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  1. I'm convinced you could haul a couple of RZ-2s in it, to be honest. Those things almost fit in my frakking pocket. Please stay on this forum it needs you so badly.
  2. Yeah and I didn't really get the idea this was a feature all X-Wings had, either. Especially with its weird placement. Came off as a rigged thing for covert ops and definitely far too small for use on ships. I mean, it basically fits in the landing gear bay of a T-70. I'm not sure how it's even supposed to fire without exposing the gears. This thing isn't exactly huge either. If you tried putting it on the miniature it'd basically look like a blaster rifle. That's why I think this upgrade isn't even close to overdue. It's a friggin' blaster rifle. How is this supposed to do a single thing against a fighter?
  3. Oh crap I didn't even think of that one. That ship's honestly really cool. The re-use of the U-Wing cockpit is pretty funny though haha.
  4. Wh- yes they do..! They had the literal entire non-fascist galaxy backing them in TRoS..! Failing that, there's the entire set of aces in Star Wars Resistance (huge RIP to that show ****) and not to mention we have... 1: The BTA-NR2 Y-Wing 2: The Resistance Y-Wing 3: The T-85 X-Wing 4: If you REALLY want, the shuttles from Resistance. 5: Literally anything that flew with them at Exegol. That's four options plus a huge variety. For The First Order... To be honest, we actually only really have like two left! We have The TIE/FO Bomber and the TIE Dagger- so on that you are indeed correct, but it is still rather strange isn't it? But... Here's the weird thing. The Original Trilogy only had these ships for The Rebellion and Empire. Y-Wing, X-Wing, A-Wing, B-Wing, YT-1300. TIE Fighter, TIE Advanced, TIE Bomber, TIE Interceptor, Lambda Shuttle TECHNICALLY THE TIE SHUTTLE TOO but that's getting REALLY particular and expect to see that with Skystrike Academy + not with the ESB body shape but the one used in Star Wars Rebels. The Prequels weren't much better this way! The Republic and Separatists had... N1, Delta-7, ETA-2 Actis, V-Wing, ARC-170, LAAT/i* huge asterisk there because we only saw it in space when auxiliary material came about - for a long time we had NO IDEA it could really work as a combat vessel in space - and then any of Padme's ships but that's dubious too. Vulture Droid, Sith Infiltrator, Slave-I, Tri-Fighter, Belbullab-22, The Mankvim if we really care enough but do we actually?, and uh... I think that's it. The most ships always, always come from auxiliary materials if we're totally honest. Anything beyond these was very much either EU or TV series. The Sequel Trilogy hasn't had enough time to have this in too much, but it HAS had a handful of Aux. Material ships make it to the big screen or associated media. The entire Ace squadron, TIE/FO Bomber and T-85 all made their appearances outside of films - and at least three of the aces made it into TRoS. Which is still pretty cool to me, even if we basically didn't see them it's nice to know they are indeed there, fully and lovingly rendered. Anyway, sorry to go on like this. Just wanted to really highlight this little bit of thought. Oh yeah, it definitely has no gunner. As for the T-85, it does seem like a probably straight upgrade to the T-70, but its cost would... Well it would honestly be far more than a TIE Defender. I would not be surprised to see naked T-85 Poe reach eighty points minimum. Humorously, one could lower Kaz's initiative to 3 or something and give him a weird, iffy version of his current ability because he wasn't as skilled of a pilot just yet. A neophyte in the game's likely best chassis is a humorous consideration to say the least.
  5. Yiiiiiiiikes that is STRICTLY better than my beloved Proton Bombs... STRICTLY.
  6. The T-85 is a shoo-in yeah. A couple generics, Kazuda (who's ability would be even deadlier in a T-85 YIKES) and Poe (AAAAAAAA YIKES) but the BTA-NR2 Y-Wing is a must-add and I honestly don't think I'll play any Resistance until it is added. There's no way you could fit in, with how points are being used, five kitted out Y-Wings in a Resistance list though. They're going to move better and have a nice turret... But it WOULD be nice if the turret couldn't shoot forward, tbh. It doesn't look like it can at all based on the design. That'd really set it apart. It's also been a year. We're overdue for it.
  7. This is what really screws me up. The Resistance did not need any of these new pilots but they needed an excuse to put out repaints that we barely saw in the film so like okay sure why not but... The Resistance needs more viable ships, not doubling down on its only two, FFS.
  8. Huh, alright. Wow that's devastating then. Gotta' be real careful too...
  9. No, it's not years overdue. It was a small anti-personnel cannon. Next you'll tell me we need The Falcon's pop-out blaster for another rotatable arc at just about the same range.
  10. These concussion bombs. It reads like you HAVE to deploy them? Help me out here.
  11. That's only slightly less terrible, but it IS less terrible. Thank you.
  12. I hate just about everything about this pack except for the new Poe, but I really despise the Underslung Blaster Cannon. Just give The Resistance ARC-170s at that point come ON...
  13. Hold the frak up, this is basically a turreted snapshot. If your Talent is Snapshot AND you have this, are you able to cough out three attacks, two of which are on-enemy-movement and one of which is engagement phase? Like hold ON a second.
  14. As a Y-Wing pilot, this is what I'd do - I'd just lock it to the back and target lock at range 3, slow down my X-Wing and let it cruise through the fight. Oh no, I've been passed at range one and my enemy's behind me now? He K-Turned maybe? Wow what a shame he's going to get a shot off on me, let me thump him out of existence real quick. I don't think secondary weapons apply range bonuses but wouldn't this technically be able to pop out 3 attack at range? I mean, an X-Wing with 3 ATK - 3 RNG / 2 ATK - 1 RNG is bad enough but 3/3ATK 3-1RNG is absolutely heinous.
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