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  1. I have not jumped or anything like that... but I sure have looked over my shoulders a few times. I play in low lighting... lol! Dat Mood!
  2. Meanwhile here we are playing Mansions and being real GOTHIC People. BTW you had it right about the MOM Miniatures and sister I sure have been fixing that issue...
  3. Goth is Stupid IMO. Now GOTHIC... THAT IS GLORIOUS and if you can not feel it's REAL POWER in this fake "modern world" we will not ever be real friends. P.S; I include a few examples of actual GOTHIC ... behold the power!
  4. YAH YAH BLAH BLAH JIM IS when do we get parts II, III, & IV?
  5. YUP!
  6. Dammit that IS Classic STAR WARS right there babies!!!
  7. I see NEW Ships... Yah Baby!
  8. FRIDAY!!!
  9. YAH... DHATTS!
  10. WHY YOU GOTTAH SHADE A BRAH? Anybody who has been watching this stuff knows dam-well that these types of designs have been floating around the NEW Cannon stuff for a good while now; especially Dat Advanced-Advanced for Rennie-Lad!
  11. SOON we'll know more...