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    Felin got a reaction from Silidus in Doom linked Question   
    Question about Deep Wounds send to FFG... will post answer when I have it
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    Felin got a reaction from Sadgit in Community Rules Reference Guide (CRRG)   
    About Heroes/Figures treated as Heroes and Plot cards
    Perhaps modify the entry "Plot cards may not target allies, familiars and figures treated as heroes." on page 28
    by something like "Plot cards that target heroes, may not target allies, familiars and figures treated as heroes."
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    Felin reacted to any2cards in Purchasing Overlord Cards in secret or not?   
    I truly do understand your frustration, as "rule lawyers" are never much fun to play with.  If this is his general approach, be prepared for some very un-fun times, as there are many, many situations in FFG's writing style of rules, cards, etc. for this game that are not 100% clear, or "explicitly stated" as you reference.
    It often takes a flexible mind, much patience, and REASONABLE people/discussions to get the most out of the game.  Quite frankly, this is specifically why Sadgit's CRRG is such a big help; we knew we could not rely on FFG, so we created a fan made extensive rules guide.
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    Felin reacted to Charmy in Runemaster my nemesis   
    Even after all the expansion content released thus far, the Runemaster is still the most powerful Mage in the game and the Mana Weave is one of the best items in the game.
    Knight is also arguably the strongest Warrior, and the Disciple is best healing option within the base game.
    They are making best-in-slot skill and item choices so far it sounds like too.
    With just the base game the Overlord doesn't have as many tools. I'd say the Warlord deck would help you score kills - with excellent cards like Blood Rage and Expert Blow. Without Labyrinth of Ruin you don't have to worry about the Rune Plate making your life even more difficult than it is right now.
    For monster picks within the base game, your options are limited. Shadow Dragons are a great large monster, but with a 3 hero team you only get 1, making it significantly worse. Goblin Archers are usually a safe and effective choice if you keep the Master safe. Cave Spiders aren't too bad either in Act II as they have solid damage output. Blast can be countered with proper monster positioning.
    From your description sounds like you're playing within the rules correctly. Keep in mind that one of the best ways  to defeat the heroes is to separate them from one another so they can't support each other as effectively. Dark Charm should almost always be used to perform the move action to go away from the objective and other heroes, rather than the attack. Immobilizing the Runemaster with Web Trap is quite effective as well. They can't put out their top-tier damage output if they can't reach their targets.
    Its generally believed that 3 hero games also favor the heroes due to the monster group limits. If you want an optimally balanced game, see if you can't get 4 heroes next time. One easy way to do this if you can't get more players is to suggest one of the players control an additional hero, or have a 'communal' hero whose actions are decided in a rotation.
    Even though expansion content can't legally be added to a game that is already in progress, I'd say the greatest power boost to the Overlord you can get in any single expansion is Manor of Ravens. The Unkindness deck's Call of the Ravens card is nearly broken in power - providing the Overlord with a 1XP card that creates reusable companion monster that will provide ongoing pressure to the heroes in the form of additional damage, as well as an assistant to perform objectives/open doors/block corridors/soak up hero actions/etc. Its especially silly on quests where reinforcements occur at start of turn, as the Ravens can be summoned just prior to the reinforcement to make the summon 'free', or 'better than free', by finishing off a weakened or condition-afflicted monster so that a fresh one can be spawned in its place. The heroes are punished whenever they leave any monster less than completely eliminated. For example, heroes will often like to leave a monster poisoned and with 1 health remaining, or Immobilized away from the team rather than eliminate it. It can save actions and may even deny a reinforcement.. The Ravens often negate this strategy. They also scale their damage into Act II by getting an additional yellow die.
    Manor of Ravens also gives you access to the Bandit monster group, which is one of the most powerful and over-statted monster groups in the game and is an optimal monster pick in most situations where Wildneress/Civ open group is available.
    Its borderline unfair, but they're using a min-max hero composition against you - so I wouldn't feel too bad
    Finally, if you're still on the ropes even after all that - pick a top tier Plot Deck like Baron Zachareth or Tristayne Olliven and really make the heroes cry! See Indalecio's great guide to plot decks on BGG.
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    Felin reacted to Zaltyre in Target vs. Affected   
    This is true. Every day that goes by I feel a little more like some old guy shouting at players newer to Descent. 
    "In MY day, we understood how to use fire breath..."
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    Felin reacted to Proto Persona in Target vs. Affected   
    You know you've been doing this for too long when you forget which thread you're in.  
