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  1. Almost every time I've seen someone elaborate on the idea for a Second Edition, myself included, it's more of a single Revised Edition core book that imports some ideas from Genesys, tweaks a couple of things, and is a single book to enter from (instead of having to pick from Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, or Force and Destiny). You may ask, why not just call it a Revised Edition then? Eh, that's when you start getting into semantics. Calling it a Revised Edition would be better, but Second Edition just happens to be a term that's going around (maybe partially because of X-Wing's Second Edition), and it's not necessarily inaccurate (a First and Second Edition can have compatible elements, like some tokens in X-Wing, and Genesys and Star Wars are two different games that are mostly compatible). Otherwise I agree, the game does not need one at all from the perspective of any sort of significant overhaul. I'd definitely want to see more setting books, the Sequel Trilogy and the Mandalorian are obvious ones. Other than that, I haven't gotten to play enough to know what else I might be interested in.
  2. I just skimmed it briefly and I am pretty blown away. This is extremely thorough in every sense, and seems to compromise very well between Genesys' standards and One Piece's oddities. Even the choice of artwork fits in pretty well most of the time, which is one of the things that's often jarring about fan projects. The only thing I noticed is that the Minks didn't seem to have their transformation ability. You could probably base it on the Shapeshifter talent from Terrinoth or the Beast Within ability from the core book Mongrel archetype.
  3. Yeah. I mean, I can imagine fairies being able to do physical feats you wouldn't expect them to be able to because they're magical creatures, but trying to keep that within the realm of what people expect is probably one of the reasons they're rarely playable to begin with. Now, depending on your group/campaign, you could make the inability to use certain skills a meaningful part of the story and gameplay, but official rulebooks aren't likely to present something so unbalanced. I was originally going to try to make a new version of my attempt after taking all this advice, but I feel like brainstorming more instead. What about something like (assuming the species has at least a 1 in Brawn now): Fragile Add one setback die to any check involving the Brawn characteristic. Reduce your soak by 1. I feel like maybe that's still a bit much, though. Having that always come up could get annoying. What would this give back in XP though? 25? 30? I also thought that throwing in something like this might help: Magical Creature Choose one Magic skill. That skill becomes a career skill. Though that obviously matters more in a setting that restricts magic like Terrinoth, because otherwise it isn't much without free ranks or Knowledge. I'm not sure how much experience this would be worth. Maybe 5 in an open setting, but 10 in Terrinoth?
  4. Frankly, I feel a bit silly about all this. I knew it was a bit risky, and I used the excuse that it's more of a hands-off game master character than a true player Species choice, but I'm legitimately not sure if I really understood how broken it was, or if I was just hoping it could pass muster anyway. Regardless, thanks for the feedback. Your document looks really interesting and could be a lot of help if I need to tackle this sort of thing in the future.
  5. Oops, yeah. I know how to make a dice pool out of Skills and Characteristics and it's one of the things I really like about the system, but for some reason my brain was thinking that you'd have guaranteed dice from the Skills if you didn't have a Characteristic (probably because you usually would have it the other way around, because 0 isn't normal). I still like the idea. My intent was that the character really was that fragile and didn't have any built-in Soak for entirely narrative purposes (the narrative focus being another thing I like), but this went too far (I just didn't catch the obvious problem, but that's one of the reasons I came here to ask ;P). As for the Hover ability, it's that wordy because I was trying to match the relevant wording from the entry in the rulebook. I like to be thorough first and then cut it down later if I need to (in other words, more feedback that I appreciate). As it is, after posting this I stopped by the sticky resources thread for things like a cheat sheet, because I'm already driving myself nuts flipping back and forth between relevant sections, let alone when I have to start sharing information with my players. For the party thing, I'm not aiming for a mechanically balanced party or anything, just that I might only have one or two other players. We'd prefer to have a couple more players but we just can't manage it, so the game master doing double-duty is something we've done before in order to have a fuller cast of heroes.
