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  1. Howlrunner plus 4 Academy pilots.
  2. Who's a better fit with a 6 ship swarm list? Vader (34) TIE/x1 ATC Engine Upgrade Soontir (34) Royal Gaurd PtL Autothrusters TC
  3. I'd consider dropping the APL and upgrading the TIE to a Backstabber or Mauler Mithel.
  4. IG-88C I think will be the most used of the variants. With PtL and FCS it has the best action economy in the game. The only other upgrade I'd expect to see is Autothrusters.
  5. Hull, Stealth or Targeting Comp. Don't think you could go wrong picking any of those.
  6. I like going old school with Wedge and run him with PtL and R2. Its cheap and effective.
  7. Have you considered Boba Fett? If your running 2 ships you might want something a bit more tanky like the Firespray to go with the Aggressor. Plus his ability is awesome.
  8. There was one but I'm too lazy to find it. I believe that since Expose eats up an action that even an unmodified Decimator wins out in average hits due to having extra modifiers. Yes you can add more upgrades onto Expose, or use a named pilot but then you're dumping in more resources to make your expensive ship slightly more reliable then the unupgraded version. So ya, gunner wins.
  9. Should/will the Rebel Captive crew upgrade effect the new Scum and Villainy faction?
  10. insom

    Rebellion Ordinance

    Ya. The lower in PS you go the worse ordnance becomes. You really want to move after your opponent so that you can get the first TL off.
  11. As someone with a diagnosed anxiety disorder I know how you feel. Your internal dialog is consumed with doubt and will self sabotage your efforts if you don't take control. Exposure is your best tool. Don't avoid your thoughts that bring anxiety but confront them. Get in practice games and try to get in the tournament mindset. Focus on your strengths. Mask your weaknesses. The more tournaments you go to the easier it will become. The fact that you have anxiety AND still go is a major victory.
  12. Drop The missiles and shield upgrades and get another Bomber. They're good blockers that can create opportunities for your squints.
  13. It looks like a somewhat restrictive PtL in a droid. Plus it lets you boost for one less BP then an engine upgrade but nobody seems to use it. Is the range 2 limit just too restrictive?
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