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  1. It is not heavily modded. The one we see in X-Wing is not the stock variant. There were ~6 Kihraxz variants, this long nosed one being the most common, until the frame was later recognized and repurposed as the Vaksai, which was just a souped up Kihraxz.
  2. What in the hell no clue what happened guys but i guess the posts speak for themselves, that's bizarre.
  3. Well. That was a great episode. What more could I say? That the Alec Guinness impression was almost perfect? That the duel was absolutely flawless?
  4. Well. That was a great episode. What more could I say? That the Alec Guinness impression was almost perfect? That the duel was absolutely flawless?
  5. That Auzituck is definitely an odd one. But here's the thing. It's a wookiee ship. It's also the first spacefaring one we've ever seen. You know what it does look like? The Wookiee stuff from RoTS. So it's definitely Star Wars, and it looks doubly derived from the LAAT/I.
  6. No, but I was fairly anti-aggressor. I never really wanted it in X-Wing because I've always just... Seen it as a gimped TIE Advanced. But hey, it's here now. Why get mad? There were many people who wanted it, and you know the best part? We evened things out. Some folks thought the TIE/SF would be the vessel we got instead of the Aggressor, and vice versa. Turns out we were both wrong on that front. I'm happy the guys who wanted it got it! At this point it better be the **** gunbo- well we can't always be right can we A very safe thing to do. They've proven us wrong oh so many times. Anything is possible. Oi, already been there, made a plea and got it back over a year ago, tread carefully since. I've been a good boy.
  7. Hey. Guys who I told the Aggressor had a really low chance of happening? I uh. I'm sorry about that. I was clearly wrong.
  8. Oh. Well alright. God I still can't get over how stupid the way Hera blew their ship up was. Also she um. Let's be real she basically ran the risk of killing the very droid she was protective of. I'm taking this episode off the list of episodes to watch. So far pretty much all of them are on there. This one? Heavens no. But at least it canonized bathrooms..!
  9. It was really, really stupid. I feel bad that page 300 will be tattered with this, but it is wholly deserved. This is without a doubt the dumbest, dumbest thing that has EVER happened in Rebels. I'm just gonna say they don't exist yet.
  10. No, dude. Really. It's okay. The way Hera straight up murdered those Imperials was absolutely daft. There is no justification for how she pulled that off at all.
  11. 1: BATHROOMS CONFIRMED. Honest to god canon appearance of a full bathroom like, holy crap. (literally) 2: That... That explosion made no sense. I got no excuses for that. 3: AP-5 is best Disney Princess.
  12. WE'RE WRITERS OF THE ROUND TABLE At least, we're pretty sure it's round? We're not about to measure and stuff to find out, it's round enough.
  13. joe please
  14. Honest to god gives me a headache whenever I even look at it. Something in my makeup just doesn't comprehend it well at all, and I don't really have any idea why that is, but I absolutely can not do it right. 24, and I don't even have my multiplication tables memorized. Can tell you how to spell **** near everything in english, and know good writing from bad though. The Slide-rule pirate won't be looking at me too long..! I've got a coilgun with his name on it! Oh, wait. That's my name. It's because it's mine. Oh. Well he can have it for a little bit.
  15. There is no trailer.