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  1. Searching for izzie can i use flashlight? https://arkhamdb.com/card/02011
  2. Any chance it could be a little like Chaos in the old World?
  3. I Am also very disappointed with the quality of the miniatures, all other game components are top notch but, the minis are very bad, compared to descent or IA. Have 3 broken minis, anyone know how to get some replacements when i live i Denmark?
  4. A Friend of mine posted the same Q on BGG. https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1477461/unnatural-fog-wax-cylinders
  5. Hey! I have a Q about the use of Unnatural Fog and when the tokens are placed. Normal the tokens would be place after either using ambush or search action. right? but lets say that the location (hideout) was not revealed and Dr. Seward plays Wax Cylinders event card wichs says " Deduction - choose a hideout. Dracula must reveal all encounter cards in that hideout. " and the revealed encounter is Unnatural Fog, would you place fog tokens on that hideout and by that show the hunters that location, or would the encounter card stay revealed and first trigger when a hunter enters that unkown locations? hope it makes sence, if not let me know and i will try and explain it again. Thanks.
  6. Hey i have another question regarding the Stalker Ambush skill ( Exhaust this card when a monster enters an empty space within 3 spaces of a trap token to immediately preform an attack targeting that monster.) Is the Stalker required to have line of sight to perform his attack. Thx
  7. That how we were playing aswell, but then i found this article. http://teamcovenant.com/pksullivan/2015/01/26/crackens-field-guide-for-rebel-operatives-2-tanking-economy/ Could be nice with some clarification, from FFG or another source, i think it's a very powerfull card, so either way, rebel or imperial players could win or lose in a tight battle, if this card i used right or wrong. Thx for your replys
  8. They are all Citadel Paints Body : Screaming Skull, also used it for drybrush after shade Tail : Cadian Fleshtone Black area's : Abaddon Black Mouth : Mephiston Red, Abaddon Black and White Scar Base : Mechakicus standart gray Washes Nuln oil and Reikland Fleshshade where i painted with Cadian Fleshtone
  9. This is my first try out, painting minitures, will post more pictures when i get more done
  10. My question is: does the Shock Greneade Stun if you roll no damage on the yellow die? The Rules say that for a condition to trigger an attack need to deal aleast 1 damage before activating. but the wording here confuse me Shock Grenade, which states, “[action]: Choose a space within 3 spaces. Roll 1 yellow die. Each figure on or adjacent to that space suffers damage equal to the damage results and becomes Stunned Thx.
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