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  1. It's usually considered egotistical for posters to say goodbye publically. There's this whole, weird internet culture that disallows such a thing... But I've been around since 2014. Star Wars is in a bad spot. For five years I haven't been able to just wholly enjoy it. It's a fandom of "But!" and "That's not right" and "Boy I sure do hate X". The ones that talk about, freely, what they love, have been allowed those things, time to shine. Shine so much brighter than anything new. Anger won last year officially and I've been depressed about it ever since then. Some of you understand, many of you don't, the pain of wanting to love something new and to have people come out in droves to call you an awful person for having an open heart and mind to new things. You can have your heroes of old, your things that never change- Star Wars is yours. You have made it so, gated it off from all who would enter who saw things differently. You win. I'm out of energy and the desire to engage with fans. I honestly can't think of any other fandom I've actively participated in that's so incredibly hostile. As for the forum there's a lot of you that are outright good people. Some of you, especially in recent things, are the worst I've ever encountered. I've seen a lot of jerks come and go, and maybe I'm one of them to some. I left my mark. I left it in the Rebels thread more than anywhere else as a bastion of positivity for the new. This is where it has lead me. For hatred to win despite your greatest efforts is one of the most brutally horrible experiences you can have. To invest so much of yourself in something that was important to you since you could just barely form memories, only for those who refuse all that is unfamiliar, to win the day, to fight for the future of something you love, daring to be different - to say, "Maybe they have some good ideas, maybe we have to give a little to get a little" and to be drowned out by hatred is... It's a horrible feeling, and I think I'm officially done with it. Star Wars is not mine. Though my earliest memory is of the Death Star trench run. Star Wars is not mine. Though my hero was Han Solo as a young child. Star Wars is not mine. Despite seeing every midnight release since 1999. Star Wars is not mine. Despite playing 80% of the games that have come out for it to completion. Star Wars is not mine. Even if I do know more about the world and universe than even some of the loremasters at Lucasfilm, and even forty year veterans of the fandom. Star Wars is not mine. Even though I love it - or want to, with all my heart. Despite so much there is no place for people like me here. There is no place for love in the Star Wars fandom. No place for the belief that nothing in it is holy, but that does not exclude respect towards it. There is no place for those who want a better, more diverse, brighter, explorative future for Star Wars. Star Wars is Jedi. Star Wars is Sith. Star Wars is Empire. Star Wars is Rebel. Star Wars is The Force. That is all Star Wars is. That is all Star Wars will ever be. So it was decreed by this fandom since before this century began. So has it remained ever since then. I cannot look at this franchise with anything but bitter pain. A fight that I lost as early as seven years old. Star Wars is yours. You can have it. Some of you know how to contact me. Don't do so on this site. I won't be logging in again. Goodbye.
  2. Original release, lol. You're a classic, OT fan who knows his stuff right?
  3. I flew alongside these things, all of them. I think I can make these calls!
  4. The Hunter doesn't deserve it. Just a poor man's TIE Defender. Avenger is functionally identical to the X1. The TIE Oppressor, while ugly, is at least unique. I would like to see it.
  5. Wow! Actually shut up! What a wretched thing to say? You're one of those guys that thinks people taking care of those who cannot take care of themselves is a recent thing aren't you? Well have I got news for you...
  6. "I was hired on the moon of Bogden by a man named Tyranus." Ten years. Jango been on that seppie sauce ten years and supplied the genes for millions of sons under the master plan. Ten years!
  7. Oh it was definitely race. Also that's pretty cool! Remember how they were like "STORMTROOPERS CAN'T BE BLACK!!!" Gods. So transparent...
  8. Saw this! Redownloaded the game JUST to try this stuff out!!
  9. (Hah. That joke may be a bit old but it checks out.) No, they remember that. You know exactly why they don't like Finn having it.
  10. Any cool new toys, games, products we should be aware of?
  11. From the beginning of The Clone Wars, to the end of The Final Order, the Y-Wing served admirably. https://i.imgur.com/RjB5CuA.mp4 Though unsung there is no greater steed of heroes. It is the slayer of Tyrants. https://i.imgur.com/2FYHf4m.mp4 Sail forever onward through the stars you have brought peace to. https://i.imgur.com/9gdDOqV.mp4
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