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  1. Jokubas

    What factions are you most excited to play in 2.0?

    I'm having the same dilemma I did back during Jump to Lightspeed. The reason I'm into a game like this to begin with is because of the ships, but ships from all the factions have a special place in my heart. I think I'm leaning toward Rebels right now, though. The TIE Phantom might be my absolute favorite Star Wars ship of all time, but I don't know if I want to fly a squadron of them, and while I like other Imperial ships, well... it's hard to explain. For Scum, I'm fairly neutral on a good chunk of the ships, even the ones I flew in Star Wars Galaxies. I like the idea of the faction and even some ships I don't have as much attachment to (like the Bounty Hunter ships) seem interesting to me from a roleplaying perspective. It also helps that in Star Wars roleplaying I tend to lean towards Scum characters. In the end, however, I've always been a fan of the Rebels. As a kid I was obsessed, but when I came to ships I always felt like it was boring to like the X-Wing because it was the "main" ship. I'm starting to realize I love the heck out of it though, and I shouldn't deny myself just because it's "obvious". Also, the Rebels already give me access to the ARC-170, one of my favorite Republic ships, and if the Luxury 3000 space yacht is ever added, I think there's a good chance it will be available to the Rebels through the Lady Luck. As for the Resistance and First Order, I like their models well enough (the miniatures in this game are awesome across the board) and I'd still have access to an X-Wing and the Millennium Falcon (plus, Finn quickly became one of my favorite Star Wars characters), but the same level of attachment just isn't there.
  2. Jokubas

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    Yeah, I noticed that as well. I can't place exactly why it bothers me yet, but it does. The packaging isn't going to stop me from buying something I want, obviously, but it's still a shame.
  3. Jokubas

    AMA with Frank and Max - all questions and answers

    From what someone said earlier, it sounded like that question was part of a question that was answered, not a question avoided altogether, which is why it stood out. I'd like to read into that, but I really can't all the same. I'm too used to people doing that, whether in interviews or in more casual conversation. If you offer up a layered question, they always seem to try to answer as little of it as possible, even if they have no reason to do that.
  4. Jokubas

    Happy FRI-Day

    I want the Fortune and Glory. I haven't seen the series, but I love the ship, and I think the Fortune and Glory has a pretty neat paint job.
  5. Jokubas

    This is where the fun begins -- Eta-2 Actis Interceptor in 2.0

    I've said I'd want the jedi starfighter if the Republic was added as a faction, but I had forgotten there were two of them. I like both, and it's making me realize how many Republic ships I'm actually okay with. The ARC, the jedi starfighters, the Y-Wing, you could definitely make a faction out of these and it would be filled out with some nice ships (the Naboo starfighter is another obvious and fairly iconic one at this point, just one I don't care for as much personally). Distinguishing the Eta-2 and Delta 7 are important to me then, so leave room for an earlier version. 😜
  6. Jokubas

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    You know, it hadn't occurred to me that the Falcon wasn't available on Scum before. It just seems so obvious that I didn't realize it wasn't possible. It's sort of funny that it's the cleanest looking Falcon ends up on Scum in the end. I might get this if I end up going Scum (still trying to decide which faction to focus on in 2.0).
  7. Jokubas

    Fast Enough - Lando's Falcon 2nd Ed

    I'm weirdly excited for the new Falcon. I say weirdly because I haven't seen the movie yet and I didn't see the need for redesigning it this way, but I like it all the same. I don't know if it would be legal in a tournament since this is technically a new ship, but I'd love to see this flown for the Rebels (maybe even paint the blue panels red).
  8. Jokubas

    Future Cross-Faction Ships?

    If we get the Republic and Separatists, I'd definitely want to see the ARC on the Republic, but I think that's a given. I wouldn't mind seeing the Eta-2 end up on the Republic and Empire. On the other hand, the original Y-Wing might be worth making a separate ship for, like the T-70 for the Resistance. I'm not really sure why they removed the Firespray from the Empire considering some of the things they left. I wouldn't mind getting that back. I'm not as fond of more iconic overlap though. Sabine's TIE drives me nuts as it is, and seems to completely defeat the purpose of keeping faction identity with things like the Firespray. The gameplay may be different, but you still took the most iconic Empire ship and gave it to the Rebels. That said, I wouldn't mind as much if there was a unique way to play with stolen ships, like a game mode for it. Tydirium is the obvious one here, but the TIE Phantom stands out to me, since the only named pilots it had before FFG had to make some up were Rebels.
  9. Jokubas

    This is where the fun begins -- Eta-2 Actis Interceptor in 2.0

    If we never get Clone Wars stuff, maybe this is how we could still get this. Star Wars Galaxies gave the Rebels the ARC (perhaps why it's Rebels in X-Wing?) and apparently gave the Eta-2 to the Empire. I'd love to play them both on the Republic, but having an Imperial variant could be neat. I like this idea for the ship. Yeah, aren't the "ship abilities" just on the pilot card anyway? So you should theoretically be able to print a pilot card that doesn't have that ability.
  10. Jokubas

