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  1. No ship that small has a cloaking device... but wait!

    I agree about Boba Fett, but the context is different between the two examples. One is a line meant to be universal, and then contradicted. The other is something clearly unique, and then turned universal. The thing is, the Millennium Falcon doesn't have a cloaking device. The point of that scene is that Han is clever enough to make people wonder if he has something he can't even have. If the officer is just ignorant and cloaking devices are something the Millennium Falcon could have, then it diminishes Han's cleverness, and arguably makes him stupid too (for not getting his hands on a cloaking device). In a way, it's a "Han shot first" situation, where it's not about him being a step ahead anymore and instead someone else just being incompetent. The TIE Phantom is an exception I'm okay with though. Not simply because I grew up with it, but because it was an exception. The officer in this scene could even know about the TIE Phantom, and still be thinking "well, that ship can't have a cloaking device, because the only small ship that has one is our own experimental one, and we're the only ones with the budget and tech to even get that far".
  2. I know what you mean. There are still ships I'd like to see because they have a personal meaning for me, but overall the game seems to really have been flooded at this point. Also, while whether a ship was canonical used to be the point of contention, I think now it's a matter of how iconic it is. Most ships are canon now, through the new movies or Rebels, but I've actually been hating them more than the old EU ships, and I hated most of the EU (not that it doesn't make sense to add them). It's just weird to me for the game to expect me to be attached to some new ship invented out of nowhere, regardless of whether or not its canonical. I'm also annoyed when a ship like the Phantom II is accepted because it's canonical, when it makes a ship that I grew up with, namely the TIE Phantom, seem a lot more awkward by reusing the name. That's a personal thing, but I think it applies on a larger scale. There were generations who grew up with the Prequels and on the Clone Wars show, but the ships of that era still don't seem to be anywhere near as iconic as the X-Wing and TIE Fighter. A lot of these new ships might be canonical and recognized by fans now, but aren't going to stand the test of time.
  3. On the other hand, they lose money when people are driven away from the game due to awkward tournament guidelines or confusing rule changes. As ficklegreendice said, they might be good errata, but the game definitely needs a way to make up for inconsistent printings or it'll hurt in the long run.
  4. Introduce a third dice, describe how it would work

    All I would add would be To-Hit Dice. I think that's the main thing that could add that little extra design dial to X-Wing without significantly affecting the complexity of the game. To-Hit Dice would be rolled by the attacker and canceled by the defender's Evade Dice. Once that happens, if there are Hit Dice left, the attacker gets to roll Damage Dice that go directly to hull/shields. This would allow much more distinction between fast ships, tough ships, accurate pilots, and powerful ships. Hitting a distant target would still be more difficult, but if you managed to pull off such a crazy shot, you'd still do normal damage. Larger ships could be made to be easier to hit by default without compromising their greater hull. Torpedoes could be bad at hitting, but powerful when landed, while missiles could hit easily but not do as much damage. This could even bring some more balance to things like Turrets. They could still have a free 360 degree arc, but hitting a moving target with a turret in certain directions should be extremely difficult. A much lower To-Hit chance with turrets but the same damage would bring them into line with the role they should have. That could even depend on the turret, though. You could have a Gatling turret that fires a barrage of shots that is likely to hit even the fastest ships, but won't do much per hit.
  5. 2.0 Ideas Depository and Ensuing Discussions

