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  1. Can a Bomber fly over Lake Michigan?
  2. Hmm... much less than I expected. Could you post where you got these prices?
  3. The one thing you should try to find a solution for is the monster and investigator stands. They definitely damage your counters and I myself am looking for a solution other than extensive hand modifications to the plastic--too much work for me. Anyone know where to get better ones?
  4. And now the game runs on your Vista powered laptop or is this a different machine?
  5. Right. That is the way I have been playing also Joe. So perhaps I'll add a fifth investigator as I add more expansions into the mix.
  6. Heart of the Swarm at 19.99 already? I don't think that game has been out for 6 months yet. Will check it out.
  7. I think it's somewhere between 2300 and 2400 cards coming in two sizes. It would indeed be a sizable expenditure to sleeve them all so unless you're a very heavy player or not too careful ( and it always gives me a laugh when I see these online pics of people playing with their game with soda cans and glasses right next to the board just dying to be knocked over) I wouldn't bother. Getting replacement cards for the set you might someday wear out probably will be the cheaper option.
  8. The original SW and BW--you still have yours eh? I'd be surprised if those ran on anything past Windows 98. Of course I too am not particularly tech savy. At least as bad as my control over the units and macroing ability with my structures I was able to somehow solitaire the Original SC and BW campaigns. Not with SC 2. I won't even buy Heart of the Swarm because of this fact--well maybe when it drops to like 15 or 20 dollars some day.
  9. I've not yet tried this Joe having only recently acquired all the remaining expansions so could you elaborate a bit on why you think this is so? Is there one particular expansion that makes things too tough? Like I've said my interests keep flying around (right now I am playing some solitaire Pandemic) but I'll at least try to check in here from time to time.
  10. Yes Tox I much prefer the original storyline to this Kerrigan as Zerg leader stuff we see now. The new game really is still being fleshed out balance wise with constant computer updates but there is no doubt in my mind the graphics in the new series are absolutely stunning with a HD capable monitor as well as the sound effects. I'll defer to better players as to how well this game plays compared to the original.
  11. Well here's the thing---you have to be a typist cuz your fingers are literally flying around the keyboard. Naturally you must also be good at macroing your units and structures and remember without even thinking about it where the keys are that give specific commands to your units. It's like your hands are using the force if you'll permit me to use an old Star Wars phrase. Probably explains why so many of these pros are quite young and for whatever other reason many of the best are Koreans. It's quite fascinating and amusing watching computer hookups to tournaments that Blizzard sponsors all over the world which really give some pretty substantial payouts to the winners--you can literally become wealthy if you're very good. Who says gamers are wasting time doing this! In Korea you're a media and national superstar much like the winners of the Super Bowl football game would be in the USA. The stage is full of big giant TV screens for the audience to watch the action complete with sports-like commentators who conduct interviews with other past pros and current players all while you're hearing cheering fans in the audience rooting for the actions of their chosen hero player even with signs in the audience some of whom are even trash talking. I'm pretty sure there's even a TV station specifically for the gamers. Not exactly a physical game but still the nervous strain can get to you when sitting in those little isolation booths each player has to when facing each other. Moral of the story: Don't waste your lives doing silly things like going to school or getting a real job. Just get good at StarCraft and game your way to fame, fortune, and celebrity hood. Just be careful not to let this Geeky notoriety get to you and start taking hard drugs. One last vid example ( I promise--I know this isn't the forum for this) but couldn't resist posting the last part of what I consider the greatest StarCraft pro game ever played. Stefano was a well known and elite French Zerg player vs Kiwikaki as the Protoss. It was part of a series of games these two played in a tournament a few years back. Notice Kiwikaki's use of his mothership to cloak his units and the War of the World's look of the Protoss Colossi units as they fire their lasers. And then his Vortex...unmatched game special effects and skill controlling their units. Sooo...still think you're good at the game? And Julia there's your Eihort led Broods (the Zerg). Did you buy it yet!?