  6. I recently got the Genesys core book and I was surprised at how much it drew me in. I successfully ran a generic setting ruleset in the past, but I really felt like I had to make it my own, whereas Genesys feels so easily applicable, while still being evocative, that I can't decide on what to run (and one potential player said they'd play anything). This thread isn't really about that, though, it's about my first attempt at creating my own content. Since we won't have a lot of players, I will probably end up having a character in the party myself. However, last time I did that to fill out a party, I ended up so distracted running the game that I still barely ended up really playing the character. So, I came up with the idea of playing something like a fairy, so I could technically be in the party, but be more understandably hands-off in heavy moments. Using the rules for creating an archetype in the core book, I came up with this: Fairy Species Abilities 0 2 2 3 2 2 Br Ag In Cu Wi Pr Wound Threshold: 8+Brawn Strain Threshold: 10+Willpower Starting Experience: 100 XP Silhouette: 0 Mesmerizing: Fairies begin with one rank in Charm. You still cannot train their Charm above rank 2 during character creation. On Fluttering Wings: Fairy characters can ignore difficult or impassable terrain as long as they can reasonably stay above it, and they ignore penalties for moving through water. They have to stay within medium range of the ground. ---------- I'm just wondering if this sounds reasonable. Obviously it only matters so much in the exact context I'm using it in, but I wanted to practice making a real archetype at the same time. I don't even know if characteristics can go to 0, but I felt like it made sense here. Not only is a fairy too small to have any sort of advantage doing anything physical, but they'd be extremely fragile and wouldn't soak any damage. At the same time, not that you shouldn't be able to alter it, but it feels like it might be too easy to just raise this back up during character creation, and then you'd have this tiny thing carrying boulders over its head for relatively little experience (I tried doing experience calculations based on the recommendations in the book, but I'm not exactly sure how to weigh how these things all work together).
  7. Oh, okay. 😜 Give me the Lady Luck! That chart showed we need more Resistance ships and the Visual Dictionary confirmed that Lando still has it! If we do end up convincing enough of each other to scoop up enough First Edition overstock, I certainly hope no accountant accidentally mistakes it for a huge new market for the game and inadvertently overproduces everything all over again. 😜 Yeah, even though I was looking forward to certain reprints, it was actually kind of annoying seeing Wave announcements for Second Edition that had a bunch of old stuff crowding them out. It's not that I didn't think they should reprint things (especially things like the Gunboat), but they don't need to be treated like major releases, and it actually kinda makes them all feel worse.
  8. Before we go too far, I just want to say that I personally think that canceling the reprints should be good enough for now. It really has seemed like the biggest issue since the beginning of Second Edition is overstock (wasn't there something about one country not even transitioning to Second Edition because of too much overstock?), so making us go through some of that first should do wonders. It's not like this game has been hanging by a thread all along. Of course, the brainstorming in this thread is still pretty nice and most of it wouldn't hurt. My favorites are: - Atmospheric sets. I'd love Snowspeeders or Cloud Cars, and a set with turrets, shield generators, or AT-ATs to round things out. - More repaints/articulated versions. This is the main thing that disappoints me about reprints being on hiatus. I liked the new engine glow on the Falcon, but I already have the Rebel and Scum Falcons. I was waiting for the Resistance one to come back with a newer paint job. I do my own painting, but I still get super excited about interesting new official designs. Now, I still absolutely believe in having iconic paint schemes staying in stock (I probably wouldn't have gotten into the game if the HWK-290 that was coming out when I started wasn't the Moldy Crow, but this applies just as much, if not more, for the movie ships), but there are ways you can balance both. I don't mind the idea of cycling things on the condition that they will eventually come back (and that it's not as long as some whole armies have to wait to get updated in Warhammer >_>). Gunboats definitely come to mind as a ship that I'd want them to make an exception about reprints immediately on. I grabbed my one and only gunboat just as the last few were evaporating from my area (and I intentionally left one at the far-off store I picked mine up at in order to stretch them out for as many people as possible). I figured FFG were avoiding it because they were doing less Expanded Universe stuff, but seeing as it's a ship that either sold well or otherwise didn't have massive overstock, they can definitely afford to bring it back for a bit.
