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  1. It seems the Descent Guru's are not around there for the moment to answer. So quickly I advise to take a look to a part of their insights they have left in the CRRG .. ๐Ÿ˜‰ can be found here amoung other places : https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1729458/community-rules-reference-guide-crrg/page/1 Defeated and Knocked Out steps are p.13 By the way OL only draws a card only when a hero is knocked out and his figurine is removed from the board .. not before.
  2. Dark Charm => OL Turn Bow of Bone => Hero X Turn Turn <> Round 1 Round = Hero 1 turn + Hero 2 turn + Hero 3 turn + Hero 4 turn + OL turn cf rule book p7 top left Short answer Dark Charm doesn't impact Bow of Bones
  3. First I adivse you to have a look to CRRG from Sadgit : https://descent-community.org/index.php/crrg/ Then here are the steps of combat 1 Declare weapon and target 2 roll dice 3 check range 4 spend surges 5 deal damage for step 5 I will specify that inside we have a- do damage b- do defeated stuff c- repeat a and b for next affected figure an attack is only ended one all this is done So the defeat of Possessive triggers during step 5 b (just after damage is done but before the attack is over) this means we have another round of attack steps 'inside' step 5 of the hero attack's Once Step 5 of the 'Possessive' attacks ends (or if the hero dies from the 2 initial damages) we revert back to resolve or end the attack from he here If at this stage the hero is dead ... every thing ends and he can't even trigger Tide ... his attack was indeed never fully performed A further proof of that : simply suppose the hero's attack is a multiple target attack against, let's say, the scourge and monster A If the hero tries to damage the Scourge first on his step 5, he will be dead before doing the rest of his attacks actions : 5 c and so before doing damages against monster A Monster A will never be damaged because the hero died before the end of his attack. Further advice : always take care of the order in which you deal damages when attacking multiple targets .. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. I don't know if I see them all but there are a lot of (I think I have see more than 100) new translations .. just click "check for new or updated string" on the top of the translations pages
  5. Simple answer : yes ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. 1/ Mana weave is an item only the hero with it equipped can use it ... not his familiar nor anyone else. 2/ First point : Nimble is an 'interrupt' in order to use it you must be able to use it. Second point : a big monster (anything more than 1x1) can only interrupt himself / be interrupted if he can 'expand' before here the 1st point his ok .. but not the second So in your example the Meriod shrinks moves one space, two spaces .. Jain wants to interrupt .. but as the Merriod can't expand she can't use Nimble ! monster keep moving and can expand in the place with the dots ! Side note before expanding Jain can try to use Nimble : this time she can but as when doing this the Merriod must first be 'expanded' Jain will be able only to move either to the left or back left (side by side with H) By the way I advise you to take a look at the CRRG it contains 'A Lot' of Usefull Informations
  7. In short a hero turn can only be ended if it was on his turn, anything else only knocks him out but doesn't ends a turn. Quote from rule book page 15 So on your example once Raythen ends his turn 4 heroes are yet to play .. the only thing is that one of them is knocked out. EDIT: as a side note .. have a look here CRRG a lot of questions are answered inside
  8. Felin

    Familar target

    Just as a complement to Xyphistor answer we are on the App/Road to Legend part .. so don't forgot to read the correspondant part : - either on the CRRG always on p17 the frame down right of the page - or on the Road to legend Rule book p.11 & 23 In short :
  9. The wording is to avoid loopings So everything is an effect Yes ! speding fatigue to MP triggers the ability... so better to transform all fatigues at once if you want to turn arround the Scourge ...
  10. Just to specify that this combo is not limited to Dark Charm ! any card that 'charms' a hero will work : Dark Host, Out of Darness, Possessive (๐Ÿ˜จ) , ... With this combo you are sure you card will work ! up to now should the OL roll an X he would have lost a card for nothing ! With this combo you are sure your card will always be effective ! and it's even better if an X is rolled as the hero is simply defeated whatever is health ! Now about using the Dark Fortune to try to force the X : 16% to obtain it if he didn't happen the first time ... if I'm cornered and it's a all or nothing move I would try, else I prefer to keep the Dark Fortune to give 83% chance to a monster to avoid the X ! with this combo "Make no excuses " is clearly the card to have in this plot ... even before the Pins and Nedles !
  11. If I have time I will try to take a look .. but if someone else candidates its better ! ๐Ÿ˜œ
  12. I also hoped more from the various Descent communities ... But even like that I'm happy to see that Descent, up to now, is the game with the more 'supporters' ! SW realated games have less ! and even the second 'supported' game IA... it's a Descent like game ! ๐Ÿ˜‰ So there is hope ....
  13. Don't forget to like the questions you want answered ! The more we 'support' the questions the more FFG can see what we expect from them ... and who knows : make them do new content for us if they judge that there is enought people who will buy .... ๐Ÿ˜‰
  14. Hi any2cards something that could be helpfull to test, if ever you don't have it yet, is an html page with all names and that is also referenced to be used with the tool ... Like a test page in the root folder of your tool.
  15. Yet to be clear... had Riposte been written "attack results" instead of "damaged rolled" what would have been the Riposte damage ? attack results [2] or attack results [3] (with the Rage) ?
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