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  1. I believe that the EOTE core book entry for Fusion Lanterns explicitly mentions that charging droids is one of it's additional features. I'm AFB at the moment.
  2. And remember that this system is more forgiving then most when it comes to skill checks. You don't have to min/max to end up with a character that can do a lot.
  3. Or vice versa if you're a Hutt... I'm fairly confident even other Hutts don't find Hutts attractive.
  4. Seduction can also be deception depending pn how your character feels about the other. For example seducing that Twi'lek dancer is going to be charm. Seducing that Hutt is most definitely going to be deception.
  5. For most things 4 should be more than enough for just about anything you'll see early game.
  6. I second Ord Mantell. Nothing like junkyards nd casinos to give some down on their luck PCs a chance to shine.
  7. In that case look at HG:Mercenary Soldier. It gives you some good combat options and you can use your leadership both in and out of combat. Out of combat your character can use it to build connections with others. And it lends itself to good discipline which seems to be another aspect you want. Try a human with 3 's in Agility, Willpower, and Presence and use those bonus skills to dip into something outside your class like charm.
  8. What skills to take depend on how you want to get your information. Do you want your character to do research? Then go with knowledge skills. Do you want him to sweet talk people out of stuff? Then go charm and deception. Do you want him to take charge of conversations and people share out of a sense of friendship? Leadership is the way to go. Do you want your character to be a bit darker of a hero? Try some skullduggery and intimidation to threaten people into getting what you need. That's both the beauty and the flaw of the system, there are multiple ways to do what you want; which tends to overwhelm.
  9. Well for what you want it sounds like you want to have a Brawn of 3 and then a cunning of at least 3 maybe 4. I'm actually going to recommend you take a combination of HG:Enforcer for big guy who commands respect aspect and mix it with either EX:Trader or DP:Quartermaster. Since you are trying to make this less obvious to the rest of your party I would recommend staying away from Bothan. Both Wookie and Trandoshan give you the 3 in Brawn from the start so you can put the rest in cunning and since a lot of the enforcers talents use cunning nobody in your party will find it odd that you have a high cunning which helps with streetwise and deception, which I imagine your character concept needing to roll a lot. My two cents.
  10. As a GM I use destiny points all the time, particularly when the party is getting cocky because things are going smoothly. I usually just reach out ominously, slowly flip one and smile, while the party all growns, followed by me saying "And then..."
  11. Alternatively you can try something a variation on what I did to one PC. This PC was a giant murder bot, soak of 9 brawn of 5 with 3 ranks in melee, dual wielding modded vibro-axes. He chewed through enemies like nobodies business. I had the main baddie call for reinforcements. Said reinforcements showed up in a hover truck, but not before ramming the murder bot. I let him dodge as a hard coordination check with set back. He failed and I ruled it like he fell from medium height. BOOM one incapacitated tank. I now refer to that as a "Droid Tranquilizer" .
  12. Remember the Order 66 recommendations" Keep it Long." Start your encounters out at long range, that's at least two rounds of that guy not not murdering things. Also since the guy probably doesn't have much beyond melee and brawn add some environmental challenges that require coordination checks. "Want to get that guy? You need to walk across that wire. Make a hard coordination check."
  13. It seems like building a character that can handle any social situation is much more involved than in other rpg's (e.g. D&D). By my estimation you need at least a three in Presence, Cunning, and Willpower, and ranks in around 10 skills (streetwise, charm, discipline, deception, negotiate, cool, leadership, and probably Knowledge core worlds and knowledge outer rims and knowledge underworld. Am I trying for to much? How would you split these amongst multiple PC's?
  14. I don't understand why you feel that spending most of your starting xp is "power gaming". I once spend most of my starting xp to build a Gand Politico.
  15. So one of my players and I were having a discussion about skills and characteristics and the following questions came up: 1. Since there is no requirement to spend all my xp during character gen can't a player just save xp, wait a session and immediately rank a skill up to 5 thus making the skill cap of 2 during character gen pointless? 2. Also one of the selling points of the system for this player was that you can keep ranking up skills to potentially compensate for weak characteristics. How often has anyone seen this happen on PC's?
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