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  1. Jokubas

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    I discovered the Dunelizard is one of two ships I flew in Star Wars Galaxies that haven't shown up in X-Wing yet. I'd definitely go for it. The other is the Lady Luck, which I'm really tempted to get. The model here looks so great, and I don't know if we'll ever see it officially since it's been passed up this long. As for what other ships to suggest, I'm not sure. Perhaps the Raven's Claw? I don't know if I'd buy it, but it's one I don't expect to see officially added to X-Wing in the new canon era.
  2. Jokubas

    The A-wing is where they dropped the ball

    The Green Squadron Pilot flavor text is what got me: "Due to its sensitive controls and high maneuverability, only the most talented pilots belong in an A-wing cockpit." I know it's not called Pilot Skill anymore, but I had a bit of a chuckle when I realized that A-wings are mostly on the lower end of that scale. Especially since that description gave me flashbacks to the notoriously sensitive A-wing level in Rebel Assault, which definitely hammered in the idea that A-wing pilots have to really know what they're doing. I don't think it's necessarily a problem, but I'd certainly enjoy more variety and options.
  3. Jokubas

    2.0 Model Changes Moving Forward

    I'm curious as to what they might do to the HWK-290. We have a Rebel paint job in canon now, as well as one that's mostly black. I'm not particularly fond of the Rebel one, but perhaps if done right on the model, it could make the HWK-290 look somewhat uniform with the rest of the fleet, which could be cool. The current paint job looks better for Scum, even if the Moldy Crow was most notable as a Rebel ship itself. With them moving away from Legends stuff, however, that may not matter. In the end, it's not a ship I really expect them to touch because there's no outstanding reason to. If they are willing to make more minor changes like paint jobs, just to give veterans a reason to maybe buy a ship one more time, however, there is some new canon that might tempt them. Personally, I almost kind of want those alternate paint jobs just because it's something different, but I wouldn't want the Moldy Crow version to go completely out of print.
  4. That's actually part of the reason I'd like an official statement on this ship and others in a similar situation, because there is now a rule that basically says "You definitely can't!", but I think this opens up some ambiguity with some other rules (even with most people saying that they won't mind). For instance, let's imagine that back when the very first Millennium Falcon was released, somebody modified it to come to a point in the front (which is a look I know some people were fond of long before Solo). At the time, that would have been fairly safe under the paint and modification rule, as there is no conflict with any other ship. Now, however, this would make it resemble the Customized YT-1300 with an Escape Craft docked. If they're still using their Falcon as a Rebel, it may be the correct original model for their faction, but it now violates the modification rule by resembling what is officially considered a completely different ship (or two different ships with the Escape Craft). Alternatively, let's imagine a situation in which someone buys Lando's Millennium Falcon because they want to fly a YT-1300 as Scum. However, they don't want to use the Escape Craft at the moment, so they don't have it attached, and since they're playing Scum, they decide to paint it in a way that heavily weathers it. At this point, it could again arguably violate the rule about not making a ship look like another ship, since it would look more like the Modified or Scavenged YT-1300, which are different ships. Again, it's probably not going to be a big problem, since most people seem to recognize that it would be a silly thing to nitpick in most cases. I don't think there's necessarily any urgency to this either. It just bugs me that right now it does officially conflict with some rules when I don't think it has to.
  5. Jokubas

    Stunned Pilot - Second Edition

    Okay, thanks. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a case where the card's wording changed, but the effect didn't because of some other technicality, like other ships now being considered under the umbrella of obstacles. I could only find references to Asteroids and Debris Clouds being considered obstacles, but I wanted to double check.
  6. Jokubas

    2.0 Model Changes Moving Forward

    You make some good points. It reminds me of the discussions about who should have access to Boba based on his film role compared to his actual affiliations. In that case, Jango probably would work best on Scum, but he did do a lot of important things for the CIS (and their masters) and essentially ended up dying for them, unlike Boba who was last seen on screen around other Scum and Villainy. However, since a Jango-painted Firespray is theoretically an option for the CIS, it nevertheless makes me wonder if they will stick the ARC on the Republic and Firespray on the CIS relatively early on. It would be a way to help jumpstart the factions with less work, and with the ARC originating with the Republic and Jango being fairly popular, I don't think there would be too much complaint.
  7. Jokubas

    2nd ed Console Fire damage card.