  9. In the very first picture? That's what I was thinking as well. According to other people, according to the Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary, the Lady Luck may not have been in the fleet, but was totally there the whole time on the planet with Lando, we just never saw it on screen (as far as I know). That's good news for me, I guess. I was really hoping to see the ship as Lando's ship in the movie, before I realized they'd probably just stick him in the Falcon for fanservice, and then the trailer more or less confirmed it. But official canon saying that he was totally flying the Lady Luck up until that point is actually a lot better than I expected. It doesn't sound like its appearance or model was completely re-confirmed (if anyone knows any more, it's apparently on page 108, go ahead and clarify), but if it's still a yacht they probably don't intend to change it.
  10. I think it adds up pretty well myself. It's a bit of a Catch-22. I'm sure the developers, whether they had any say or not, have seen some arguments along the lines of "you should never have done the Conversion Kits, because veterans didn't buy new things", but there's no guarantee that the alternative would really have been better. Telling people to rebuy everything is a great way to get a fan base to walk out on you, I've seen it before. As I've said since the beginning of the Edition, the game was never really built for easy edition transitions to begin with, no matter how it was handled. I'm not sure if we're any better about that now than before. It's a bit worrying, I've seen bigger things crash due to the apparent overstock we're dealing with here, but it's also a bit... hopeful? There were several sets that I had been holding out on picking up the old versions of because I was waiting for the Second Edition reprint. With those on hold (maybe for good), I'll feel a lot less guilty picking up the less articulated ones 😜, not to mention other miscellaneous sets I see at stores that haven't been able to sell them off. Also, I kind of hope it encourages them to start reaching some more for ships again? There is still a lot for them to draw on, but even if they're more obscure, getting new things out for the "finished" factions is probably more important than it had been portrayed. In general, whether or not the analysis is 100% correct, I feel like we have a slightly better idea as to where we stand after these announcements. It really sucks that the lack of a need for reprints have probably dealt a heavy blow to an otherwise popular and well-selling game, but the game probably has enough of a buffer to recover after this shift.
  11. I'm not sure what I said that sounded like an endorsement for Adventure Books, but I didn't mean it. So far I don't even have experience with the Adventure Books. The ideas I've seen about replacing them with modular encounter hooks sounded good to me, but I don't have enough experience to lay out what I think they should do with them. If it was about the tv show books, I imagined those more like a cross between a setting book and a class book, where you'd have new/reprinted rules for on-screen races and classes, locations from the shows, as well as miscellaneous advice for how to use those pieces and concepts in your campaigns. I'll admit, I often find myself behind the times nowadays. When I was younger, the kind of things I liked tended to line up fairly closely with what would end up being popular. That's not a brag, it's just that I was in that demographic window. I don't keep up well with things anymore, and often discover that I was completely oblivious to something that everyone else takes for granted. But there are still some things that are universal. In general, the smaller your barrier to entry, the more successful you're going to be. It's just a matter of cause and effect. That's not to say that you can't be successful when you're difficult to get into (just look at some miniatures games), but it's a bigger gamble at the very least (and look how quickly X-Wing, which was much easier to get into, caught up). You could be the greatest game in the world, but if you ask too much up front, and people either won't have the money, or will decide that getting a slightly less awesome product is worth the bargain (enough word-of-mouth/marketing/culture is an exception that can overcome this). Another thing is the importance of all of the little quality of life things. There are a lot of things competing for our attention nowadays. It's common for super fans to dismiss it as an issue, which makes sense because they've long since decided to put up with the small things, but retaining less dedicated fans or making new ones is a lot easier when you take that burden away. A lot of times, those people don't even recognize why a game makes them too anxious to stick around, but that doesn't mean it isn't happening. The fewer things, no matter how small, that can give someone an excuse to try out the hundred other things competing for their attention, the more customers you'll retain. None of that is 100% foolproof, though, obviously. For one thing, if your reputation has already taken enough hits, or if you simply don't have an audience, it's not going to work. Also, there's always the chance that you do something that happens to rub the existing audience just the wrong way enough to destroy your reputation in your attempt to save things. I've seen that happen enough. The details is where that gets difficult, though, and that's one of the reasons I didn't really go into detail. Generally, though, creating a new way to enter the game that gels with modern sensibilities, while creating as little potential regret for the customer, is much more likely to do well than not (especially when you have a big name like Star Wars to get over the initial hurdle of people asking why they should care about you to begin with).
