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  1. I'd prefer the Nu shuttle, outright.
  2. It's not that small, but this thing can definitely fit on a large base. It's longer than The Falcon... But not by a whole lot.
  3. That's actually why I suggested it, haha.
  4. Sounds great to me. Here's a wild one. White barrel roll.
  5. Esk and Oddball use the same art - which isn't great by the way. Yeah these look pretty good!
  6. A little more agile, probably a little more shielded, maybe a modular hardpoint, might even have a turret that cannot shoot forward, stuff like that.
  7. Above all else, I want the BTA-NR2 Y-Wing and the Resistance B-Wing. Above all else.
  8. Oh s**t you play DnD with your woman too eh? Glad to hear that! And any time dude. I've learned by now when it's time to sit back and go, "Maybe not." y'know?
  9. Listen, I get you, but these things are temporary. I'm just finding other things to enjoy. This last year has taught me that you may partake in things you love, but circumstances may dictate that you need to do it with a different flavor at times. That is not a bad thing. As for Squadrons, look - I'd love a different era but they HAD to pick the OT for marketing reasons. ST+$40+Current state would have failed and they knew it. Sadly. Ebak is right, **** dude I've been there you DO need to step away. I'd say go outside but COVID. Take your wife out to Burger King, bring a tablet and watch netflix with her in the parking lot, they have a great 3-for-3 deal right now if you're short on cash or something. It's what me and my woman do to go chill out..! Really, you need to step away. I was gone for like, what, four or five months? Did me a world of good. This game isn't giving you what you want or need right now and yes, that is a problem, but instead of screaming at it to do so... Just wait. Wait a while. I still want stuff for The Resistance, but I realized I ain't getting it any time soon. So, I said "Alright well, what else we got here?" - believe you me, very little about the new Resistance pack makes me happy. I'm not sure what if anything about it actually does. But the LAAT/i, ETA-2 and V-Wing make me happy. The TIE/RB makes me genuine consider Imperials. Be open. And just... Look, man. With-a-lover to with-a-lover here. Go spend some more time with her. Put away the forums, plastic, etc. I'm not saying you don't love your wife or spend enough time with her. Not at all. But doing literally anything with her, right now, will be far more productive than sitting around here and shouting at a corporation to care about you or what you want. Do what I do. Set it all down, tell her you love her, give her a kiss wherever you feel is prudent to do so, take her out somewhere. This hour to half an hour of time can be better spent. Whatever you do, do things you love. Not things you hate. Please take care, Cloaker. Tell the Mrs. your friendly neighborhood lesbian says hello and that her husband's a pretty cool guy.
  10. This thing shouldn't go below 28 IMO. But yeah, it's basically a baby X-Wing without any S-Foil tricks I guess!!
  11. I think the Z-95 faces a lot of trouble. It will be outright better than the V-19 and cost most, but will also be able to carry Torpedoes, which is pretty important. The clone Z-95 does a lot of spinning too. What's more, its sleeker hull speaks of more speed and agility. I think it will very much be, realistically, the backbone of many Republic squadrons when it comes out. More expensive than the V-19 for sure, but I'm FAIRLY certain these things were also shielded?
  12. Doesn't really make sense outside of a Heroes VS. Villains theme. Anything not mentioned is not allowed at all. There are some omitted pilots just to keep things simple. Republic: If Imperial, no Jedi allowed. If Rebel, only Generics. No Scum. Rebels: Republic, but only Jedi pilots or requires Jedi crew aboard Republic ship. Separatists. Only generic Resistance. Scum Allowed Resistance: Rebel named, no Jedi and Republic Generics only. Scum allowed. Separatists: Rebels allowed. Scum Allowed. Imperial: First Order, any. Republic, no Jedi. Scum allowed. First Order: Imperial allowed, no force users. Scum allowed. Yes, I know that The Rebellion gets the most options here. You can blame the films and shows for that. Furthermore I'm aware that The Separatists don't get a whole lot. Frankly neither does The Republic. Y'all know me well enough to know this isn't Rebel favoritism, either.
