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  1. Thanks for the update, bayn! As someone who just came to the game recently, I'd been wondering how easily the tokens and other pieces would punch out from the sheets if sprayed first. Now I'll feel much safer in giving it a go.
  2. I think that's pretty unlikley... As it stands all these are is a repaint of the existing model. Adding the extra fins means makeing the fins and increasing the build time of the models. Plus the named pilot artwork doesn't even include those fins. Oh, I completely agree, and am in no way expecting any changes -- I was just having a little fun with my inner Don Quixote and dreaming the impossible dream.
  3. I'm holding out hope (probably a false hope, but still ...) that this may be a case of "the final product may differ from promotional images," and that the RGIs will have their extra fins at release.
  4. I wholeheartedly agree: cosmetic differences? Nifty. Substantive changes? No thank you.
  5. What a wonderful way to start the week! I will definitely be picking up two of these.
  6. If I had to be Rebel scum, I'd definitely want to fly a B-wing.
  7. TIE Interceptor, hands down ... if they ever release a TIE Defender, I may have to reconsider (due to the great memories of piloting one in the TIE Fighter game back in the 90s), but nostalgia will probably still give the Interceptor the edge. (Oh, and hello, everyone: this is my first post after a few weeks' worth of lurking.)
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