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  1. mattgawl

    Another Character Generator

    What happens for me is that when you create a lightsaber with an ilum crystal it will set the lightsaber damage to 6. When you add a superior mod it changes the damage to 7. If you remove the ilum crystal and add a barab ingot, it will change the base to 8 instead of 9. Same exact thing happens with extended hilt's damage bonus. What seems to be happening is that if you have any + damage bonus attachments installed before the crystal they won't apply their damage bonus. You can fix this by removing the attachments not applying their damage bonus and re-adding them so that they're below the crystal in the item attachment window. Non-damage bonuses don't seem to be affected.
  2. mattgawl

    XXZZ List Feedback

    But it's not always about the second action, sometimes it's about blasting at Soontir with Biggs before he shoots you, which should be rather unexpected. It's about making your opponent's life difficult because now he has to take into account that any ship might shoot before he does and that influences his maneuvering and actions, that's the beauty of Roark. Rule through the fear of force, rather than force itself. Especially if you add VI to Cracken. Is Biggs going to get a lock to accompany his focus? Is Wedge going to add insult to injury by exposing himself and turn his enemy's green into a red for him? Or is any one of them going to open up full blast before you even realize what just happened? You make good points, still I don't think he's worth what I lose with Blount and his Assault Missiles. I feel like he'll force my opponents to either break up their formations or have to decide who to kill first, Wedge or Blount. Granted that decision becomes a no brainer after Blount has fired his missiles. All that being said, Roark is not something I had considered before and is definitely worth some play testing to see how things go.
  3. mattgawl

    Dark Curse + Stealth Device

    Someone literally just posted this like an hour ago in a topic I started. Hope it helps. http://www.xwingdice.com/
  4. mattgawl

    XXZZ List Feedback

    Thanks for the link mege, my math was wrong and it looks like everybody knew it but me.
  5. mattgawl

    XXZZ List Feedback

    My problem with Roark is that in my list he really isn't that flexible. If I want to give 2 actions to Biggs, I have to give the PS buff to either Cracken or Wedge. That's pretty much all he does is let me give PS 12 to Wedge who I don't feel really needs it for the most part.
  6. mattgawl

    XXZZ List Feedback

    He's only slightly better with it than a Gunner'd ship. I'd rather have Marksmanship, which buffs both attacks, and better than Expose does anyway, and doesn't actively nerf your denese, and costs 1 point less. The only time that Expose would be worth any points at all to me is if I want one of my ships to have fewer agility than it currently possesses. Can't think of any times that's been the case, so I'd say this is an un-comboable suck. Marksmanship is great. I mainly didn't take it because I feel it is more of an anti-swarm ability. It does great against TIE's but doesn't really hold up so well against rebels(particularly the B-Wing). I fealt that Blount was really giving swarms enough headaches that marksmanship would be overkill. Against B-wings and large ships I felt that Expose's flexibility would be better.
  7. mattgawl

    XXZZ List Feedback

    Let me explain my choice of Expose since that seems to be getting a lot of attention. The math I did showed that Focus + Expose = 74% chance to 3 or more damage. Focus(Marksmanship) + Target Lock is 84% chance to do 3 damage. The trade off is a roughly 23% reduction in evasion. The main thing is I can do either of those, depending on the situation. My math is not the super best and I really just muddled my way through it all, so if someone who is better at math than me would like to correct my numbers, please feel free.
  8. mattgawl

    XXZZ List Feedback

    So I'm looking for some feedback on a list I was thinking of running when the Z-95's are released. Airen Cracken - Veteran Instincts Lieutenant Blount - Assault Missiles Wedge - Expose Biggs I was mainly debating between Assault missiles and Ion Pulse, but I was also considering dropping Blount and Expose for 2 Bandit Squad. Let me know what you think.