  12. An example of pro play if anyone is interested--only Part 1 of 4 part video shown. Complete with a commentator to give it that sporting event feel. At the bottom right of the image is an icon to allow you to view it fullscreen. I can't say I"m good enough that base management is "fun" but certainly at the pro level build order and proper queing of units within your structures is critical if you want to counter your opponents likely moves against you and you better be scouting him ASAP. That said it's much more fun as an observer to watch armies fight. Incredible how well the pros micromanage stacks of units which often are of different types. If Part 1 interested you here is the concluding vid for this group of 4. Remember 2 and 3 have been skipped just to get the exciting ending.
  13. Speaking to the choir Zoogy--speakin' to the choir....
  14. Well actually it wouldn't surprise me if the inspiration for Eihort and his broods came from StarCraft. The race of Zerg do seem similar to this AO perhaps with Eihort as the Overmind itself. Course I'm not really sure if Lovecraft invented Eihort and thus was before StarCraft or whether Eihort is a recent concoction. The term being "zerged" in some MMORPG's comes from StarCraft and represents being swarmed over by a mass of attackers. I even sometimes hear the term used in more mundane conversational topics. So in sum Julia I think you should investigate this thesis for us--go buy and play StarCraft and let us know what you think . Which came first StarCraft broods or Eihort's?
  15. Hmmm...fascinating as Spock would say. I know a Weston Erni who was an excellent 3Reich player back when it was popular---it's like the Twilight Zone me thinks Joe. He does some game design work for Victory Point Games and published a few games of his own and might eventually show up on these boards under the monicker Gamebreaker. Zoogey cool you have the patience and skill to paint miniatures--I have a store owner friend who used to be heavily involved with this as well. If you do get involved with Mass Effect just be aware it is a trilogy of games each getting better than the last but nearly spoiled by a weak ending. Also it is sci-fi. I'll look forward to your comments on it someday--who did you choose for your romance? Somehow I feel that your birth right around Tolkien's death (1974?) was a signal for you to take up his banner.
  16. I looked this up the other day--looks strikingly similar to Avalon Hill's old Third Reich. Fair assessment?
  17. Sure it can Tox especially while you're chain sucking on Coke cans while your doing it . I tell you Joe I don't know how the pros do it with StarCraft. Watching them makes me realize how much I truly suck at the game. I'm pretty much a search and peck as a regular typist so by the time I issue a command to a group of my units across the map a pro did ten things to me and don't get me started wondering how those guys manage to micromanage individual units in their formations while in combat. I'm having a hard enough time just trying to beat the computer much less even trying a skilled human--I wish I could because man those Koreans are treated like sports superstars and even movie celebrities and a lot of them are only 15 or so years old! There's a Russian player that goes by the name White-ra that is at least kinda close to my age so that's a little reassuring anyhow. Nope gotta stick more to RPG comp games or board games. I presume you've never heard of War of the Roses published by Z-Man games?
  18. Heck I have a few friends my age who say this stuff--at least it's not an age thing if that helps. Helps me that is
  19. First Zoogey I love the name. If you were old enough--and I don't know your age--I'd say you were from the 1960-1970ish hippie era in the US. Your remarks about playing videogames when there's no one else to play with certainly hit home for me as I have rarely been in a relationship and have few friends that I see a lot. Which also explains my generally solitaire board gaming as well---sometimes like right about now I consider bg purchases such as War of the Roses that I shouldn't because they aren't suited to playing alone. So maybe they see action once or twice then get shelved, sometimes for years, until the next time my constantly changing and often brief interest in the genre resurfaces. As I told Julia on this thread if you liked Baldur's Gate then definitely try the Mass Effect series of video games as the links on other posts on this thread will certainly show you. I also played Diablo 2 and indeed have played Diablo 3 but for some reason 3 just doesn't hold my interest like 2 did. I have a high level monk in 3 but now I only occasionally boot up the game when I really feel like it's time for mind numbing and now even boring experiences. I wish I was better at Blizzard's other major non MMORPG StarCraft. Watching the pros play that game makes me wish I was more of a typist in order to compete with such a high skill level. I am not familiar with the other titles you mentioned except for Alone in the Dark but alas I never did try it--perhaps I'll reconsider. Soon I'll be purchasing a PS4 (and unfortunately missing out on Titanfall or any more Halos---oh wait--maybe I'll get both systems) but for now it's AH or maybe now War of the Roses. Probably if I would stop watching so much TV like Game of Thrones my attention span would increase and I could save myself money but I guess I pathetically justify it all as somehow broadening my horizons. Hmm maybe I should try medication LOL.
