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  1. Ok thank you it's the same then ! My concerned was not about cleansing in itself nor how it's done .. but more about OL conditions and the consequences of cleansing. Up to now, in my mind : Cleansing = villager is not infected anymore and he shouldn't count as a refugee infected for OL victory But now with the confirmation that the English is the same as mine and with a little bit more thinking, I understand that Cleansing as no interactions with OL victory once infected whatever happens to villager he counts as infected Cleansing it only avoids having a Zombie being reinforced at this place nothing more ! But I stay convinced that it would have been easier to understand if it was writen like "If all the refugees yet on the Map are infected, the OL wins."
  2. Sorry to rise this old thread .. but my question is linked to this quest ! Can somebody paste / explain what happens when an infected villager is cleanse ? I'm asking because in my translated version the [fatigue] token AND the villager token are both discarded when cleanse ! ... and I find it strange ... indeed the OL objective beeing to infect all refugees, if village tokens are discarded without beeing infected, does the OL can yet win if a villager has been cleanse? shouldn't the OL condition in that case rather be : "if all remaining refugees on the Map are infested OL wins" ?
  3. If we must do spiritism to know what's coming for Descent... this does mean only one thing from my point of view : Descent is dead (at least for FFG ! ) !
  4. Felin

    Time for a New Vault?

    From my point of view what's missing on the Vault could be easily put in a new tool ... As in the current Vault .. if only they took the few hours needed ..
  5. Felin

    Time for a New Vault?

    My two cents... It's easy to create a 'light' Vault with : - Map settings - Quest details input - export to PDF What will be more difficult is to have a database to keep all the data for history / later updates So it's not a technical problem.. Legaly had they being giving support to the current Vault, of course, I think they would have been against any fan project like that ... but as it seems its no more the case .... But as always it's better to ask before !
  6. Indeed not directly but as it's a free action what Bucho says is that we can use Gold Rush to add 5 more free movement points (above the 2 move actions)
  7. if you are for the most MP.. replace Elven boots with Undying Skull and Ring of Power (both Act I).. -1 (from elven boots) +4 (pure stamina) +4 (potion) But something most heroes will not easyly surpass ... Jain HF are spaces ..not MP's, so water and the like are ignored !!!
  8. Thank you for your answers. any2cards, but if Tahlia doesn't declares the use of it's HF from start could it be declared latter? is it always the start of activation after First Strike ? The final goal being able to use both to try to kill a monster that can't be one shotted... but the order could matter ..
  9. Hi just to verify : can Tahlia HF : "Use when a monster starts its activation or moves into a space adjacent to you. Immediately perform an attack that targets that monster. After the attack is resolved, the monster's activation resumes" and First Strike from Wildlander : "During the overlord's turn, immediately after he chooses a monster to activate, you may exhaust this card to perfom an attack targeting that monster with a Bow. After this attack is resolved, if the monster was not defeated, it may continue its activation." be used on the same monster? I think yes... If I'm true I have another question : for me both powers have the same trigger... so should both powers be used can OL (as he is the active player) choose the order in which they are triggered ? or are the heroes to choose ?
  10. Quickly I think you are not on the right place because : 1 - FFG US never answers on forums 2 - even if FFG US decides when the launch a print run it's to FFG Spain / EDGE to decide if they want also a reprint or not ... So my advice better asking FFG Spain ... you have more chances to recieve and anwser and it should be more accurate ...
  11. I agree but unlike Unholy Ritual where triggering condition is "Play this card at the start of you turn ", Dark Charm triggering condition is : "Play this card on a hero at the start of your turn." Why I think more likely that the card can only played once... Of course if we consider "[...] Choose one of your monster groups [...]" as part of the triggering condition and not as the effect of the card ... I agree it can be played multiple times on different groups... ... but in this case what about Word of Misery : "Play this card at the start of your turn. During this turn, each time a hero suffers any [Heart], he also suffers 1 [Fatigue] in addition to the [Heart] suffered." ? Let's say OL has all cards in hand, he plays Word of Misery then Dark Charm and kills one hero, the card he draws his Word of Misery ... Would you say he can play it twice ? what will be the effect ? Same questions could then arrise with other similar cards (Virulent Infection, Endless Supply, Treacherous Shadows, ...) (When I see Endless Supply.. I think that paired with Unholy Ritual they make a good duo.. and if you can play them more than once ... )
  12. First of all : I totally agree with you, unfortunatelly it will not be the first rule to be 'worded very poorly' ! For proof the need of a CRRG that' closes to 100 pages, where as FFG FAQ & Errata file is 11 pages ?!! Then from my understanding and experience (but I could be wrong !), Unholy Ritual, has no target so I take the rule becomes " Two Overlord cards with the same name cannot be played in response to the same triggering condition." So for me it can't be played twice in the same turn ! But even if I'm wrong by playing it on the Kobolds the group becomes the 'target' (by the way English is not my native language but the target in this rule is not to mix up with 'the target of an attack' I think it two different things here the target can be anything not mandatorily a figurine, it can be a card, or a specific action, etc) and so even in this case this card can't be played twice on the same group, but indeed can then be played on another group, till his number of groups if the OL his lucky to draw this card every time... don't forget in this case all monsters from all 'used' groups will be like 'stunned' For me there is only those two possibilities ! But I agree Unholy Ritual with Kobolds could be strong , as it could help OL to go take the two specific cards he may need, and if Kobolds are far from danger and could go to their maximum it's even better.
  13. By rules an OL card can't be played twice with the same trigger. More over (cf p39 "Trigger" on the CRRG) " effects may be triggered only once by the other effect per timing instance". So these type of loops are not possible ! So from my point of view here the trigger is "Play this card at the start of you turn." so no two card like that at the start of the turn ! Not even on different monster groups ...
  14. First of all it's a nice tool ! Then something that could be added it's the pendant of +[heart] +[surge] etc... -> a -[heart] -[surge] etc Mainly for the minus surge (Heavy Cloak, Shadow Bracers, etc ...) but for the design perhaps it will be easier to add all the row of minus... or just be able to add negative values ? ...