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  1. "Copy my nizzle, but we got hella bigger problems- we got Defenders droppin' outta Hyperspizzle."
  2. That's pretty harsh, Hobo. It's been twelve years since they released that game.
  3. I mean, I laughed and agreed, I don't really know how else to respond in a more positive manner than that.
  4. Look. As a Science Fiction writer, I understand how important fluff is. However, if this game were to prioritize fluff, very little could beat TIE Defenders or Phantoms, and The Falcon would never, ever be lost.
  5. It is SUCH a big ship, my god. I would love to fly one.
  6. Pfft. Just maybe, maybe.
  7. Yeah. The (loud section of) fanbase is impossible to deal with. While this post is clearly tongue-in-cheek (Though if somebody can cite it as serious, impress me please.) it... Reflects some of the crud you can hear fans of the show online saying. Dunno why it gets so much praise anyway. Yeah I've watched all three seasons but it isn't the second coming so many claim it is, goodness gracious.
  8. I've been all for TIE Scouts since Wave 4.
  9. but why
  10. Karabast*.
  11. It's a matter of making lower-PS pilots a bit more viable.
  12. This isn't even good bait.
  13. I've had that debate a thousand times and I still believe Fighters have a **** of a role they can fill. Craft like that simply aren't worthless. Not useful for attacking larger ships, typically, no. That's pure fiction unless we're talking very heavily armed and well defended "bomber" platforms that, eventually, aren't exactly fighters anymore.