    I agree about the complexity issue. I haven't played Armada, but I've heard some interesting things about it. A lot of those things just don't seem appropriate for X-Wing though, in my opinion. X-Wing is supposed to be simpler and faster. That isn't to say some things couldn't be moved around, though. Here is my personal list for an X-Wing 2.0: Medium Ships I actually haven't played around much with the ships commonly associated with this idea, but it sounds like a good one to me. I'm not exactly sure what relevance it would have, but I think it could help divide the ships up more logically without having to complicate things too much. Alter the Movement Mechanic for Ship Sizes This one's been covered a lot. It's just weird that big slow ships technically move faster than small agile ships because the size is factored into the movement. To-Hit Dice This might sound like an idea that adds complexity, but I think in the long run it could even it out elsewhere in the game. I think the dice dominate this game too much, and it's led to a reliance on upgrades that make hitting or missing guaranteed in ways I don't think should be true either. I think separating hitting from damage is the main change that X-Wing needs to have that extra little step, without making it Armada-complex. This would mean that you could also separate powerful ships from accurate ones, and fast ships from heavily defensive ones (which overlap a lot right now). This could also be used to differentiate the ship sizes further, with larger ships giving bonuses to to-hit rolls against them. Pilot Cards I'm not sure if I like all of the interactions that would suddenly appear if pilots were separated from ships, but at the very least I wish the pilot cards depicted a picture of the pilot by default instead of generic images of the ship. I already know what the ship looks like, that's what the miniature is for. It's weird that I only get pilot art outside of promos if they show up on a tiny crew card.
  6. I think there is an interesting point here. X-Wing came out of nowhere and blew away expectations, changing the landscape of miniature gaming. FFG didn't hesitate to start building spin-off games at different scales or different focuses, but there's going to be a critical mass. As it is, X-Wing already doesn't seem to get nearly the attention it used to, but I can't really say I'm surprised by that. FFG has probably learned a lot from not only X-Wing, but from what they've done since. I don't think they'll simply up and abandon the dogfight game involving iconic ships, because it's still one of their games that evokes the movies the most, but I'm honestly starting to wonder if a Second Edition really is going to happen. X-Wing is already old from the perspective of their development experience.
  7. I hope The Last Jedi core set contains

    I'm not expecting a core set for each movie, but from what I know (which admittedly isn't a lot, I haven't followed this game much in awhile), I wouldn't count it out either. The lack of a Rogue One core set could easily be because it's a side story movie, plus it wasn't that long since the Force Awakens. We have a bigger gap now, and The Last Jedi is one of the main movies. Also, haven't there been some major errata and stuff in the mean time? It could make sense to refresh the presence of the way into the game while also keeping things updated. Who knows, they might even find something else to update that isn't innately tied into the movie, just gives an excuse to do it, like the damage deck last time.
  8. Official Expansion - Rise of the Empire

    Shouldn't this be called "Rise of the Rebellion"? I mean, the Empire rose quite awhile before Rogue One. While the Rebellion had been around already as well, Rogue One was at least when they started to make the hits that mattered. ;P
  9. This is sort of how I feel. I used to really look forward to the Wave announcements, but this is killing me at this point. I've been hoping to see the Scurrg for awhile, but I've been waiting so long that it's more a meh "finally" than an "oh cool!" I'm happy for anyone who might have gotten a favorite ship of theirs, but for me it feels like they're scraping the bottom of the barrel, even when more interesting things like the Gunboat are still out there (and I don't really have a personal connection to the Gunboat, just that other people have won me over for its sorta mini-Lambda look that still feels Imperial without being repetitive).
  10. X-wing: Galactic Civil War edition

    That's what I was thinking. Someone who has only been exposed to the movies themselves isn't going to recognize most of the minor characters by name anyway (and the pilot cards don't have pictures, so that won't help). Might as well focus on limiting the ships, not pilots or crew.
  11. FFG bring Jedi Starfighter to X-Wing.

    The Jedi Starfighter is definitely the next thing I'd want from the prequels after the ARC-170.
  12. New TIE Fighters

    As silly as these are, the TIE-Train actually looks like a great start for a design for an Imperial train or some sort of freighter.
  13. Wave X Predictions

    Oh, wow, I didn't know that. Just it being canon puts it back on my list. I can't say it would be Wave X specifically though, especially after the two ships out of left field in Wave 9, but it being a canon ship that was armed makes it a good choice again. Plus, even if they don't have Lando get it, the EU still allows them to put Lando and Mara Jade as pilots for it, which is a huge bonus.
  14. Wave X Predictions

    What I want to see: Assault Gunboat Scurrg H-6 Lady Luck (Personal Luxury Yacht 3000) More likely: U-Wing TIE Striker Kylo Ren's Shuttle
  15. XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat

    You know, I've never been a big fan of most of the EU, but if I had anything to do with Rebels or Rogue One, I'd look there first for inspiration. I find it sad that we're being flooded with newly invented stuff that hasn't faced the test of time when stuff that's built up a fanbase for years or decades could easily have been used in their place. It's one thing for Force Awakens, but Force Awakens barely had anything new, it's not the problem so far. It's not something I'm heavily invested in personally, but I still hope we can get the Assault Gunboat. I hope we haven't gotten to a point where all future waves will be desperately catching up with new stuff.