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    Felin reacted to Charmy in Draw an overlord card for defeating a figure treated as hero   
    At this point, I'd say rather than hunting through the FAQs and FFG response threads just replace the regular rulebook with http://descent-community.org/index.php/crrg/
    It's far more comprehensive, accurate and up to date with all the errata included.
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    Felin reacted to Sadgit in Is Deep Elf Riposte OP?   
    I think that this would depend on the step the attack is determined to miss.
    Step 2: attack result [2] (however I could well be wrong here)
    Step 3: attack result [3]
    Step 4: attack result [3]. It is not attack result [4] as surges preventing a miss must be spend first. 
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    Felin reacted to Sadgit in Is Deep Elf Riposte OP?   
    Here is my take on Riposte.
    Triggering condition
    Riposte's triggering condition is "when an adjacent figure resolves an attack". This is after step 5 of the attack sequence is completed or when the attack is resolved due to a miss. This means that Riposte does not trigger if the Deep Elf was defeated in step 5 as the Deep Elf is no longer on the map when the attack is resolved.

    Effects when the attack did not miss  
    The attacker suffers damage equal to the defense results. In this case defense results consist of the shields rolled in step 2 and all additional shields added by other effects during the attack (Trenloe's Hero ability, Dark Fortitude, etc.). The OL or heroes may use reroll abilities to change the defense results in step 2.

    Effects when the attack did miss
    An attack can miss is step 2 (X rolled), step 3 (insufficient range) or step 4 (no surge to spend on Shadow ability). When the attack is determined a miss, it is immediately resolved without performing any further steps. That is when Riposte triggers. The ability states that the attack suffers damage equal to the [HEARTS] rolled. It is interesting that the wording here is not "attack results", which would be inline with the wording for a non-miss. It is my opinion this indicates that "[HEARTS] rolled" is not the same as "attack results".  It's just the [HEARTS] rolled on the attack and power dice. No other modifications apply. The attack results are sequentially modified during an attack:
    Step 2
    Rolling dice substep:
    [HEARTS] rolled = attack results [1]
    After rolling dice substep:
    [HEARTS] rolled after rerolling = attack results [2]
    attack results [2] + any modifications that trigger in this step (e.g. your attack gains +X [HEART], Staff of Greyhaven, Sorcery X, etc. ) = attack results [3] 
    Step 3
    I am not sure if there is anything that modifies attack result [3] in this step.
    Step 4
    attack results [3] + modifications = attack results [4]
    Step 5
    I am not sure if there is anything that modifies attack result [4] in this step.
    My stance - that "[Hearts] rolled" =  attack results [2] - is supported by the following uFAQs:
    For Krutzbeck's Heroic Feat (replace the result of you attack roll] the unmodified attack result [2] is used.
    For Leoric's Hero ability ("-1 [HEART] on all attack rolls] the unmodified attack result [2] is used.
    For Hugo the Glorious Heroic Feat (double the [HEART] on your attack roll) the unmodified attack result [2] is used.
    Reroll abilities (Broad Sword, Fortuna's Dice, and many more)
    Even if not explicitly stated on all cards, reroll abilities are triggered in the "after rolling dice" substep of step 2. I think that the reroll ability may be used even if it cannot prevent that attack to miss. Otherwise it would be really complicated with things like Thaiden Hero ability etc.   
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    Felin reacted to any2cards in D2e Card Viewer   
    Today, the D2e Card Viewer extension for Chrome has been updated to support all of the cards that come with Lost Legends.
    I want to thank Sadgit for taking the time to create high resolution images of the cards, as they look far better than what we would get when they are scanned.  It should also be noted that some minor changes have been made to some of the cards text to fix minor inconsistencies, etc.
    For those who may not currently be using the D2e Card Viewer, or don't know what it is, allow me to explain.
    It essentially allows you to see card images in-line on sites such as BGG, FFG, reddit, etc.  It underlines all of the card names with red dashed lines, and when you move your mouse to those key names, it will pop up an image of the card.  This allows you to view the exact card that is being discussed within a thread.
    If you use Chrome, I highly recommend it.  You can find it here: D2e Card Viewer
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    Felin reacted to Sadgit in Sands of the Past - Release   
    I am happy to announce that the Sands of the Past expansion has been released. 
    For more details see my BGG post.
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    Felin got a reaction from pan82 in Can we use Blood rage with a monster that cannot attack in that turn?   
    I think that the question is more "can an OL play a card only to kill a monster without this monster attacking even once "

