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  1. just a side notice the right fork is : https://sadgit-hl.github.io/D2eMap/ the one with "-WoW" is for ... some testing .... ­čĄź
  2. Rules questions about Trading : - is trading and interrupt ? - if no, after a move action can a hero A : - trade with an adjacent hero B while being in an occupied space ? buy hero C for example .. - trade in the middle of an ability / Heroic feat later this same turn? (one having deplacement possibilities like : Logan Lashey HF, Knight's Advance, Champion's Motivating Charge , ...) Thanks for the inputs !
  3. What happens when a figure doing an attack is defeated before the end of his attack ? concrete cases : - Monstrer with 1 life left, attacking an adjacent hero with un-exhuasted Deflecting Shield ? - Lone Monster (no other monster within a range of 3) with 2 or less lives left and using the OL Reward card Splice to defeat an hero ? - What if the Monster is a Master Blood Ape doing an Leap attack ? In case the answer is : "the attack keeps on" ... lets suppose now that the attacker and the defender have only one life left and whoever is defeated first loses the encounter / quest : what's the outcome ?
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    That's a better question ! ? Because on the H&M rumors the OL cards rewarded are not 'petty' : 'Treaty of Champions ' can give : Hags Hunger .. -2[Fatigue] for each hero within 3 spaces of a defeated hero ! (if you have heroes woth Familiars will be deadly !) ' Stewards of Secret' : Splice : each monster of a group gains [Surge]:+2[Hearth] and another monster within 3 spaces -2[Heart] (on small monsters that reinforce could be potent) ' Shar´╗┐ds of Everdark´╗┐' : Mockery : in short can give an additional gray to a hero for it's attributes test .... could stay all encounter ! this alone could be a good incentive .. even if a all or nothing one. If you play with Plot cards it's even better, as playing rumors gives Treath tokens to the OL ! On those (up to now) I only have played Stewards of Secret´╗┐´╗┐ (only Act I .. campaign ongoing) on the Hero side and I lost, I think is a rather balanced quest (My actual point of view .. perhaps after doing it a couple of times it will change .. ?)
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    I was forgetting a thing ... all rumor cards are not quests ... so if you have the small expansions (where these cards are) it's not a good idea to draw them and display them Some of them are events that favor the OL ... not much but could be helpfull Ask the heroes to draw shopping cards but without allowing them to know what they have drawn is always memorable ! ?
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    You are speaking about H&M rumours cards... Those of the small extensions (Lair of the Wyrm, Trollfens and Manor of Ravens) don't have the same 'incentives' on those nothing happens if heroes don't do them to answer more to the question: Simply because globally they favor the heroes! let's take H&M rumors OL recieves Threat tokens to play them IF he wins or heroes don't play it he couold receive an OL card.. most of the time not too bad it's true ... but he must win first Heroes : Win or lost they keep the searches (and if they are lucky the tresure chest !!) AND a new shopping phase ... which allows them to highter their chances to obbtains what they want If they win they deny an OL card to the OL For the small expansions it's even worse If OL wins he has a small relic If Heroes win they have an OP relic !! ok this is mainly true for LoW Quests... but even for the others it's a relic nonetheless ! Last thing to have in mind ... rumors give two quests one in Act I and another in Act II ... and it's always gold and shopping phase for the Heroes... So the OL must be careful to what he puts in play... and look closely to the quests he has in hand... should he have an unbalanced quest where he is nearly sure to lose... he has no reason to play it as all benefits will be for the Heroes ... unless he is in need of some Threat tokens..... ?! Heroes have no reason to avoid a Rumor ! Has they will always have some benefit back ! and with H&M Rumours they even can try to deny the OL a card ! The only reson to avoid a Rumor for heroes is if it's one of the small boxes and they find that should they loose, the Relic is too powerfull for the OL .... but I'm yet to find such a quest that is not worth the gold and the shopping phase ! This explains why with the H&M Rumors FFG tryied to balance the system by lowering the searches (usually in these quests there is only 3 search tokens instead of 4) and avoiding any other victory rewards to the heroes (the reward is to deny OL victory reward) But again one of the house rules I used to play with (be I on OL or Heroes side) should we use rumors is to remove LoW Rumor quests it's not fun for the OL to be smashed in Act I (and after with the snowballing effect) because at the second quest the heroes recovered either the Aurium armor or Valyndra's Bane !! it's not fun either for the heroes when they clean a map before the end of the encounter and have only to wander and search tokens till they decide to end it But it's only my point of view.... Hope you will have others returns to have a better idea...! Perhaps I'm not partial ? ...?
