never have before. With both Force Awakens and Last Jedi, there were still other old ships I was hoping to see get added to X-Wing, so it bugged me that they were grabbing whatever they could from the new movies (even if I didn't actually mind that stuff). Now that the Resistance and First Order are separate and they don't get in the way of old ships in the same way, I'm actually a lot more excited about what we can see from the new movies.
  7. Jokubas

    Wave 4 Announcement

    I was not expecting to see an announcement today. I don't like these catch-up waves though. I mean, I totally understand and don't have a better way to recommend, but it just gives me such mixed feelings to look over the spread and realize how little is actually new. I wish they could just reprint everything at once and flood the stores, just so the next announcement can be all fresh again. 😜 The Naboo Starfighter is nice. I was hoping to see that one day, and it didn't take very long after the faction arrived. Looks like Anakin might be there with a Force ability, and I'm happy about that. The Resistance Transport is a bit boring. Back in the day, I hoped we would avoid it because of that, but now that Resistance is a separate faction and there isn't a whole lot else for them to pick from, I won't complain. Plus, the implications of the multiple dials is always fun. No real comment on the Hyena. It makes sense and all I guess, but I realized that I never really paid attention to the various droid ships. I'm always happy to see the neat articulation in Second Edition show up again for the B-Wing. I know some people have had problems with theirs and I don't mean to diminish that, but I haven't so far so from my experience it's just been a neat bonus. I'm less happy about the Millennium Falcon. I'm certainly happy for new players that they'll get an engine glow by default, but I like that myself and don't really want to have to buy a new one. I love the Falcon and all and I got Lando's Falcon without really needing it, but the more Falcons I have in my collection, the less special they feel to me (not to mention they're large ships and thus more expensive). Otherwise, I don't know what to say. I like the idea of the official deluxe templates, but I'm not really fond of the design. I like the idea of the texture they have, but I think having the information on them being highlighted is more important. I might buy them anyway though because I've been taught the usefulness of range ruler increments (plus it might make storage easier for me) and I don't hate them. As for new content in the reprints, I'm cautiously optimistic. Having the Conversion Kits cover the reprints is really nice... but will fall flat if they don't ever offer any other product. I expected that we would see the speculated card-only packs by now, but I don't think they're impossible just because we haven't yet. If they never turn up though, this will end up being super awkward (and in the meantime, the wait really sucks for those it affects).
  8. Jokubas

    Protecting Peace - Jedi article

    That ship list was exactly what I was thinking. If this was the kind of ship that didn't normally have Evade on its bar, it would be one thing. But it's exactly the kind of ship that's known for having Evade. It might work out, but it's certainly unintuitive.
  9. Jokubas


    It's a change that I think I'll find more exciting as time goes on and I get back into building more lists. They were an option I had considered often, but usually ended up just passing on because they were a little too expensive for what I was doing.
  10. That is interesting. It reminds me of the common problem with metas and the perception that they're the best possible situation and not just the best possible solution that's commonly recognized at the moment. While I'm not in agreement with all of the points changes or anything, I'm willing to predict that some of the things that we're lamenting the loss of will turn out to have not been that important to begin with, while some things that we lamented got priced up too far will turn out to still be worth the new price.
  11. Jokubas

    They're up!!!

    This has been an interesting experience. At first it was almost all excitement. I haven't seen something like this in awhile from any gaming company. I don't know how to put it, but it seems so many developers just end up finding ways to accidentally fan every flame in the community instead of actually addressing them. So it was really nice to see so many concerns actually being addressed and so much happiness about it. Last night I started seeing some more of the concerns though. It does seem like there are a few places where they made some odd or extreme choices. Nerfing things related to a dominant combo, but then issuing errata that nullifies it anyway seems a bit odd. Then there's some controversy over things like Ezra not being altered, when things like him were reduced. These do stand out and I feel like they should be discussed even if that sounds negative. I don't feel like that takes away from the initial excitement of this whole thing. The number of things that seem a little off or extreme are still way outnumbered by the number of fixes across the board. I think the most frustrating part about it is just that it will take six months to see the extreme changes addressed if those affected you. Although, not necessarily. I totally wouldn't blame FFG if they decided that they went overboard in a few places and claimed that they "accidentally released an early draft" of the points update, and just give us a new one right away. 😜 It might turn out for the best, though. That's the thing about balance changes. Sometimes the stuff that really seems like it matters at the time, turns out to not matter so much when people get used to the new way and see those changes from a new perspective.
  12. Jokubas

    TIE Phantom - Fifth Brother or bust

    It's not something I've been looking for personally (though with the way I build lists, that doesn't mean much), but I've seen it mentioned so I thought it was a fair point.
  13. Jokubas

    TIE Phantom - Fifth Brother or bust

    I think that's a good comparison. Maybe the HWK-290 doesn't allow room to walk around in flight, but the second person probably has a lot of other things to monitor. I'd consider that more of a Copilot, which is a Crew card. In the TIE Phantom, the second person has nothing else to do or pay attention to but controlling the guns (it was the reason those levels were rail-shooters despite making you to fly a TIE in preparation for the mission). I agree that the fluff only matters so much in the face of balance, but I think this works for both. We're used to the Crew slot, but there's nothing inherently necessary about the Crew slot. Even if they removed the slot entirely, the Phantom would still be able to do the things that it's known for. The Gunner slot means a lot less choice for now, but that can easily be expanded. As for Imperial Crew carriers, that's something that wasn't really appropriate for the Phantom, from a balance or fluff perspective. The Empire just needs a better option for that, and the Phantom losing the Crew slot might encourage that to come faster. At least, hopefully. I'll admit that hinges on whether we get more Gunner options or Imperial Crew carrying options within a reasonable time frame. In the past I've said "hey, don't worry about this because it can get fixed in the future" about things in other games, and it ends up never getting fixed or takes five years, so I'm willing to admit I'm wrong if this doesn't work out.
  14. In theory, like the Illicit slot, I think it makes sense for the Tech slot to eventually show up in other factions, especially on ships like the TIE Defender or E-Wing. In practice, I don't know if it would actually be balanced, but that wouldn't be my place to decide anyway. 😜
  15. Jokubas

    They're up!!!

    It appears that only two of my lists are now over 200, at 201 and 205. Though in my case, most of my lists were highly experimental, not necessarily finished, and by no means optimized. In other words, it's probably more of a testament to me not being able to see useful combos than lucky list-building. 😜 At least one of my lists ended up at the exact same point total despite changes, which amused me.