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  1. Like, I get what you're saying. But hate for this new bomber is simply unprecedented.
  2. I can't believe how much you guys hate everything new but ask for everything to be new. Are you guys alright?
  3. One, they're definitely not asymmetrical. Two. No, I just mean in general. The cover looks awful.
  4. This is the one I'm talking about, dude. This looks like a horrible cover.
  5. On one hand, that's cool and I like these things. On the other hand, why in the world do these book covers always look so awful?
  6. Whoo! A canon TIE Avenger!
  7. Bingo. Noticed right away that was no A-Wing cockpit.
  8. I used to be against Medium Bases. But honestly, I think it would be a good idea. Just as well, I know it **** well isn't gonna happen for X-Wing 1.0.
  9. Want it, need it.
  10. I remember when the biggest concern was nerfing Palpatine.
  11. Huh. Go figure. I still think it's somewhat silly though, to be honest.
  12. Dude, this is a serious reach.
  13. The "Customs boat" idea is really silly, guys.
  14. I want the end times to happen so this freakin' forum can be right about something for once.
  15. FGD is one of our coolest cats. Hope he's aight.