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  1. hmm if id have knew FFG were giving away B wings for such a minor mishap i would have waited to chop mine up and magnetize it i honestly would not have a problem with that model, mine was the same before i monkeyed with magnets and even now it is slightly wonky to the left.
  2. Codpiece2

    Y-wing Gunner?

    the two seater was not a later 'upgrade' though. anakin flew a Y wing (full cowl with 'snips' as gunner) during the clone wars...... and funnily is probably the reason we see yellow, white and grey versions in the films. (i know its just coincidence that it worked that way, but ani's squad in CW was in 'his' naboo fighter colours that he used in most of his ships till the azure angel 1@2 were made and then used again on his eta 2). so two seater's make more sense, though the model is definitely the single seat fixed cannon variant.... but easily modded to have bubble turret.
  3. Codpiece2

    My fleets!

    omnomnomnom what a collection. i just hope there is stock when i get to having spare cash for my emerging fleet. (i have 2 Y 1 A and one X, and the 2 Ties). very nice looking set up i must admit. you magnetizing those B wings?
  4. this i am in the process of making (1 year old daughter takes up most of my time... so its slow work ) im even more determined to do it since getting the clone wars seasons (i know...... but i just got round to them ), and ani leading his squad of bombers against grievous' prototype ship. id love to see more A wing love too.... my single A is green (10 min job) and the next one i get will also be green....
  5. hehehe mod will be done when mine arrives (23rd shipping date ) though i suspect if stock allows i may be getting another B pretty soon, thankfully i have tons of magnets awsome jobs guys.
  6. i prefer the fully armoured version..... especially the ralph mcquarrie version.
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