    As there is a lot of examples of powers where you could trigger them without doing all effects I would say that yes you can play Blood Rage to kill a monster !
    the triggering beeing only "at the end of your turn [...] choose a monster."
    and as stated with other powers (advance, charge, etc) you can skip some part but not the consequences so the monster would not attack but he will be nevertheless defeated !
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    Felin reacted to Zaltyre in Can we use Blood rage with a monster that cannot attack in that turn?   
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    Felin reacted to Atom4geVampire in Unofficial Campaign Tracker for Descent!   
    Here is a new screenshot of an improvement (still a bit work in progress) - old page: http://d2etracker.com/stats_attributes.php

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    Felin reacted to any2cards in The Shadow Rune - rebalancing project   
    While I commend your interest in doing so, and while I do agree this campaign needs a serious overall, I am simply not sure it would be worth the effort.
    Given your creative talents, your time may simply be better served creating a completely brand new campaign, rather than trying to fix the abomination known as The Shadow Rune.  After all, it was only slightly better than D1e's Sea of Blood. 🤣
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    Felin got a reaction from becauseofyou in General Descent Questions 2   
    I will just add two precisions:

    - don't forget to trade the hero doing the trade MUST do an action mouvement (just spend fatigue or other mouvement points is not enough)

    - objects that have start of turn abilities won't work as one can wish!

    Clearest example "Elven Boots" : "You gain 1 movement point at the start of your turn"
    Indeed the "Start of Turn" step is before the refresh and an before the equip step.

    So if Hero1 gives the boots to Hero2, as at the Start of Turn Hero2 has not equipped them he won't have the mouvement point !
    He must first equip them and only on the Start of his next turn will he have the mouvement point.
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    Felin reacted to Sadgit in Tahlia Feat question   
    I agree that both interpretations are possible. However, I think that it is A simply because the wording on CK Tahlia was
    which clearly indicated that the first triggering condition is independent from adjacency. Assuming that the mechanics did not change, Tahlia can indeed attack a monster not adjacent to her if she has a ranged or reach weapon equipped. 
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    Felin got a reaction from kbalazsa in Death Siphon vs Charmed Hero   
    No harm done ! 😉
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    Felin got a reaction from Charmy in Death Siphon vs Charmed Hero   
    No harm done ! 😉
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    Felin reacted to Charmy in Death Siphon vs Charmed Hero   
    After thinking about it a bit, I realized my initial post was wrong, so I corrected it, but it looks like you read my post before I did so.. Sorry about that
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    Felin reacted to Sadgit in Sands of the Past - Preview #1   
    I am happy to announce Sands of the Past - an expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd edition. A couple of months ago, myself and several members of the community set out to develop a community expansion with roughly the content and (most importantly) the quality of a small box official expansion. Although some components of SotP are still at a play-testing stage, the new Road to Peril coop mode that will be included in SotP expansion has already sparked a thread on BGG. I therefore decided to share some details on SotP in a series of previews.
    For details see my announcement post on BGG.
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    Felin reacted to any2cards in I guess some box expansions got canned   
    Well, to be honest, I could live with them simply releasing the 12 heroes that exist in D1e but do not exist in D2e.  After all, they assuaged my OCD completeness issues by releasing the missing classes.  We are half way home ... now just release the heroes, and I can stop twitching in the middle of the night ... 😝
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    Felin reacted to Sadgit in Question : defeated during attack   
    The attack is immediately terminated when the attacker is defeated.
    1. Monster dead in step 2, no damage to hero
    2. Monster dead in step 4, no damage to hero
    3. Not different from the other cases. The Blood Ape would move, perform an attack up to the step it dies. If it dies before damage is dealt, the heroes do not suffer any damage.
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    Felin got a reaction from becauseofyou in Rumor   
    That's a better question ! ?
    Because on the H&M rumors the OL cards  rewarded are not 'petty' :
    'Treaty of Champions ' can give : Hags Hunger .. -2[Fatigue] for each hero within 3 spaces of a defeated hero ! (if you have heroes woth Familiars will be deadly !)
    ' Stewards of Secret' : Splice : each monster of a group gains [Surge]:+2[Hearth] and another  monster within 3 spaces -2[Heart] (on small monsters that reinforce could be potent)
    ' Shards of Everdark' : Mockery : in short can give an additional gray to a hero for it's attributes test  .... could stay all encounter !

    this alone could be a good incentive .. even if a all or nothing one.
    If you play with Plot cards it's even better, as playing rumors gives Treath tokens to the OL !

    On those (up to now) I only have played Stewards of Secret (only Act I .. campaign ongoing) on the Hero side and I lost, I think is a rather balanced quest
    (My actual point of view .. perhaps after doing it a couple of times it will change .. ?)