  13. You're gonna' hate this OP, because I get you to some degree... But you're gonna' have to maybe stop playing just OT. Listen, I wanted to do just ST but The Resistance... Isn't getting any meaningful releases that aren't moRE F***ING A-WINGS AND X-WINGS for a hot minute and at this point I just DO not care until BTA-NR2 Y-Wings come out and... even then... Look, my enthusiasm got squashed pretty hard. They'd have to do some pretty cool stuff to get me back into playing Resistance. Because honestly at that point I felt compelled to play Rebels outright instead. More interesting options. You can't tell me 2.0 Rebels don't have more interesting options than The Resistance, you just can't. More ships, more variety, less aces that aren't X-Wings sure but way cooler stuff abroad and I cannot tell you how much I hate that because I'm so utterly sick of The Rebellion as a flavor, ugh. It's like being stuck with Vanilla Ice Cream forever. Except the other flavor is just doubling down on the vanilla flavor but it's not even Ice Cream! ARGH! So what'd I do? I switched to The Republic and MAN... What a good idea. They have so many cool options. They got speedy options, tanky options, forcey options though those are by far my least favorite to use, medium base options that are by and large actually REALLY good! The only other faction I enjoy anywhere near as much is The First Order, because at least they're fun fascists with cool paintjobs that don't scratch a bizarre itch for grey uniformity. What I'm saying is this. Break those chains you've got on, because you need to explore beyond OT only. It's kneecapping your experience hard. I may want to fly The Republic way less than I wanted to fly Rebels 2.0 but let me tell you dude, it's fun and fresh. But you know what the biggest problem is? It feels like it's FFG's favorite child right now, which I hate. Yes, even more so than The Resistance - because The Republic gets new chassis what feels like, comparatively, daily. But The Resistance is still waiting on... T-85s, that cool transport in TRoS, the dumb transports in TLJ, BTA-NR2 Y-Wings, B-Wing MK Whatevers because a year later we still have NO idea what they're called and that REALLY TRULY UTTERLY BAFFLES ME, literally any of the other aces from Resistance - if Torra and Yeager weren't shoo-ins I don't know who the frak is - alternate pilots for The Falcon and cost adjustments to make the poor frakking thing viable... And some of these things have been missing for two years.
  14. Decimator instead of Raider, Gozantis instead of Arquetins, raider instead of star destroyer. VCX, GR-75, CR-90.
  15. I hate that I agree with FTS Gecko of all people but he's pretty bang-on the money about everything he's saying.
  16. I was pretty flabbergasted by the performance in the tournament. Largely by how uh. Well how not great it was quite frankly, but Stache had increeeeedible teamwork. Listen, when it comes to fighter loadouts, I wanna' let you guys in on a secret. Fighters can out-turn Interceptors. So long as those Interceptors aren't running Microthrust... Which isn't great for them to do anyway. Losing speed is horrid on an Interceptor. Fighters? Have multiple loadouts. A dogfighter with Agile and Unstable to make Interceptors wonder what in the WORLD happened. Bombers? Have an anti-fighter and anti-capital loadout. Multi-lock missiles are amazing for grabbing some morale for your team - they one shot mooks. Never give up those rotaries, IMO. They're amazing. Interceptors! Run stealth and forget about having missiles. That's what I do. You can bang out to 1500m and they can NOT track you. KEEP YOUR REPAIR KITS THOUGH YIKES. Supports? No idea yet. Try whatever works for your team, but do not ever let go of resupply kits. That is 100% what you're here for.
  17. Power to engines, Power Convert to blasters when you need them.
  18. Hmmm... Delta-7B with the Hyperspace Ring seems... Interesting.
  19. Yeah, for sure. This opens it up for, rather hilariously, ARC-170s and Gunships to use. Which I don't think is even remotely a bad or dubious thing.
  20. See, Jedi and force sensitives tend to be my biggest issue with Star Wars..! But also yes.
  21. Definitely not an ability strictly, so that it can be used on other U-Wings that do the same thing in Squadrons - you may notice AIs doing support stuff here and there. I also want TIE Reapers to be able to do this stuff. Thing is, few things heal hull outright in this game. That'd make this really valuable and put U-Wings and TIE Reapers on the table for sure.
  22. I think I'm really interested in the idea of the U-Wing's slots being used to drop support packages on friendlies. Crew Resupply Droid 1 Charge Requires Target Lock You may spend a charge and a target lock to give the unit you had a [target lock] on 1 hull and 1 charge to the [bomb, torpedo, missile] of your choice. Or something similar to that. Targeting beacons and shield boosts requiring TLs would be cool too, just as well the idea of turrets being able to be coughed out. The reason for crew is because these can't fit in torpedo tubes, but take up the crew space - logically, I'd assume. Nowhere else they can REALLY fit tbh.
  23. It's pretty wild how relevant X-Wing has stayed through the pandemic and honestly... That just brings a smile to my face.
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