  12. I appreciate the concept in general, but changing it would provide a good entry point for a new generation of players. I mean, one of my favorite parts about this RPG is all of the advice on how to handle different things, like how to deliver certain themes, how to integrate different kinds of characters, and reminders about what things should be known in-universe compared to what's known by the audience, and splitting the line into three distinct themes really brought that out, but I think it would probably be better in the long run if it did focus on a single line. It's not like they still can't squeeze in recommendations for different themes within a book, or still release books that prioritize different themes in a different context (like mentioned in another thread, the Mandalorian, the Cassian Andor series, and the Kenobi series are practically themed for Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny to begin with in theory, so source books based on the tv shows would already lean in different directions). What I'd really like to see FFG tackle, if they used this time as an excuse to soft reboot things and were able to (able being key), is bringing an RPG into the modern era in all aspects. One thing that bugs me about RPGs nowadays is how frustrating it is to get actual modern convenience out of them (even with certain officially pushed digital services). PDFs are nice, searchable, and shareable (even if the latter often isn't officially endorsed), but there are times you still can't beat physical books. On the other hand, there are also various digital tabletops to really help facilitate long-distance gaming. The problem is, in almost all cases (even, if not especially, the ones that brag about having entered the modern era), you're charged full price all three times. It might be easy to look at that and go "oh good, the RPG gets a lot more support that way," but the problem is RPG costs are already a huge deterrent for new players and this only makes the barrier to entry even larger. It could already be a big enough hurdle to say "buy the expensive Player's book and let your DM worry about the rest", but now you also have to ask "is my group going to need a physical book? I'm a casual fan who ran into this at Barnes and Noble, but should I look up where to buy it digitally instead? which digital platform should I use? with all these choices nowadays, is this even the RPG I want to invest in?" on top of each of those options being equally as expensive. I know because I've been an RPG fan for most of my life, and this is still a question I ask myself every time. As it is, it's a convergence of coincidences that I've bought so hard into this RPG. Now, in some of these cases, only the DM needs all of the books, but that "only" can get out of hand really fast. Having a consistent group with a consistent DM is one of the rarest things in RPGs in my experience, so letting your DM worry about it is a peace of mind that isn't easy to have. I'll admit I don't have a solution. The easy choice of just printing a product key for a PDF version and/or a digital tabletop version in every physical book has the easily exploitable issue of people ripping open the packaging in-stores and just inserting the product key without paying (and then ruining it for the person who actually buys it), but there must be something. If FFG could find a solution, they wouldn't just be breathing new life into the game, they'd be breathing new life into RPGs for me (and a soft second edition with a simpler product line would be a good time to do it). (Disclaimer: I don't follow RPG industry news, so there may be a really good system out there that already does what I'd like to see, I just know that a certain big RPG's supposed digital answer was full of these types of holes.)
  13. If anyone finds proof of a Luxury Yacht 3000 in that chaos, drop me a line. I know they have a model for one because of The Clone Wars, but I certainly didn't catch a glimpse of any.
  14. Yeah, it's more like a really, really big Epic game, with a mix of Rebel, Resistance, and Scum (and maybe Republic and Separatist?) Large and Huge ships on one side, against a First Order swarm and a whole ton of Huge ships.
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