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  1. The evasion skills demonstrated here with dat little Red Barron plastic zoomie is worth the posting. No wonder you like to just fly the small ships...
  2. This is great news! I love the new goodies especially the Crazy NEW Lloigor!
  3. Listed At The Printer a month ago... same now: they won't be around for another two months... at least!
  4. YAH... TOOT-TOOT!!!
  5. See why guys like us still love the game... because: WE KNOW HOW TO PLAY IT CORRECTLY. THE GLORY CONTINUES!
  6. I have been working on other stuff and I'm behind on my Boss Emotes... lol. Here is the REB BOOM BOOM (Setting on Chris' desk right now) which should make some of us happy!
  7. REBEL BOMBERS, and The NEW FO TIE Interceptors are going to be great... I bet. Did you boys notice that The Wonderful Blue Bastard slipped into the game too?!
  8. NOPE... scum can because they steal and have the time hiding in their haunts to race-up their rides. The Empire would not do the same. Stop trying to fix what is not broken.
  9. I agree with everything you posted... but now with the new cannon you do feel that you are missing some details in the films that are completely covered in the books. It is what it is...
  10. You know how many people will often say that a film based on a book is never as good as the book... it is that kind of thing but worse. These new books tell a huge story now, while the films are much less involved by comparison.
  11. I won't leave you. Yeah the books have more going on. It is just odd to me, but I do understand why this is happening. I just wondered what the gang here thinks of it all.
  12. Yeah it seems so...