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  1. I caught the gist on another forum that MWYHL is now restricted from decks with another Yoda pod? Is this true? I have been looking for an updated restricted list but have been unable to find ne. Also, if someone could send me the link to the updated restricted list I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!l
  2. I had some good success with this over the weekend: Jedi Affiliation The Masters Domain x2 May the Force Be With You x2 The Survivors x2 Following Fate x2 The Secret of Yavin 4 Heroes and Legends I played against an agro Navy deck and did well. Got Yoda, You Seek Yoda and Yoda's Hut in my opening hand. Early on I had Yoda (128) enhanced with Shien Training and Obi-Wan's Lightsaber. By mid-game he was joined by Qu Rahn, and together they were handling everything. I replaced A Hero's Resolve with The Survivors and I did not miss either the new Luke or the Speeder Bikes.
  3. This is my build: 2x Family Connections 2x The Killing Cold 2x Vader's Fist 2x The Executor Arrives 2x The Emperor's Web 1x Corporate Exploitation I included Emperor's Web because I felt I needed tactics and resources, but I found that having the Royal Guards to protect Tagge is massive (especially against targeted strike). The Lightning and Choke don't hurt, either. The Executor Arrives fits in well since I gives me even more benefits when I sacrifice cards with The Killing Cold. Aggression is awesome, and if I do not have the resources to play them, I use Executor and Palpatine as edge cards. I have played this deck about 5 or 6 times mainly against Jedi and lost only one close game.
  4. I put together my first Scum Capture deck using objectives from BtS: The Hunters x2 The Tatooine Crash x2 The Slave Trade x2 The Findsman's Intuition x2 Carbonite Transport x1 Masterful manipulation x1 Hive of Scum and Villainy x1 It works OK and has synergy, but Mono-Jedi was owning it. I played two games with this build against Mono-Jedi and had the same problem in both games: not enough resources and not being able to handle the sheer amount of mains the Light side deployed on table. Has anyone been having success with Mono-Scum, capturing or not? Is it viable against Mono-Jedi?
  5. I bought this game for my 8-year old son and we like it a lot. This is his first time playing a card game like this, so for now, we are treating the Resource Cards like they have no text and just drawing cards to hit the resource value of the Event Cards without going over. This is reinforcing my son's math skills while having fun. When we get to the point when we start using the text on the cards I'm sure this will enhance his strategic thinking as well. I am also hoping the game will peak his interest in other card games. I see this as sort of a "gateway" game for my son. He is getting used to using different decks at different times, shuffling cards, and learning about the "flow" of the game by focusing on the phases. The game cost only 15 bucks, it's something my son and I can do together for fun, he's using his brain, and it may lead to him playing more strategic card games. This is a win in my book.
  6. My thinking was that Gambit pulls focus off the vehicles, and the two other cards within the pod add shielding, which then kicks up the blast damage with the two Forward Command Posts.
  7. Just thinking out loud about decks using the forthcoming Thrawn pod: The Last Grand Admiral x2 The Ultimate Power x2 Imperial Command x2 Lord Vader's Command Unstoppable Advance Sabotage in the Snow The Endor Gambit Plenty of resources and blast damage. Decent tactics. Great officer protection thanks to Thrawn. However, only 5 fate cards and winning edge battles would be an issue. Just throwing it out there. Any suggestions?
  8. Thanks, Mac. I actually rebuilt this. Here is the current build: 2x Superior Numbers 2x Kuat Reinforcements 2x Defense Protocol 2x Imperial Command 1x Endor Gambit 1x Reconnaissance Mission 1x Endless Reserves
  9. Hello everyone, I am looking for input on my first TIE Swarm deck. Affiliation: Navy 2x Superior Numbers 2x Kuat Reinforcements 2x Defense Protocol 1x Deploy the Fleet 1x Repair and Refurbish 1x The Dark Trooper Project 1x Death and Despayre 1x Endless Reserves There are 11 Objectives in the deck. Whenever I build a dark deck with expensive units I tend to throw in Endless Reserves. I feel it does not clog up the deck and almost always I use Vast Resources as soon as I get it. I considered splashing Sith so I could include Black Squadron Assault but I feel it could be a bit too risky. I am also tempted to play Endor Gambit but left it out of this particular build. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Quick question about The Eater of Luck. The text reads: "After you lose an edge battle as the attacker, capture the top card of each opponent's deck at this objective". Does this mean you can capture the top card of your opponent's Objective deck AND Reserve deck, or does this mean you can capture the top card of a deck from each opponent-as if you were playing multi-layer? Thanks.
  11. I plan to be there between 5 and 6.
  12. There are a few DS decks in which I used 11 pods. With Sith mains and Walkers I usually stick in Endless Reserves. This helps with the cost of big units, and whenever I get Vast Resources in hand I use it immediately.
  13. Nice deck! All of the suggestions above are very valid. If you want to mix it up a bit- I usually throw in a Cruel Interrogations. It helps lock down the board and manipulate your opponent's hand at the same time.
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