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  1. Aboard the Resurgent-Class Star Destroyer Infamy "Remember, the Resistance scum do not have the same class of equipment as the Republic fleet. Their X-Wings are last-gen. Your new TIE upgrades should give you the edge you need to clear the target space, especially with better than two-to-one odds." Vessery, formerly a Colonel in service to the Empire, was addressing two squadrons of First Order pilots. They were one jump away from their objective, a backwater world with known to have Resistance sympathizers. The plan was to jump in, deploy Omega and Tau squadrons, and burn the orbitals to scrap and ashes. If the intel was correct, a Resistance response team would scramble and jump in-system to try to bushwack the TIE/fo deployment, at which time a double flight of TIE/sf Fighters would launch and pounce on the enemy before they could react. "Ladies and gentlemen, if we pull this off we may well eliminate as much as a third of the available strike craft that the Republic dogs have smuggled to their puppets in the so-called Resistance." He surveyed the assembled pilots, his eyes lingering on the attractive young squadron leader sitting on the rightmost edge of the first row. Omega Leader, referred to informally by some as "Lockdown," she was a perhaps the single best dogfighter in the entire First Order. She was also whip smart and a firm disciplinarian, but there was one area where she was willing to ignore regs: the two of them were "fraternizing" despite their respective positions in the chain of command. To be continued...?
  2. We've known about this ship for a long time. It's Kylo Ren's answer to Vader's TIE Advanced/x1. I expect it to be similar to the Advanced but with tech slots, maybe a faster dial and boost, and probably an extra attack die and shield.
  3. For Epic specifically, Advanced TIEs with Accuracy Corrector and Cluster Missiles would be my choice of non-Defender spam ship. Failing that, why not go with the classic TIE Fighter? Especially when you can throw in so many truly mean pilots with plenty of generics for cover.
  4. That's why I love to run Wampa as my third ship in a TIE/D build.
  5. My go-to is a pair of TIE/D Defenders at PS8 with a TIE fighter running interference. Do a 1-2 combo with Tractor Beam on Vessery and Ion on Rexler.
  6. It could easily be made Large Ship Only, too.
  7. If Whisper is saving up Focus tokens, she isn't using them to modify her dice. I also assume it'd be priced pretty conservatively.
  8. Was just about to post with the caveat that I hadn't checked known sizes of the ships etc. Seems I would have been way off! Do we have any indication for the size of the VT-49 Decimator for comparison? This would be the best match for similarities I guess. Hmm... the BH D-5 Mantis is a good 68m, some triple that of a Firespray. Wow, I really should have checked these sizes before - it's no wonder they're not in the game! Don't forget to include all the companions as crew options, plenty of choice. I suspect the sizes are based on in-game measurements. Everything in SWtOR is significantly up-scaled to fit with the camera angles of a 3rd person MMORPG. I'd be comfortable cutting the official size estimates by as much as 2/3s based on what you see in-game. A VT-49 Decimator seems like a very reasonable size comparison.
  9. I based it off of the feel you get flying the thing in the starfighter missions. Thinking about it, though, I'm wondering if it shouldn't have another two crew slots and just be a 70+ point ship or something. As for the timeline, sure, it's about 3.5k years old by the time of the rebellion, but technology has been relatively static in most respects since well before then. Plus, within the rules of SWtOR, the thing is highly upgradable and would have a decent shot at being capable of modernization should some ancient mothballed versions be recovered. Yeah, I think I see your reading. It is meant to be one each per ship, not one per ship total.
  10. I've been playing a bunch of SWtOR lately and just felt like throwing this up on the Forums for fun. Large base. 3/2/8/6 Missile, Missile, Torpedo, Crew, Crew, System Focus, Target Lock, Barrel Roll Pilots include: Darth Occlus PS9 Elite upgrade At the beginning of the Combat Phase, you may spend a Focus token. If you do, assign yourself a Weapons Disabled token and roll one Attack die for each enemy ship at R1-2. Each ship suffers any Hit or Critical Hit results rolled. (truly monstrous levels of Force Lightning being poured out of the ship in lieu of a standard attack) The Emperor's Wrath PS 8 Elite upgrade When attacking, if the target is at R1, you may add one Critical Hit. (he's a furious and deadly close-range combatant) Andronicus Revel PS 5 Elite upgrade When attacked, you may reroll any Blank results. (ex-pirate who's good at slipping past those who want to gun his ship down) Vette PS 4 Elite upgrade After executing a maneuver that leaves you touching another ship, you may immediately perform a free barrel roll action. (she's a slippery thief type who's comfortable in a messy situation) Sith Assassin PS 3 generic Sith Acolyte PS 1 generic Upgrades include EMP Generator System At the beginning of the End Phase, you may move one unspent Focus token to this card. Do not remove Focus tokens from this card during the End Phase. At the end of the Activation Phase, you may remove one or more Focus tokens from this card. For every token removed in this way, choose one enemy ship at R1. That ship receives an Ion token. (I left the wording such that you can double-ion Large ships and really stack ions on Huge ones)
  11. Wouldn't the Protectorate Starfighter have Concord Dawn in the background?
  12. Yoda Crew Rebel Only Any friendly ships at R1-3 must reroll any Focus results. "No. Try Not. Do, or do not, there is no try."
  13. This is the most obvious and easiest way to handle them. In the event that there's a ship release that would give Imps access to astromechs proper, make it add the symbol by way of a title that restricts it to non-unique astromechs (maybe add an exception for Imperial-Only uniques).
  14. Boost-Assisted Ordnance Tubes Modification Increase each listed range for all equipped Missile or Torpedo secondary weapons by 1. Advanced Concussion Missiles move to R3, Advanced Proton Torpedoes and Proton Rockets become R2, Concussion MIssiles and the like become R3-4, and so on.