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    Felin got a reaction from Charmy in Obsidian Scalemail + blast question   
    Obsidian Scalemail : "Each time you are attacked and suffer no hearts, recover 2 fatigue."

    My questions is : if the hero with the Obsidian Scalemail is affected with a blast attack but not the initial target, does he recovers 2 [Fatigue] ?

    More globally if it's not specifyed "attacked" does it means 'targeted by an attack' or 'affected by an attack' ?
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    Felin reacted to Zaltyre in Dead or Drowing-Rules questions galore   
    In the English quest guide, infected villager token and fatigue are both discarded.
    There is no way to cleanse a refugee that has not been infected. If all the refugees get infected, the OL wins.
    "As an action, a hero or Tyrus may cleanse an adjacent infected." (Note, NOT "refugee").
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    Felin reacted to Sadgit in Moving off the map   
    My impression is that moving off the map is not really moving. It's spending a movement point to trigger an effect to take a figure off the map. This effect is usually part of the quest description. In some quest there are doors or tunnels that can be passed by spending a movement point. Moving off the map seems similar in this respect.
    Thus, if Grease Trap is triggered when a hero enters the last space of an exit tile, he would hit the wall. Interestingly, this interpretation would also mean that a hero cannot move off the map with effects such as "move up to you speed" or "move X spaces".
    However, if this is true, is spending that last movement point considered to be an interrupt? Does that mean that you cannot leave the map if the exit tile is occupied by friendly figures as you cannot interrupt movement on an occupied space?
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    Felin reacted to Zaltyre in Time for a New Vault?   
    The autoformatted pdf is a big part of what I'm after, as it's key to taking quest ideas and giving them a polished look.
    Memory of previous quest versions is "nice," but not a mandatory feature in my personal opinion.
    There are also a number of little features available in the official quest maps not available in the Vault- multiple color unique spaces, crumbling terrain, unique search token markers (really) which would be great to add.
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    Felin got a reaction from Suhawk75 in Fastest Hero in the game   
    Indeed not directly but as it's a free action
    what Bucho says is that we can use Gold Rush to add 5 more free movement points (above the 2 move actions)
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    Felin reacted to Sadgit in Community Rules Reference Guide (CRRG)   
    Release Notes
    CRRG Version 1.10. (03/04/2018)
    corrected RtL quest layout table for From the Shadows (deleted tile 72)
    corrected side quest assignment for BotW and SotS in the hero and monster collection table
    corrected missing image in entry Overgrowth
    modified uFAQ to entry Leoric of the Book
    added uFAQ to entry conditions
    added uFAQ to entry "My House, my Rules"
    added uFAQ to entry Elder Mok
    added uFAQ to entry Trading Pains
    added uFAQ to entry Revive
    added uFAQ to entry Stand Up
    added uFAQ to entry Lifethirst
    added uFAQ to entry Defeated/A knocked out hero may/
    added uFAQ to entry Sahla
    added uFAQs to entry Let the Truth be Buried 
    corrected and modified uFAQ in entry Adaptive Contagion
    added uFAQ to A Demonstration
    deleted double entry for Piercing Darkness
    modified entry Conditions to include that for allies "turn" means "activation".
    modified entry Secret Rooms/Challenge tokens
    added new entry Modify results of dice
    added new entries "Change results of dice", "Reroll dice", "Replace results of dice" and "Add or subtract X" all linking to "Modify results of dice"
    deleted old entry Reroll
    added cross-reference to entry Dice
    corrected typo in Call of the Ravens and Laurel of Bloodwood
    modified entry My house, my Rules
    modified entry Difficulty
    replaced icons for Melee and Ranged
    corrected entry Fortune and Glory (LoR quest)
    added uFAQ to Secrets of Stone (LoR quest)
    added new entry Off the Map
    modified entry OL cards/Playing OL cards
    modified entry Quick Recovery
    included modified version of cards which received an official errata: Blood Lust, Reinforce, Potent Remedies, Mirror Image, Quaking Word, Guard, Dying Command, Raise Dead, Break the Rune, Ancestor Spirits, Quick Recovery, Running Shot, Diverse Means, Unholy Ritual.
    added uFAQ for Mental Error
    added Possessive to entry Dark Charm
    added uFAQ to Search/Search action
    corrected layout of appendix 3.5
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    Felin reacted to Zaltyre in ::NOTICE JOKE TOPIC:: New Descent expansion announced!! ::NOTICE JOKE TOPIC::   
    Thanks- but it'a not the 1st anymore and false hope is just mean.
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