  7. Our thinking A/ The first damage was from outside source, an attack. B/ This triggered WoM C/ Which in turn triggers Scourge Scourge redirect a Fatigue to another hero which becomes a damage Go to B.
  8. Hi while playing a quest we come across a strange situation : During OL turn Placement two (or more heroes) are adjacent to the scourge, all heroes have full health and fatigue equal to their stamina Word of Misery was played at the begining of OL turn. what do you think will happen ? as a reminder Scourge : "Each time a hero adjacent to the Scourge suffers 1 or more Fatigue from an effect other than this, choose another hero to suffer 1 Fatigue." Word of Misery : "Play this card at the start of your turn. During this turn, each time a hero suffers any [Heart], he also suffers 1 [Fatigue] in addition to the [Heart] suffered." we have arrived to a loop that ends only with the death of all heroes but one ... is this correct or something escaped us ?
  9. Of course I will do ... but I have some questions yet pending since 6 months without answer ... Add to this that Descent had no news since some time (and I don't even speak about physical content nor an FAQ update !! [subliminal advertisement for Sadgit's CRRG!! ?] ) So if I find the time and the spirits to post the question ... I'm not even sure to have an answer to post here ! ?
  10. Obsidian Scalemail : "Each time you are attacked and suffer no hearts, recover 2 fatigue." My questions is : if the hero with the Obsidian Scalemail is affected with a blast attack but not the initial target, does he recovers 2 [Fatigue] ? More globally if it's not specifyed "attacked" does it means 'targeted by an attack' or 'affected by an attack' ?
  11. Perhaps it's my bad english but I think there is an error here.. so to be sure we are speacking of the same thing EX: Melee (to make it easier ? ) attacker rolls 2 [Damages] and 2 [Surges] with Light Hammer (as a reminder [Surge] : +2 [Damage] [Surge] : Stun) Defender rolls 3 Shields on step 4 (cf CRRG) attacker spends 1 [Surge] for +2 [Damage] and another for Stun on step 5 of the attack 4 [Damage] - 3 [Shield] = 1 [Damage] one [Damage] has been done so the Stun can be applied Same thing applies if we change the [Surge] : +2 [Damage] by a [Surge] : Pierce 2 on step 4 (cf CRRG) attacker spends 1 [Surge] for Pierce 2 and another for Stun on step 5 of the attack 2 [Damage] - 1 [Shield] = 1 [Damage] one [Damage] has been done so the Stun can be applied If ever the defender as a shield equipped that gives him a [Shield] to his defense the step 5 will give a result of 0 [Damage] done and if ever the attacker has spent a [Surge] on the stun .. it will be lost.. .. up to the attacker to see that the Stun won't be applied and perhaps make better use of the [Surge] ...
  12. Ok thank you it's the same then ! My concerned was not about cleansing in itself nor how it's done .. but more about OL conditions and the consequences of cleansing. Up to now, in my mind : Cleansing = villager is not infected anymore and he shouldn't count as a refugee infected for OL victory But now with the confirmation that the English is the same as mine and with a little bit more thinking, I understand that Cleansing as no interactions with OL victory once infected whatever happens to villager he counts as infected Cleansing it only avoids having a Zombie being reinforced at this place nothing more ! But I stay convinced that it would have been easier to understand if it was writen like "If all the refugees yet on the Map are infected, the OL wins."
  13. Sorry to rise this old thread .. but my question is linked to this quest ! Can somebody paste / explain what happens when an infected villager is cleanse ? I'm asking because in my translated version the [fatigue] token AND the villager token are both discarded when cleanse ! ... and I find it strange ... indeed the OL objective beeing to infect all refugees, if village tokens are discarded without beeing infected, does the OL can yet win if a villager has been cleanse? shouldn't the OL condition in that case rather be : "if all remaining refugees on the Map are infested OL wins" ?
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    Descent speculation

    If we must do spiritism to know what's coming for Descent... this does mean only one thing from my point of view : Descent is dead (at least for FFG ! ) !
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    Time for a New Vault?

    From my point of view what's missing on the Vault could be easily put in a new tool ... As in the current Vault .. if only they took the few hours needed ..