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  1. Hi any2cards something that could be helpfull to test, if ever you don't have it yet, is an html page with all names and that is also referenced to be used with the tool ... Like a test page in the root folder of your tool.
  2. Yet to be clear... had Riposte been written "attack results" instead of "damaged rolled" what would have been the Riposte damage ? attack results [2] or attack results [3] (with the Rage) ?
  3. Just to understand without ambiguity .. Rage is it added on step 2 or Step 4 ? Actually on the CRRG I only see this on P6 step 4 "Additional [Hearts] or [Shields] from abilities are added to the attack and defense results, respectively" this seems to point that Rage but also Sorcery, Staff of Greyhaven are added at this step... Perhaps you could add/modifiy the next CRRG uptade to include those precisions / examples ?
  4. Hence my question ... On my example Rage was already triggered .. so does it apply ?
  5. Zaltyre was answering to a question where the attack was successfull, if the attack is a miss I'm not sure his answer is always correct... let's take my example and specify that the weapon used is the Steel Broadsword ... can the Hero reroll the red dice to try to lower the damage? from what I understand I would say no because once an attack is a miss it's ended and so only powers that could change the miss to a success could be used and clearly the bradsword can't change the miss result..
  6. Sorry to dig up this old thread but I have a question linked to it .. So imagine the following example : Hero uses ability that gives + 1 [Heart] (like Rage, dark elf tracked, Challenge, ... could also be more than one) Hero attacks the Master Deep Elf with a Blue Red attack Dices resultes are X and 2[Hearts] and 1[Shield] for the Elf Now the question : How many [Hearths] will the hero suffer from Riposte ? 2 or 3 ? In short the question is when do the damages given by abilities apply ? and do they apply even if the attack is a miss ?
  7. I think that the question is more "can an OL play a card only to kill a monster without this monster attacking even once " As there is a lot of examples of powers where you could trigger them without doing all effects I would say that yes you can play Blood Rage to kill a monster ! the triggering beeing only "at the end of your turn [...] choose a monster." and as stated with other powers (advance, charge, etc) you can skip some part but not the consequences so the monster would not attack but he will be nevertheless defeated !
  8. My two cents also : Up to where are you ready to go to balance the quests ? Just modify the values (like more health / defense for the villagers) ? Quest rules and perhaps mechanics ? the maps ? I will take an example Castle Daerion by default nearly any heroes group will win .. now if the OL uses Brodwalkers ... as they can start adjacent to heroes only the heroes with the good powers will have some chances to win and yet they must be not too unlucky with the dices ! So clearly in the first case something must be done on the values/rules side but on the second it's the Map that must be changed... Ence my conclusion that will join Any2Cards one : if it's to modify everything in the quests .. isn't it easier to do something new where you don't have barriers / limitations to follow? ... and last question to finish : what's the border in modifications between "it's the same quest with slight modifications" and "it's something totally different we don't even recognise what existed initially" ? ....
  9. I will just add two precisions: - don't forget to trade the hero doing the trade MUST do an action mouvement (just spend fatigue or other mouvement points is not enough) - objects that have start of turn abilities won't work as one can wish! Clearest example "Elven Boots" : "You gain 1 movement point at the start of your turn" Indeed the "Start of Turn" step is before the refresh and an before the equip step. So if Hero1 gives the boots to Hero2, as at the Start of Turn Hero2 has not equipped them he won't have the mouvement point ! He must first equip them and only on the Start of his next turn will he have the mouvement point.
  10. Hi, Perhaps it's because I'm not a native english speaker .. but I have a doubt about Tahlia Heroic Feat : "Use when a monster starts its activation or moves into a space adjacent to you. Immediately perform an attack that targets that monster. After the attack is resolved, the monster's activation resumes" does it means that Tahlia can use it : A/ - when a monsters starts its activation - moves into a space adajacent or B/ - when a monsters start sits activation into an adjacent space - moves into a space adajacent As she has most of the time Melee weapons I always used B/ .. but should she have a ranged / reach weapon the distinction can be huge ... so how must it be understood A/ or B/ ?
  11. This is the point of my question ! It's a charmed hero ! and if Death Siphon is to be used A is yet a monster as his attack has not yet ended ?! And while charming OL treats the hero just like one of his monsters (he can play cards on it etc... with the exeptions we know) ... so why couldn't heroes treat him like a monster also ? ... I don't have my cards nearby but I'm pretty sure that there are defensive powers/objects that could be used when attacked by a charmed hero because he his a monster (like reroll defense or the like) so why not the other way arround ...
  12. Hi, here am I again with some weird questions ... 🙂 Initial state let's say two heroes A and B ... to simplify the case they are adjacent B has Death Siphon A is Dark Charmed and attacks B .. killing him ! Q: Could B attack A using Death Siphhon ? If the answer is yes .. let introduce Andira as a C hero, C within 3 spaces of both A & B .. Q: When does Andira ability triggers ?
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