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  1. So, tomorrow I am supposed to GM for a group of girls that are basically Slaanesh cultists in real life. All of them experienced RPG players. The fact is, they've asked me to GM it since they saw my book, and although I have extensive experience with OW and RT, I have never GMed or played in a BC campaign or One-shot session. This could potentially become a campaign, but I am quite at a loss on how to conduct it. I guess I will just adapt that starter mission to be more slaneshi and go with it. I need your thoughts and ideas, including on the PCs I will be creating for them in advance.
  2. Any ideas which would be the stats in strength and power for a warhound Titan in BF koronus mass combat system?
  3. Mandatory reading: Gunheads (Cadian armoured regiment story)
  4. The first step would be to brainstorm for that theme - after we can identity if we have enough support. Some other ideas nevertheless: The Rak Gol Crusade Aubrai's Anvil (cant recall if that's the correct name from EotA) and the First Koronus Forge. The Koronus Compact (forge a massive trade route crossing all subsectors in the expanse) Regardless of the main theme, IMO it should have plenty of non-combat action, something that some of the books lack a bit. As much roleplay as dakka.
  5. Dear GMs & Players, Do you think it would be possible for us to put together a Grand Endeavor, created by all of us together? I could do some "pseudo" Project Management and organize threads, deciding themes, minor endeavors included and assigning To Do's. We would need people to write gazeteers & character profiles, meddle with the endeavor mechanics, balance space and ground battles, etc. At this point, I am just evaluating how feasible would this be and how many volunteers we can get. So please, if you'd like to volunteer as tribute or have any thoughts/concerns/suggestions, please do say! Thanks!
  6. Man, my players just started a campaign with a SP73 Universe-class monstrosity.
  7. I guess a best quality craft would have refractor shields, advanced targeting equipment, more void-capable missiles, etc. (e.g. a best quality starhawk would be able to shower missiles on a poor quality fury squadron and get away with it)
  8. http://captiongenerator.com/64666/40k-RPG-GM-finds-out-a-Peer-Inquisition Please do watch. Starting a new campaign with veterans players-only. Wish me luck.
  9. Friend of mine found this! http://saturnfive.us/ships/battlefleet-gothic.d/
  10. But I just posed a thread with some plot notes to Whispers on the Storm if you are interested. Indeed I am! Can you share the link?
  11. Reviving this jewel -> anyone have working links perhaps?
  12. From Andy Hoare's Rogue Star: "Korvane turned a dial on the side of his magnoculars, increasing the magnification, which allowed him to make out the banner. It was a simple standard, far simpler in fact than many that Korvane had seen. Having walked the approach to the Eternity Gate on Sacred Terra, the long avenue lined with countless thousands of banners bearing witness to ten thousand years of total war, Korvane could not help but feel distinctly unimpressed by the decidedly plain standard of the First Hussars." - Korvane is Lucian's son (the RT). "Lucian's hand slowed as he reached once more into the case. Even he was given pause by the significance of the last item. Whispering a prayer, he reached within and brought out the pride of his dynasty. Only the Charter of Trade and the banner presented to the dynasty by the Senatorum Imperialis could equal this medal in worth. Awarded to Maxim Gerrit by the High Lords of Terra themselves, for his display of epic leadership as well as personal courage at the height of the Eastlight Nebula Crusade, Lucian lifted the winged medal of the Order of Ollanius Pius." - Maxim wasn't the founder of the Arcadius dynasty (it was actually the dude called Arcadius Gerrit) "He stopped beside Luneberg, looking out into the same darkness, yet not seeing what held the Imperial Commander's attention. 'To set foot upon sacred Terra is to tread the very same ground as was once walked by the Emperor' Lucian made the sign of the aquila. A sidelong glance told him that Luneberg did not. He continued. 'The very air of Terra is holy, laced with the scent of incense burned many centuries, millennia, before. Each time I have returned, I have been restored, for my calling takes me far from the light of the Emperor'" - Current holder of the Arcadius warrant (Abel Gerrit's grandpa?), at this point he was in the Damocles Gulf on the other side of the galaxy. So, guys, for an RT to return to Terra from time to time, it's not that uncommon.
  13. What comes from the top of my mind: If you have the patience to do so, I'd use the weapon traits from the Black Crusade or Only War. For troop combat within the hundreds scale, I'd use BC's horde rules. For troop combat within the thousands scale (with exception of business-as-usual boarding actions), I'd use Battlefleet Koronus rules but disregarding the movement system (you either are or arent within combat range of another unit and this can be handled easily through roleplay). For increased focus on space battles, I'd use Mathhammer which makes some ships less fragile and combats longer. I personally don't use it (most of times my players and I just want a quick resolution, but this may change now that their new Dynasty has a transport for ship).
  14. Dead Men Walking, novel by Steve Lyons IRC Describes the gruelling fight within a hive between Necrons and Death Korps after the hive is evacuated. Cool descriptions of the different levels, skyways, floor level (which btw was flooded with waist-deep human dung), walls & gates, starport, etc. Yet, if you are talking about Naduesh... I think that the hives there are a bit different. It seems that they look like giant IG fortresses with automated defense mechanisms (including anti-orbital).
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