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  1. Its a custom make, looks like a gigantic redo of a Lambda shuttle for planetary assault. Given that the only canon AT-AT Transports are the Y-85 http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Y-85_Titan_dropship the Theta-class AT-AT Barge http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Theta-class_AT-AT_barge and the Warlord http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Warlord_Dropship I'd say if its anything it might be the Warlord, but no suggestion either way.
  2. That chart isn't terribly accurate, nor has it taken into account all canon sources. Also, on the subject of the new Enterprises size... well, http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Constitution_class_%28alternate_reality%29#Size
  3. The Ion Cannon will be out of scale, I guarantee.
  4. Things I always love - People making statements concerning EU/canon that have no bearing on EU/canon - Opinions of Fanon that get mistaken for Canon there are MANY ships called the "Z-95 Headhunter" just like there are multiple ships called the Y-Wing, a few different ships called the A-Wing, and more being called Cloakshape fighters. Disney/Lucasfilm already has an on-screen canonical depiction of a Z-95 from the Clone Wars cartoon, but there are many other fighters with the same name.
  5. I'm partial to this one.
  6. Drendar

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    It was awesome... except for the singing, it really did sound like someone was singing a bad karaoke version of Bohemian Rhapsody.
  7. Why does this have to be the same day as the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode!? In other news, anyone in central virginia (Albemarle County/Charlottesvile area) around here?
  8. That looks delicious. Only englishmen and americans would eat this ton of sugar and fat From the country that invented these? thats a laugh (this is a Schneeballchen, its made of deep fried dough and sugar, I got lucky enough to get some in Rothenburg when I visited in 06)
  9. Deutschland, Deutschland, Uber Alles. followed by das Panzerlied And then I start ranting in german "Das ist nicht gut, alles Kaiserliche Jagdflieger ist Kaputt!" In other news, you could feasily port the Space Spitfires from Doctor Who... they had laser cannons and everything, "Danny Boy to the Doctor!" I think a spinoff one shot of nBSG might not be a bad idea, it would certainly do better than that hideous "attack wing" nonsense.
  10. It's the TARDIS Time And Relative Dimmension In Space. Its a time-machine/space-ship, it's nigh indestructible, and its piloted by a 1000 year old Time-Lord from the planet Gallifrey.
  11. I'm a forums member of a website called "Space Battles" (the considerably nicer distant cousin of a website called StarDestroyer.net) and they've been calculating the weapon yields of specific ships for years, you would not want to know the disgusting amount of time, effort, and energy that is spent on that website attempting to apply real-world yield calculations to the weaponry of fictional vessels.
  12. Starlancer would be brilliant, tons of fighters, tons of options, and two major sides. You could theoretically have a Four-Pack for BSG, Viper II and VII, and the Old and New Cylon Raider (could also do a Cylon transport and a Raptor as other ships, possibly even a Blackbird).
  13. Fantasy Flight IS surprisingly tight lipped about product, which is a stark contrast with how the last company that had the overall Star Wars License acted, practically giving out hints for everything. FFG doesn't even give us a community liason to talk to on occasion, other companies have a staff member who posts every once in a while to kind of "shore up" the fans. Not to be a bugbear, just seems that they would given the level of high quality product they deliver.
  14. I want a game that allows me to run Squadrons of starfighters, but right now flights are pretty fun. The price is the one thing I wish would go down just a tad, maybe 10 dollars for every fighter? (especially as they get older)
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