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  1. It never swung away from that. The industry tried to PUSH it away from that.
  2. Heheh... Loving that I set the bar for how these discussion threads are supposed to look. Thanks for using the format.
  3. Don't even! The Resistance would LOVE Z-95s! List filler? In THAT economy!? WHAT A BARGAIN! Alas. There is no Z-100 that's sleeker and has different thrusters but is mostly the same. ...BUT THERE SURE IS A Z-96! https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Z-96
  4. FIVE. CARTEL. MARAUDERS. is honestly the single greatest litmus test for any list. If your list can lose no ships and take down all five, you have a good, solid list that can win you a tournament if played right. Because that's like, just, seriously deadly stuff.
  5. I imagine it'll be fairly different. Certainly more agile and highly likely to carry torpedoes, compared to missiles. Blail! Stop it with the bad takes! The Torrent is one of The Republic's most consistent high performers my dude!
  6. If only... But, that lends significant credence to a particular object's appearance...
  7. It was satirical. I'm saying that there are a TON of STUPID design choices in Star Wars, so this one isn't any worse or better.
  8. Fair, but Star Wars has never done it that way. Not canonically anyway. Given the low number of trained force sensitives and lightsaber wielders, I had always figured more or less, that it was a small number.
  9. Oh, I knew there were bigger fights. But The HWK-290 was MY fight. I only knew one other person who knew what I knew and didn't bend to wookieepedia. Millennium Falsehood. The artist of this legendary piece that MANY had considered or confused as official artwork. And even the artist for those books had congratulated him for his work.
  10. Nah, you ain't the only one.
  11. We really need more varied reactions 'round here. Again, ain't a dude. Anyway, yeah.
  12. Yes, but I don't want it to be KOTOR. But I would absolutely play a game in this style. I've single handedly fought against Wookieepedia's mis-scaling of the HWK-290 for over ten years. When Disney took over and all that remained was FFG and LFL's interpretation, and not WoTC? I won. I'd won that fight. I corrected it everywhere I could and fought tooth and nail over my favorite ship. I've been there.
  13. Well, you see, this is why you fly her with Finn.
  14. It's... It's not a tractor beam array... Yeah, I saw the wook article, and that it was replaced with identical comm arrays on upgraded ISD-Is and IIs, like... That shows how weak the concept is.
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