    Squad Selection Article

    That's the main thing that occurred to me while reading the article. At my game store, we've barely had enough room for just a handful of ships with only a few upgrade cards across the table. I'm not even sure where to put this huge spread. I like the idea of these upgrade cards in theory, but this picture suddenly has me concerned. That's what I was thinking. The threat cards are specifically built and balanced from a quick play perspective. Point value changes are irrelevant to them, and most balance changes will be as well. The biggest issue facing a threat card is one of them including a combo with a loophole they didn't foresee, which will probably happen at some point, but in general the idea is that since they're predetermined combos to begin with, they don't need to be altered constantly. Yeah, it's kinda weird. I've seen someone say they're for entirely new players, but I don't think they do such a great job at that either. I haven't played X-Wing in a long time and I never truly learned all of the rules. I don't remember a lot of the rules, and reading these articles don't really fill in the gaps I have now and they just leave me more confused.
  11. Jokubas

    Your most wanted new EU ships in 2.0

    I just found my old Star Wars Galaxies screenshots. It looks like I flew Freelance ships up through the Kimogila (though not the Kihraxz), then switched to fly a TIE Fighter, then finally switched again, earning up through the Advanced X-Wing (including the ARC-170). I also owned a Luxury Yacht. So of the ships that I personally flew, all of them are in X-Wing now except the Dunelizard and the Luxury 3000 space yacht. I hope we get them all some day.
  12. Jokubas

    Game changes you DID want from v1 that aren't in v2

    Those actually remind me of other things I was going to mention. Objective play wasn't on my mind when it came to edition shifts, but it's definitely something I'd get behind. Personally, the idea that this game is "supposed" to be played as a dogfight in the middle of an asteroid field has always been... weird to me (asteroid fields were involved in iconic movie scenes, but they weren't ubiquitous, especially not in dogfights). I never got around to playing any of them, but I really liked the idea of the missions that came with certain releases. It definitely would have been nice for such a system to become more standard. Dice bug me and actually did contribute to me abandoning the game (I haven't played in a long time, I just hover for news that interests me, like Second Edition). I can't really articulate it, especially without remembering a specific example, but there was one game my friends and I played during our boardgame night that just solidified it for me. There's just something binary about dice that make them frustrating to rely on, especially with standard result spreads. Finally, I don't think anyone was necessarily referring to me, but I just want to clarify that when I said I wanted character art on my pilot cards, I just meant the pilot cards we already have. The idea of separate pilot and ship cards is an interesting one, but it's not necessary for me and not something I was personally hoping for in a Second Edition. I just wish the cards we already have showed the characters they were representing, rather than the ships which are already represented through the miniatures. Also, I again don't want anyone to think I hate Second Edition because of these things. I'm optimistic about it, which is why I'm even here right now, there are just things I thought we might see if it happened.
  13. Jokubas

    How to run a blockade

    You might have to fudge things from a rules perspective, but if they fail, I'd suggest making it where they aren't completely destroyed, and now getting their ship back in working order is one of their objectives while on the planet (and maybe an Imperial patrol is coming to find where they crashed, putting a new timer on things).
  14. Jokubas

    Your most wanted new EU ships in 2.0

    EU as in originated in the EU, or as in no longer within canon? For pure Legends (apparently the model of ship is canon again, but not the ship specifically), I still want the Star Jewel for Epic 2.0. It's only a tad bigger than the Raider so it's in the ballpark, it's Jabba's personal ship, and it resembles his barge somewhat as well. I think it really hits home the idea of a capital ship for Scum. For 'originated in the EU', I still really really want the Luxury 3000 space yacht. It means a lot to me thanks to Star Wars Galaxies, and it had famous pilots like Lando and Mara Jade. Both the ship in general and the Lady Luck specifically are in canon again, too (although I can't find if the Lady Luck is still the same model of ship), and the canon version of the ship is known to often conceal weapons. It could easily have Lando as a pilot and Lady Luck as a title for the Rebels and Hondo Ohnaka as a pilot and Fortune and Glory as a title for Scum and not even touch Legends if it wasn't allowed to. The biggest issue might be the scale, being half again as long as the Millennium Falcon (although it's not that much longer than the Ghost), but honestly I think that could be fudged. I'm not even sure if the scale has been portrayed as such in Clone Wars anyway.
  15. Jokubas

    CROC on sale yet again, tough ship to sell.

    I just couldn't care less about the ship. The Rebel Transport and the Tantive are iconic ships (even if the transport is a bit boring), and the Raider is an unfortunate but necessary compromise to get the Star Destroyer on the table within a reasonable scale. The C-ROC is maybe memorable to people who watched Rebels (which I can't confirm because that's not me), but it just kinda looks like a brown mash-up between the two Rebel ships. I know there really isn't anything iconic for Scum to use on the same level as the Tantive or a Star Destroyer, but I think that's part of the problem. I personally still want the Star Jewel. It's a pretty obscure ship and not currently in canon (although its model of ship is still canon), but it at least has something thematically important about it (Jabba's personal ship) and somewhat resembles his barge, which is iconic.