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    Felin reacted to Zaltyre in Target vs. Affected   
    Oh it WAS this very thread. No, I'm good.
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    Felin reacted to gamecrawler in New monster in Trail of the Bear!   
    The new RTL expansion spawned this new lizard like monster.....500hp and rolls 4 black defence dice.
    Can we beat it?

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    Felin got a reaction from Proto Persona in French translation....   
    If you are hoping for a direct reply for some FFG staff you probably will be disapointed as they don't reply here never ! (even if there are rumours that some are wandering and reading in there ;-) ).
    Perhaps if you post directly in the support page will you have an answer .. but you must be patient, they tend to be rather slow !

    And unfortunately I'm ready to bet all other replies (if any) you will recieve here, will be only guessings and suppositions...
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    Felin reacted to Sadgit in Community Rules Reference Guide (CRRG)   
    Unless there is a big update to Descent, the release schedule of the CRRG will be changed to every 3 months (January, April, July, and October).
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    Felin reacted to any2cards in Community Rules Reference Guide (CRRG)   
    I agree with Zaltyre.  Once a quarter (every 3 months or so) would be fine.  As he also stated, if something big occurred, you could always do a special update.
    Quite frankly, with the complete lack of new things for this game (including updating their own FAQ), I think you are going to find the need to make fewer and fewer changes.  After all, if there is no new content ... 
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    Felin reacted to Zaltyre in Community Rules Reference Guide (CRRG)   
    I don't think 2-3 months is too infrequent- and if there's something big you can always make a special update.
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    Felin got a reaction from Alarin in large monsters and dotted lines   
    right !
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    Felin reacted to Sadgit in D2e Companion Card Viewer   
    The D2e Companion Card Viewer is a fan-made Google-Chrome extension created by Any2cards. It is not designed or supported by FFG.
    If hero sheets do not "popup", most likely someone spelled the hero names incorrectly. The  D2e Companion Card Viewer depends on correct spelling to work. 
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    Felin reacted to Alarin in Target vs. Affected   
    yes sure.. it's just I didn't expect that. Here it is then!
    The propagation of conditions via blast is specific to conditions. So abilities like Hunt do not spread. Additionally, abilities like Runic Sorcery break the normal rules structure of giving a condition, so it also does not spread with blast (or like abilities). So only when the condition is directly applied to the attack does the effect spread to all figures affected.   Thanks,   Nathan Hajek Game Developer Fantasy Flight Games nhajek@fantasyflightgames.com  
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    Felin reacted to DerDelphi in Index of Useful Links   
    Your post reminded me, that it was time to update my tile list. I think it is exactly what you are looking for, but at the moment it is only available in german. I'm already working on a translation, it should be finished very soon.
    Edit: I finished the translation. The file will be up on BGG in the next days, but you can also get it from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tkplgd4oa5f5rty/Game Tiles by Quest.pdf?dl=0
    Edit2: Now also up on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/150367/game-tiles-quest
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    Felin reacted to Sadgit in Dark Charm + Staff of Greyheaven   
    I did separate this on purpose as surge abilities on skill cards may be used by the OL controlling a charmed hero. Do you remember this long discussion on Runic Knowledge and the use of its surge ability?
    I really hope that this is a general principle that holds true for other surge abilities such as Changing Skins, Openhanded (2nd ability), and Otherwordly (2nd ability).
    Dark Charm is definitely the sole contender for the prize for the most-complicated-OL-card in Descent. I fear one page in the CRRG on these cards alone might not suffice in the future ...
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    Felin reacted to any2cards in Secret Room card: Tainted Spring   
    I submitted the following to FFG:
    There is an on-going debate within the D2e forum concerning the card "Tainted Spring". Here is a link to the discussion: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/250163-secret-room-card-tainted-spring/
    The Reward part of the card reads as follows:
    "Any hero on the secret room may keep this card. You may discard this card at any time to roll 2 red power dice. Each hero recovers heart equal to the heart rolled. Discard this card at the end of the quest."
    The question involves the phrase "at any time". Reading with no depth, and with no concern for other existing rulings, this seems to imply that at any time during a quest (whether it is your turn or not, during an attack as an interrupt to prevent yourself from dying, etc.), you may choose to use this card.
    While there have been other rulings from FFG personnel (e.g. Nathan) that state that you cannot interrupt an attack with a "During your turn" ability, there has been no such ruling concerning any card that uses the phrase/timing of "at any time".
