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  1. I, for one, am encouraged by one directional trend that Disney has clearly brought to the SW universe, and that is moral ambiguity over simple good vs. evil. Cassian Andor was an assassin... a murderer even. Saw Guerrera was a terrorist. The rebel alliance lacked moral spine in its nascent form. Aleksandr Karrus, a former agent of genocide, turns double. And there is little coincidence as to why Adm. Thrawn is one of the very few characters adopted by Disney from the EU... he is charasmatic and likeable, an unexpectedly debonair villain among a widespread class of institutional goons and sycophants serving a one-dimensional Empire of Evil. It is something that Disney seems to explore with an appreciable pace and subtlety with the anthology and Rebel series.. completely unlike the capricious moral duality of the Jedi / Sith seen in the Skywalker Saga. Moral ambiguity makes for a more compelling story than moral duality. And so it can translate down to the institutions and loyalties that the commoner and the unextraordinary serve. You can rationalize the so-called "mudtrooper" as something like the Wehrmacht... the feld-grau German schutzen serving a chain-of-command with somewhat mixed reluctance and commitment whereas the Stormtrooper Corps is something like the SS, both the hardened Waffen-SS battle formations or more security-type troopers of lesser prowess (think RSHA goons)... absolutely committed careerists in the new Imperial apparatus and bureaucracy. After all, it took membership in the Nazi Party or Communist Party to go anywhere up the chain in their respective 'empires,' but the bulk of infantry and soldiery were not Nazi or Communist Party members. They would have their own motivations, their own 'reasons to serve,' whether compulsory or otherwise... but they were never, ever to be discounted as a fighting force as a whole. The regular army was always, after all, the primary gauntlet of state power that the hand of the Party (or Imperial apparatus, if you will) wielded. And so it is perhaps the Death Star and the Moff system is the "final solution." It is the final solution to an over reliance on an unreliable system of criminal syndicates, planetary governors, an obsolescent Senate and an enormous Imperial Army of dubious quality in an expeditionary scope that reflect the ultimate hubris and folly of Palpatine's ambitions.
  2. I'm not sure what everyone else thought of Solo, but after watching the film tonight, I totally want some regular Imperial Army infantry... not the pi$$-poor shot, white plastic Stormtrooper Corps. The ten minutes or so of Han Solo's career in the regular Imperial Army was perhaps the most grimy, spectacular but ephemeral glimpse of the Empire at war I have seen yet in a Star Wars film, and the Empire's grey and mud-spackled "schutzen" in trench coats look so much cooler than the Stormtrooper Corps. The same goes for the Rebel "Vanguard" troops from Rogue One with the Vietnam-era feel to their garb. I totally digged the flak jackets and M1-like helmets of the rebels fighting in Scarif.
  3. A mechanic for angle of attack... the fact that there is no difference between hitting a target moving perpendicular across your front vs. a target you are tailing.
  4. Yes sir. I just picked it all up except WotW, which was out of stock seemingly everywhere and possibly out of print now with the rest of the line. Luckily I found a reasonably priced copy of WotW from Little Big Wars out of Fargo, ND. I would like to see the Ironborn/Greyjoys, or Rangers and Wildlings, but we may never see it. It may take a garage studio and a Kickstarter campaign to sub-license it from FFG to kick it off again as with Tide of Iron, but the licensing would be a mighty obstacle for said studio. I thought this whole set up found that sweet spot between Richard Borg's C&C mechanic and Tide of Iron's.
  5. MC80 (winged) Liberty as the rebel cap ship with a strong forward firing arc GR-75 as a non-combatant force multiplier, maybe a two pack with extra missions Interdictor as an Imperial force-multiplier, area denial vessel Acclamator as a cheap, multi-role screen
  6. So now I'm drooling to see what an MC30c looks like on the table!!
  7. Star Jewel with deploy able Z-95's, and a scummed out GR-75
  8. Astounding work! How did you do the map? ProFantasy CC3?
  9. How about Huntsville, AL? Close enough for you? Seriously, check out your FLGS. Ours is the Deep, ostensibly a comic book store, but they do plenty of gaming. They have an FFG night where its mostly X-Wing, and the occasional Armada. Every Tuesday there are probably a dozen X-wing players and there are regular tournaments. When I wanted to find other players, I just show up on a Tuesday. A google search revealed a place called Mini War Game off Hillcrest Rd. That's worth checking out. War Eagle!
  10. Ever since the article came out, all I can hear is R2D2's screaming as he's lashed by a blaster shot. AWWAAAAAAHH!!!!
  11. So do you all feel that the integrated Astro IS the Xwing fix, or only part of it? That was certainly unexpected. The first build I had in mind is the beefed up Xwing mini-swarm: Red Sq, R2, Int Astro (x2) Biggs, R5, Int Astro Tarn, R7, Int Astro That whole squad can now negate four hits at a minimum (incl crits) and up to eight maximum. Two of them can clear stress decently, two others can take a beating while the two Reds go to work after the first joust.
  12. Wtf? What a trolling post. If you don't like them, don't use them!
  13. Folks that say they will not get into the game because of the scale may have less appreciation for game mechanics, balanced competitiveness and perhaps miniature gaming in general.
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