  20. http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/58936/wars-of-the-roses-lancaster-vs-York http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/25277/richard-iii-the-wars-of-the-roses Okay just resurrecting this thread to ask if any of the board gamers who answered here before ever heard of or played either of these War of the Roses block component games? Game of Thrones sort of rekindled my interest in the genre and any thoughts on either title would be cool to listen to.
  21. We do have the advantage of access to a major manufacturer of these types of foam mats and bags and are able to use his equipment to make some nice stuff with graphics and all. Most of the storage containers inside the bag won't be made by us and can be easily found at stores--it's just a question of picking attractive ones and figuring out how to organize and emblazon them. The bag itself may need to be redesigned specific to this game but my friend would rather not do this (I want him to though). We'll also probably create a folder/binder for the AO, Herald, and Investigator cards that of course will fit in the bag as well. There may be copyright issues we will have to work out on some artwork so we'll just have to see how that all plays out.
  22. Thanks Julia--my interest in actually playing has waned a bit in part because I'm working with a store owner friend of mine on a AH specific (with graphics) carry bag. Ultimately I plan on just storing my set in it-hopefully boards and all-and eventually I'll post some pictures and see if any here or at the BGG forums have any interest. Maybe even Kickstarter. I have been reorganizing my set from Ebay and have been measuring the cards and figuring out storage containers for all the pieces. Even the plastic or glass storage jars we hope to put some graphics on to make it easy to pick out any combination of sets easily from the bag and thus shorten set-up and take down time. We may also convert the boards into a foam mat format. Yeah Wes is good--I got him to sign up on these boards under the Moniker gamebreaker-but he is quire busy helping other game designers make games that can't be so easily "broken" hence his moniker. He also shows up on BGG. Should he show up here give him a shout out if you can.
  23. Finally was able to play a game with my new to AH friend who is an excellent board gamer generally and now is even assisting in game design with a small company called Victory Point Games. It was as I said in previous posts in this thread just a Base plus Innsmouth affair with one Herald. Ascribing to my fear that a first time defeat defeat would discourage further play I did give him a very powerful group of four investigators-Mandy, Patrice, Thomas, and Silas-and pretty much let him do nearly every move with just a few suggestions in strategic options. He faced Azathoth. Guess I should have used both Heralds since he won by closing in only 6 turns. Still the DOR track reached three and would have went to 5 had he not intercepted two beasties at the Bus Station so there was at least a slight amount of tension. The overwhelming number of clues these characters can generate easily carried him through any negative situations that developed and fulfilling Silas' personal story quickly allowed him to close the final gate by heroic sacrifice. Interestingly for some odd reason I had been thinking that Silas' sacrifice seal was only useful for Elder Sign victory but he made me realize as a sort of epiphany that you can use it to gain the win by closing just as easily. No need to go light on him the next time--as I suspected he picked this game up as well as he has so many others--we're talking about a guy who has placed first in board game tournaments at such places as the Origins Game Fair. I sent him the list of suggested investigators that Julia gave in an earlier post and when he gets around to it we'll see how well he does with them against both Heralds. At any rate he played well.
  24. Okay I do not wish to offend long time vets of the game but I cannot condone this. It seems to me you would have knowledge of the possibilities of the next Encounter if you knew a particular card was already at the bottom of the deck--in cases where you used the Dragon Eye or Darrell's special ability it could be two or even three cards sent to the bottom of the deck. While there is a certain amount of realism in not duplicating encounters I don't like the idea of possibly knowing an exceptionally dangerous draw has already been played and thus will not reappear, I can see some of the counter arguments but I prefer to play this RAW. That said (and again please do not be upset) is it really still practical to conduct a hand shuffle with the FFG sleeves? I mean without letting them hit the table? And I can't wait to find out what sleeving what, some 2400 plus cards, is gonna cost not to mention replacing or modifying the crap monster/investigator stands FFG gave us.
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