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  1. I really don't want to board the anti-disney train but, holy ****. First Galaxy's Edge is basically an open air mall with not a lot to do. Then this? Come on, Disney. I should not have to pay through the nose for a proper Star Wars experience. ****, I'm not the kind of person who toots Lucas' horn, but... This is definitely not something he'd have wanted. Not this way- not like this.
  2. Just wanna' say, I want to thank you guys for these list and build ideas. The First Order is riot that I wish I'd discovered sooner, quite frankly.
  3. ... We don't have that much time on this **** planet all we ever have to do is save for **** in the future god ugh.
  4. Guh. How the **** is somebody working minimum wage supposed to afford this?
  5. Starship styled hotel? They'll have to evict me.
  6. honestly had it up to here with disney's originality for the resistance First Order has much cooler stuff.
  7. Yeah you heard me. I need tips on how to fly the new space facists. Got some ideas, like pairing Fanatical with Advanced Optics- really great combo. But if my First Order squadrons are to survive, I need outside help.
  8. Okay, I get it. So you fail your action, get a focus instead. Hrm. Okay yeah solid advantage. Uh, so with that in mind... Where is this boy? I never hear about him.
  9. Really? Because in my experience Snap is a great pursuer and runner both. I really like him a lot. If you're coordinating him he's pretty scary.
  10. As if. But if it's not cool enough looking for me, I'm gonna' run Clone Wars Y-Wings instead.
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