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  1. Hmm, looks like we have lots of big forum names going to the red castle and guardian games events. Looks like my odds of victory are going down, but I'm excited to play against some people who are really good.
  2. I assume that nobody in their right mind would end their turn in range 1 of 2 b-wings in yavaris range. Did you bid for first and move into range of already activated ships at the end of your turns?
  3. At speed 3 treat attacks as if they were obstructed: does that mean we can give an ISD bomber immunity (except b-wings)?
  4. My no-squad build is 2 glad 1s with Intel officers, acm, and engine techs. Officer down the brace, and acm down the redirect zones. With a xi7 and dominator vic 2, screed of course. Accuracy the brace and ignore the redirects. Maybe I put too much emphasis on stopping defense tokens, but I feel that getting a brace and redirect off every round is too strong. Would my points be better elsewhere? Also, I try not to sink too many points into the vic, but I want it's shots to hurt if it gets them off.
  5. I feel the same way.even with an agressive gladiator build, my partner usually knows how much beating a guppy can take, and gets out with at least one alive.
  6. I'm glad to hear it, I wish I could have watched! Though from what I hear on IFF, he is quite the skilled individual, so his piloting might have had a big part in the 3-0.
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