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  1. Captain Lackwit

    Where’s Aayla Secura??

    Ohhh, right. Never read those + them being legends turns into me just, being totally ignorant to it. Thanks for the enlightenment though. (Knew the BFII stuff)
  2. Captain Lackwit

    Where’s Aayla Secura??

    But why is she your favorite? What did she ever really do?
  3. Captain Lackwit

    《Spoiler alert》 the new ownership of Millennium Falcon

    Well, Luke has the best death in the franchise, Han's is complicated, so we'll see what happens.
  4. Captain Lackwit

    《Spoiler alert》 the new ownership of Millennium Falcon

    You are aware that Disney hating the past or older stuff is... literally the most bats**t insane way of looking at all of this, right? But even if the described does occur. You people do realize that these actors are... not young, right? That they're definitely going to die within the next 10-20 years each? Hamill, Williams, Ford, Daniels, Jones, are all going to be extremely dead during your lifetime.That is completely and utterly inescapable fact. So if their characters do die, is that so bad?
  5. Captain Lackwit

    Resistance and First Order Dial Upgrade Kits

    I think the best part is how I couldn't cancel the pre-order, couldn't contact asmodee or FFG, and now I'm out fifty bucks because screw me I guess.
  6. Captain Lackwit

    How are the other 5 Factions getting Ion Clouds?

    How do you think?
  7. Captain Lackwit

    How to get the TIE/LN in the mix

    Of course I'm joking. But it's still hilarious.
  8. Captain Lackwit

    How to get the TIE/LN in the mix

    I think the most important question is... How can we get a TIE-like for The Republic and Separatists? After The Resistance gets the Ace Squadron, it'll also have its TIE Fighter! And it'd be just unfair to leave out The Republic and Separatists!
  9. Captain Lackwit

    Strain vs. Stress: what is scarier?

    Strain, easily.
  10. Captain Lackwit

    Purple Actions - What We Know So Far

    Purple coordinate sounds good to me.
  11. Captain Lackwit

    Spare Parts Cannister Poe

    Definitely an interesting card.
  12. Captain Lackwit

    Red Letter Media Meltdown

    ya'll givin' rlm way too much credit
  13. Captain Lackwit

    Please transport my . . . Resistance?

    Yeah, I know I know. I'm just saying that it'd be pretty useless to include.
  14. Captain Lackwit

    Red Letter Media Meltdown

    I mean. I'm pretty sure the video is satire that's picking on a very particular sect of the fanbase. Something the comments are completely deaf to. Not that I like RLM or anything. I really don't.
  15. Captain Lackwit

    Is 2.0 Corran Horn any good?

    Corran is a pilot that demands you're good enough to make up for his cost. He's like using a marksman rifle in CQC. Okay, you could, but why would you when there are better tools for the job?