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  1. I wanted to give them some IP for the guilt of leaving the families, as they could have prevented it, but didn't, due to silly antics and want to give them some repercussion to them effectively failing the mission and having to be bailed out. I would definately consider this too minor an event to bother them IF they had some IP, but they are clean, aside from the Mind Cleansed, who will suffer IP due to the rush of shattered memories. I just wondered how far to take the 'life is cheap' theme. I was thinking that the possible gain of corruption could be attributed to them attracting the gaze of Chaos, paving their path to damnation, but I think some minor IP shou,d be sufficient. Thanks
  2. Greetings In a recent mission, my PCs were clearing the living quarters of a ship. Having found several families, innocents and pilgrims they moved on. One thing leading to another, they were forced to flee from a horde of mutants from the black holds, past the passageway leading to the innocent families. The last thing they saw was the horde spilling down the passage. My question being, should the recieve some sort of guilt penalty for allowing the death of 28 families of men women and children? The PC are new and lack ant insanity points, except for a mind cleansed assassin.
  3. Thanks for the advice, perhaps I will try moving to Only War. I admit that I am a new GM, but I do keep in mind that PCs idea of logic may differ. My initial draw to DH was because it is suited to characters that I prefer playing (social less combat orientated), but maybe just isn't what the others want from the system.
  4. They're all keen to play roleplaying and I am in no way forcing them to play. They just play an RPG like a tabletop. I have tried avoiding brutally murdering them and did emphasise that taking cover is vital, my campaign missions are designed around what skills and talents they have, but perhaps I should throw something rough at them.
  5. Hey The group I'm playing with aren't ones for thinking outside the box, or even finding the edges (This is said literally, having started my PCs in a dark room during another role playing a PC asked me "What can I see?" After replying nothing he proceded to sit down and wait until something happened.). They are opposed to even reading rules, fluff or weapon tables. Combat is a repetition of "I shoot it." I've tried demonstrating other actions by having enemies and NPCs perform them. As I plan to create some encounters that will need PCs to apply their skills and imagination I am looking for a method of encouraging them to explore the system without blatantly force feeding them. Even during investigations PC have to literally trip over a clue or have some NPC deliver info to them or it stagnates pretty quickly. Any suggestions?
  6. They are indeed being watched and they are going to serve under another Inquisitor to "take down" their former boss and prove their innocence (this is all to come in much later). What I was looking for is other mission ideas that will make PCs suspicious. The other thing is that their Inquisitor is a gimpy Adept who's power lies in organisation, not combat.
  7. I am planning on allowing Graves to escape and become a possible recurring villan. He will also try to convince PCs to join him, or at least justify his Istvaaninan views (after all the PCs would not have become the aspiring Acolyte if they weren't brought under his employ). I have also been watching TV and movies for missions.
  8. Hey guys. I've started running a campaign using Inquistior Tyburn Ornelius Graves. He is a Adept who remaind onboard a Ship and administrates several cells of acolytes, involving himself in only the most important investigations. He is secretly an Istvaanian, believing that Imperium grows stronger in conflict, and therefore uses his position to create turmoil. The PC were recruited as muscle to assist his interrogator, who dies during the investigation. Completing the investigation, they impress Inquisitor Graves, who uses them as a tool to further his goals. The missions he allocates the PCs seem like genuine Inquisitorial responses to heresies, but hide alterior motives. For example the first mission was to assist the Adeptus Arbites quell an underhives rebellion. This was instigated by Graves as a distraction, while a different cell stole an item from Arbites Precinct Fortress. Later I plan for the PC to meet up with a acolyte cell that is suspicious of the Inquisitor and to share that with the PCs. My problem is that I've run out of ideas for missions. Currently I have some mission Ideas: The inquisitor sends the PCs with a Group of Ministorum priests to assess a new imperial cult on a frontier world. These priests are suspicious and are under Graves orders to proclaim the cult heretical irrelevant of the truth and begin a Chaos cult on the planet. The PCs are to be executors, but will be torn between following common sense or inquisitor orders. A space hulk appears and the Inquisitor recognizes one of the vessel in the mass that was carrying a Daemonhost. Forced to act quickly before others reach the Hulk first he sends the closest cell to retrieve a 'target' The PCs are sent to investigate a series of sacrifices happening in a Hive. They will find a cultist performing rituals from a forbidden text. After retrieving this text the PCs are attacked by another cell under accusations of heresy for possessing the cultists text. Graves is hoping to eliminate at least one of two troubling cells, who are beginning to suspect him. (This is to be when the PC meet with another cell who share suspicions of Graves) Unfortunately I have run out of ideas for missions that help to create suspicion. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. Along with the small harvests that allow Port Suffering to be so small, Iocanthos is also part of the Calixus Sector's major planets. The other two being Sepheris Secundus and the major hive world who's name escapes me. There is a constant flow of ships that move between the three, so shipments of Ghostfire are probably quite regular.
  10. Hey I've recently scrounged up enough people to run a campaign, but I've never GMed before. To be entirely honest I've hardly played any roleplaying as the party usually ends up at the zoo, or some equally odd place, while I am forced to continue the mission alone. I'm going to use the mission in the core rulebook as an introductory session, just to see whether GMing this lot is to be a fruitless endevour, and was looking for some tips and advice. I have already informed the players that I'll hold nothing back and that if they decide to charge into a room full of Heretics they may just die. Any advice would be great, Thanks.
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