    It's implied with that wording, but I'm not sure. The main point of the rule is to resolve a situation with multiple ships, but I'd argue that "all ships that have the same initiative" is often just one ship. If there's only one ship in the match with Initiative 5, then it is all ships with Initiative 5 (as grammatically unusual as that is). The catch is that a detail like that is usually irrelevant and doesn't need to be specifically referenced. This Console Fire question has raised a situation in which damage is showing up at an unusual time. Normally you're not going to take damage at your own initiative unless there is another ship at that initiative, so it doesn't matter.
  8. This may sound obvious but I just want to double check. In First Edition, Stunned Pilot mentioned other ship and obstacles, but in Second Edition it only mentions obstacles. Does this no longer trigger when bumping another ship?
  9. I guess a similar question could be asked of other extremely similar ships, like the TIE/ln compared to the TIE/fo. Or perhaps in the future with slightly more divergent ships like the RZ-2 A-Wing compared to the RZ-1 (and there's reason to expect more of those in the prequel factions). The modified model rule theoretically covers some of these cases, but a direct answer about how even stock models are considered in certain situations would be nice.
  10. Jokubas

    2nd ed Console Fire damage card.

    Well, it's not necessarily independent. The Simultaneous Fire rule never actually says there needs to be more than one ship of the same initiative. It just says that ships aren't removed until you're done resolving everyone of an initiative. If everyone is one, I guess you should still wait to remove the ship.
  11. Well, you'll almost certainly need it for the dial, but I'm still not sure about the miniature itself. I'd think all three Falcons would fall under the umbrella of ship modifications having to resemble the proper ship. Each miniature does have subtle differences, but someone could easily have modeled one to look similar to another completely on accident, but there's nothing else in your faction that you could confuse it for (and someone mixing up the stats between the various Falcons is going to happen just by the very nature of how similar they are, even if they are being used in their proper factions). Whether you're allowed to have the Escape Craft attached to a Lando's Millennium Falcon in another faction (or even its own if you don't have one in your list) would be much more ambiguous. Technically it's an entirely different ship, but while attached it's not much different than any other modification you might have made to your miniature (and I know some people did some similar things to their YT-1300s before the design in Solo was even on the horizon). In other words, I think we definitely still need some clarification on this. Edit: To clarify, they are definitely different ships with different full names, now. The question is how that will be enforced for this particular ship. Will interchanging the miniatures be officially allowed? Will it be disallowed? Will it be up to whoever is running an event but otherwise not stated?
  12. Jokubas

    Official Rules Clarifications

    I believe it's the attacking, because that's who is engaged at the time, and their effects are active? To look at it another way, we're seeing things from that ship's perspective. Imagine a pilot who is really good about fighting around asteroids. They can take a shot from near an asteroid and it really doesn't interfere with their shot, so the defender doesn't get any bonuses. On the other hand, when the other ship shoots back, they don't know anything special about fighting around asteroids, so the first ship gets the normal advantage from hiding behind it.
  13. Jokubas

    Official Rules Clarifications

    "When an effect says a ship “ignores obstacles,” it means that ship “ignores the effects of obstacles.”" I almost used this exact wording myself. There's a world of difference between ignoring the effects of obstacles and ignoring the existence of obstacles, but it was hard to know where the rules are supposed to land within that gap without more specific wording. Just a case of accidentally using a little more general English when more game language is required I guess.
  14. Jokubas

    1.0 upgrades you hope will find their way to 2.0

    I love the fact that the Lambda Shuttle can now just fire out the back, but I like this idea as a fun little upgrade. If we ever got the Luxury Yacht, I think she'd be a good fit there. Not just because she used to have the Jade's Fire, but because it would already be a good cross-faction ship itself, with the Fortune and Glory being Scum and the Lady Luck being Rebel and/or Resistance. You could easily put her in there as a Scum card that can go elsewhere if Luke is around.
  15. Jokubas

    lets talk Kihraxz fighter

    I feel like that in a lot of places. I'm not sure what it was like in First Edition, but the app really illustrates how few options there really are in a few places. I guess it's better than there being some obvious mandatory choice in each slot, but sometimes I wish there were some more options. So many remaining options are so situational that it's easy to pass on them (especially if it means you get to squeeze in another whole ship).