    For example, suppose we are at Step 5 of the Attack step of dealing damage ... if such damage to be dealt would knock me out, can I use the reward of Tainted Spring, and interrupt this step (as it most certainly is "at any time"), and roll 2 red power dice to prevent the knock out?
    While the above example is specific, I would love a general ruling applicable to most if not all situations as to what "at any time" actually means, and can it be used as an interrupt to other actions, events, triggers, etc.
    Thank you in advance for the information you provide.
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    Felin reacted to Sadgit in Dark Charm + Staff of Greyheaven   
    I have to disagree here. The OL is definitely allowed to use the sure ability to add 2 range to that attack. However, the use of range to add damage to the attack through the top ability of Staff of Greyhaven requires a  voluntary decision by the player. This is indicated by the "may" in the ability text: "After making an attack roll, you may convert up to 3 range to  or up to 3  to range."
    Previous rulings by FFG stated that the OL cannot use abilities of charmed heroes that include an element of choice indicated by "may" or or "use this card", etc.
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    Felin got a reaction from Atom4geVampire in Buying new class cards & d2etracker.com website   
    I think it's because if you follow the rules (like www.d2etracker.com does) once you have bought a class card you can't exchange it (there are some powers /  cards / rewards that specifically allow it).
    So if a hero wants a 2XP card he must first 'keep' 1XP unused so the next time he will have 2XP available.
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    Felin got a reaction from liquidsnake1989 in Please FFG, send Descent products to Europe!   
    I'm sorry for you ! I have used this site many times with out any problem !
    By the way I was looking for something for myself when I came across this one :
    which seems to have the Labyrinth yet in stock : perhaps this time you can send first a little email just to check!! ;-P
    Hopping this helps... at last !
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    Felin reacted to Zaltyre in Earthen anguish With Lifedrain scepter   
    Sadgit's got it, but as an additional note- you can attack a summoned stone (as a hero) with any attack generally- you do not need earthen anguish. This is allowed by the summoned stone familiar card (not usually a good idea to attack your stone, but it can sometimes help).
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    Felin reacted to Sadgit in Earthen anguish With Lifedrain scepter   
    Corpse Blast and Earthen Anguish allow the hero to target the familiar. Everything else is handled like a standard attack. Using the Lifedrain Scepter, the hero would indeed recover 1 damage even if the attack only damaged the familiar.
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    Felin reacted to Sadgit in Community Rules Reference Guide (CRRG)   
    The Community Rules Reference Guide (CRRG) is a comprehensive resource for all Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition rules. In its current form it features:
    Rules from the base game and all released expansion boxes (except the print-on-demand expansions) Rules for Road to Legend including The Delve in separate text boxes Official Errata and FAQ published by FFG (oFAQ, version 1.6) and approximately 400 unoffical FAQs (uFAQs) to specific player questions integrated into the text. Visual examples for “Movement”, “Line of Sight” and “Special Situations in Combat” Tables with overviews on the content of Descent expansions An index with hyperlinks and page numbers When I started this project (in an over-enthusiastic and fairly naive way), I never imagined the time and effort it would cost. I also never imagined what I would learn on the way. And I definitely never imagined the help and the encouragement I would receive from friendly, dedicated and generally fantastic people who I would get to know. I cannot thank you guys and gals enough for this. For me personally, this project is as much about the journey and the things that I experienced on the way, as it is about the final product. And, in my opinion, this is exactly as it should be.

    Download: http://crrg.descent-community.org
    I am planning to update and improve the CRRG. I need the help of the community for this. Please use this thread to report errors, typos and additional uFAQs not yet included in the CRRG. Other comments are highly appreciated as well.  
    Many thanks to Zaltyre, any2cards and Atom4geVampire for their continuous support.
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    Felin reacted to Zaltyre in Traps on special terrain spaces   
    I see 2 reasons for OL cards, and both come back to "uncertainty."
    1) Like you said- without OL cards, heroes could be nearly certain their turn would turn out like they hope. "I'm just going to move over here, then search". "Actually, you're getting stunned, sorry!" OL cards force them to make backup plans, and keeps strategy interesting.
    2) Monsters really only improve between Acts, but heroes are constantly improving with new skills and gear. OL cards give monsters variable abilities so the heroes never know QUITE what a monster is capable of. "I'm out of range of that ettin, even if he takes a full move action to come get me." "He would be, except for this DASH. Incidentially, this attack is getting a DARK MIGHT and a CRITICAL BLOW."
    I suppose OL cards do exist to make the game more interesting for the OL, too, but most of the joy comes from those "it's not fair!" moments.
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