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  1. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    I agree on all fronts. Filoni has to end these characters' arcs. Because somebody else will down the line, and he won't be satisfied it. End your characters before somebody does it for you.
  2. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    WHAAAAAAT NO WAAAAY THAT WASN'T A KEY CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT ARC OR ANYTHING GEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ MUH MARY SUE ARGUMENT THO. Here's the thing about Lightsabers- the blade effectively has zero mass. This is not me saying Lightsabers are light. But I am saying that, as weapons of contained superheated plasma/energy/what-the-****-ever, they're pretty much weightless to the user. Now the key thing to imagine then, is that you're focusing entirely on the handle's weight. Which brings me to a point of sorts: I have genuinely always wonder what the deal is with the clunky handles? You ever tried to hold a good replica of Anakin/Luke/Rey's Lightsaber? Very difficult stuff there dude, it's weird. Like actually using it is a pain. (Which is why my lightsaber's all simple and stuff.) That said. I really hated these two episodes with a passion. Not only were they boring, but yes, this was definitely the limit breaker for Sabine. Thing is, this has actually been a part of her character for an extremely long time. Which is what bugs me the most. Honestly, Sabine would work so much better if she was in her 20s, not her teens. Granted. She's like, 18-19 now. But still, was 15-16 when Rebels started.
  3. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    Holy crap. What a huge trailer.
  4. Pretty sure it just fires it out of a fore-mounted chute.
  5. "I've never" anonymous

    Been able to admit that basically all of my favorite ships need serious work to be as viable as other ships ; _ ;
  6. Solo Falcon. Seriously why has no one said anything?

    Eh, Hobo hates me. Thinks I can't take differing opinions.
  7. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    Oh I'm hardly saying I don't like SWTOR. Trying to convince my dad and little brother that we should all play it together, so we have something besides Destiny 2 to do together. Repetition gets old hella fast, you know? But yeah. I gotta say, I really did like the Trooper story (I got to about level 30 in it before I took a break due to financial/time reasons) but the Smuggler's dialogue slayed me.
  8. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    Oh trust me they were and still are upset. TOR was utterly tone deaf to what KOTOR II was trying to set up.
  9. Solo Falcon. Seriously why has no one said anything?

    IF ONLY THEY CHOSE HIM. I know he isn't Anthony Ingruber. And needed an acting coach. You sure did, and I agree that the guy they picked ain't Han, but Ingruber is.
  10. Solo Falcon. Seriously why has no one said anything?

    Sadly, they didn't use this guy. Despite the fact he literally knows Harrison Ford on a first name basis, has professionally worked with him as a young version of a character portrayed by Harrison Ford. I cannot forgive the stupidity of foregoing Anthony Ingruber in favor of... Whoever the **** this guy is...
  11. Solo Falcon. Seriously why has no one said anything?

    Pretty sure he'd never dealt with The Rebellion prior to ANH.
  12. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    Quite frankly, that's exactly why they shouldn't. It would be ****, it would never be good enough no matter how good it is. Which is a serious issue with today's Star Wars fans in general. Not that they haven't made some genuinely stupid missteps, such as the erroneously handled information regarding various ships and such. But still. What always bothered me is how many fans asked for "Adaptation" of X or Y. Like the guys that wanted Thrawn Trilogy films. Films that would be panned both as films and unfaithful, because they're books- chalk full of information with a fairly slow build if we're totally honest. Movie-izing something like KOTOR? Not super hard. But the criticisms leveled at TFA? VERY valid to level at KOTOR. Oh, we're attack aboard an hammerheaded ship and we have to use an escape pod to go find _____ and then get a freighter type ship that's the fastest in the _____ and then work towards an entire "blow up the big bad superweapon thing" and then duel aboard it? Oh man. Like if you condensed KOTOR into all the action, plot forwad bits. You'd really just have ANH.
  13. Solo Falcon. Seriously why has no one said anything?

    "Why has no one said anything?" Been there done that Brohanakin Skywalker. We're pretty sure it'll be Scum, too.
  14. And a new Article!!

    Awesome! Definitely a must have.
  15. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    If they ever do Old Republic content, which I'd be against in its current state, ESPECIALLY visually, I'm all for it if they strike a zero off the years since, mess with a few bits of the setting, and can actually do the characters we know and love some justice.